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Love vintage jewellery ... and other treasures. Sometimes lost for weeks searching for interesting “new to me” items. All items posted are mine ... or I have stated Love vintage jewellery ... and other treasures. Sometimes lost for weeks searching for interesting “new to me” items. All items posted are mine ... or I have stated otherwise. (Read more)


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Some Old Fords - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
July 4 — US Patriotic Collectibles, Jewelry - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Saskatchewan “Full of Air” Fan Chair - Advertisingin Advertising
For Canada Day 2021 — Sherman Emerald Green Centennial Brooches, Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Things that Matter …. - Photographsin Photographs
A Sherman Leaf, Opague Blue 4-Piece Parure - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Recent Sterling - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sherman Jewelry  — Some Opagues - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
“Black Diamond” Hematite Jewelry  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Jewelry — Siam - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Oh, that is such a beautiful necklace. The Clear … and AB Sherman pieces look fabulous when worn. Little can best all those Swarovski crystals in Sherman design!
  2. Now that’s a gorgeous brooch!
  3. Sooooo, Vynil33rpm, are you Bob Dylan in your “real life”? I’ve been reviewing your poetry — quite amazing. Enquiring minds want to know. :)
  4. I love how you know so much about your collection items, Jenni.
  5. Amazing piece!
  6. Love this! Wow.
  7. Yes, your set definitely should be seen. Agree. One of the super Sherman creations. And all together! My! Your (specific) sparkling, glowing mint cuff alone is one of the most rare extant Sherman jewe...
  8. These are breathtakingly beautiful. What an amazing collection … amazing collections you have, IronLace.
  9. Love, love your new Siam Sherman. Something about Siam …. Those hang tags are so very rare, as well! Great collection addition.
  10. That is an amazing find! Beautiful work.
  11. So nice.
  12. Beautiful star brooch! Rare design, for certain. And so nice with the rest of your set. Purple — the colour of magic and mystery and kings and queens …. I’m not certain I agree that it was ever the co...
  13. Love the blue here. So much more than nice Tiny Sherman at its best!
  14. Gorgeous Centennial brooch!
  15. Oh, goodness. Just seeing this, as I came back to see if Dawnlady1 posted tonight. Super beautiful style and colour, Jenni.
  16. Nice! I don’t collect Trifari, but your post has made me go searching for pieces. Just Lovely.
  17. Beautiful glass! I want to call this a “root beer kitty.” Ha. So very sweet.
  18. Love this!
  19. Love the Sherman Set! And that gown is just stunning. I will pay more attention to the photos in vintage magazines now, because of your post. Thank you.
  20. Beautiful! I once tried to count the stones on that style of cuff. Didn’t finish.
  21. Gorgeous Siam!
  22. Hi. I want to say, Welcome, again. So glad to see you here. This is an amazing set, and your photography is excellent, too.
  23. Thank you very much for your Loves on this post: blunderbuss2 Rambojoe Newfld Vynil33rpm fortapache AnythingObscure officialfuel vintagelamp mikelv85
  24. Thank you, Jenni, for your nice comment. The GT40s that these GTs were meant to honour were award-winning racing cars … very long ago.
  25. Hi. Interesting story. I’m just going to say a couple of things that you might want to use as you edit. 1) Queen Elizabeth, the wife of King George VI is not properly titled as Queen Elizabeth I. Quee...
  26. Beautiful Sherman! Nice fraternal coordinations … of long fine navette petals and clusters of glowing Swarovski chatons that are the design of the flower centres.
  27. Oh, such a wonderful book to have, to cherish. I love old books, too. Know I would touch every page. And excellent discovery, Billretirecoll!
  28. So glad to see this. Love it.
  29. Great sparklers. Such a beautiful collection.
  30. That is such a well-designed brooch, Jenni. I just discovered Bogoff jewelry recently, when I happened upon a beautiful piece I couldn’t identify. So nice the way the slow curve will call the light of...
  31. A beautiful Sherman navette-rich brooch set, Dawnlady1. And so good of you to share your memory of your dear grandmother, and your early steps toward collecting Sherman jewelry.
  32. Dawnlady1 — Thank you for your kind comments on this post, and for the recent Loves on many of my posts here. Too kind. The Sherman brooch arrived as part of a collection I bought more than a few year...
  33. What a lovely bracelet. All those amazing peacock baguettes. And how nice to have the earrings, and that tiny work of art that is the extender.
  34. Oh my goodness! Beautiful.
  35. Welcome to CW, Dawnlady1. Beautiful jewelry!
  36. valentino97 — Thank you for the information about the heart brooch, Mary. That is great news. Couldn’t have wanted more. I would send you that brooch you like tomorrow if I didn’t use it now and again...
  37. Of course, all current posters are totally wonderful, too. Don’t want my statement to be misunderstood. :)
  38. Thank you for the Loves on this post: Newfld fortapache Watchsearcher Vynil33rpm AnythingObscure valentino97 mikelv85
  39. Thank you, valentino97 … Mary. So kind. I bought that brooch in Montana, when I was writing my thesis, which focuses on WWII. Sweet brooch. Somewhat fragile. You’re correct about the need for posters ...
  40. Thank you, Jenni. That Sherman set is one of my first Sherman acquisitions. I’ve been wearing the brooch, but not the earrings for a while now. But I’ll find them!
  41. Amazing find. Amazing price. It is so difficult to find even single McCoy tea set pieces, anymore; and you found a whole and perfect set in a beautiful colour. Good for you!
  42. Thank you for your nice comment, Jenni. Great day here. Quite hot, though, as we are experiencing 100 year record-breaking heat for Alberta. Thank you for the Loves on this post: Newfld fortap...
  43. These are wonderful little treasures. And your photography is excellent.
  44. Thank you very much for the Love on this cool Juliana set, SEAN68.
  45. Thank you very much for the Loves on this set: kwqd Andreamw
  46. Thank you for the Love on this post, these items, Jenni.
  47. Thank you for the Loves on this post, these hearts: dav2no1 Manikin fortapache aura FreshAir kwqd racer4four MarmorealMaiden valentino97 mrstyndall rhineisfine Newfld
  48. Sorry for bringing this to the top, again. Half of my thank yous “disappeared.” So, thanks for the Loves: blunderbuss2 racer4four valentino97 kwqd aura fortapache Manikin FreshAir dav2no1
  49. Gorgeous open back stone settings. Don’t think it’s an Eisenberg, though. :)
  50. Beautiful. I so seldom see Bakelite around here, certainly not these gorgeous colours. Love these.
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