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Alberta, Canada

I collect vintage jewellery ... and a few other treasures. All items posted are in my collections and owned by me, or I have stated otherwise.


  1. What a sweet Wedgewood elephant. I have been reading about how Cher saved an elephant in distress, and am now fascinated by these gentle giants. Beautiful, Jenni.
  2. Great Sherman find, leesa. The bracelets are becoming so hard to find out there.
  3. A great addition to your amazing collection!
  4. An amazing marriage of strong, beautiful Sherman pieces. How wonderful additions to your collection.
  5. Your flower pieces are marvellous! Another great brooch. Love it.
  6. Small Sherman pins can just go anywhere … on anything. Love the rare tag, as well.
  7. Fuchsia and japanning. Who could want more. Lovely pieces.
  8. Beautiful rare Sherman cuff! Splendid.
  9. Beautiful difficult to find Sherman necklace. Enjoy your new sparkle!
  10. Beautiful little treasures! Sherman pieces that definitely make a person feel an inexplicable joy upon discovery. Nice collection display. I certainly have wondered about these, not the obvious mold/...
  11. Thank you to all who Loved this set … and, also, those who visited.
  12. Hi rhineisfine. Glad to hear from you. Yes, clear Sherman has its fans … and, again, not. You are in great company. Some of the most knowledgeable, skilled Sherman collectors just love clear pieces. C...
  13. Hello plein-air-painter. I’m pleased with this beautiful Sherman creation, definitely. Thank you for being here.
  14. Thank you, mikelv85. It’s definitely a great set. No yellowing of crystals on this grouping, not that Swarovski brand is really reported to have a problem with that. Hi Jenni. Glad you like this se...
  15. Great Regency discovery. Vintage Regency designs are very compelling.
  16. Luv your spring butterflies, Jenni! Perfect.
  17. Sweet! Love JayFlex. Their design repertoire is amazing. Wonder who those early designers were. Almost appears Katz-like.
  18. Just seeing this post tonight. Such a gorgeous necklace set! I so love AB, and yes, right on, AB was definitely the first I collected. Great Sparkle.
  19. Oh, so good to know this comes from Pottery barn. I actually have the jam jar. Sweet piece of pottery you have here!
  20. Definitely sweet pinks! Never have seen a bracelet with that clasp. Good discovery.
  21. So nice! Great colours. And look at those earrings! So large, they likely are much more than very comfortable.
  22. Beautiful set, Dawnlady1! Love your position styling for your photos, too.
  23. That’s certainly a jewelry piece to cherish. I love the way the colours are put together. Maximum impact with colour and that design.
  24. Hello Dawnlady1. Yes, it is interesting. The weight just astounded me. Thank you for being here. I have found some odd (to me) Sherman items lately. And half there pieces. I have added a bright, mint ...
  25. Now that’s a brooch! Wow.
  26. Beautiful cuff, Dawnlady1. One to cherish. That multi-colour combination certainly makes for sparkling pop.
  27. Thank you for your comments, Newfld. Monet does such a good job of their golden pieces. Thank you for commenting, Dawnlady1. Yes, agree about those decades. I wonder if there is a specific designe...
  28. Beautiful cufflinks. Beautiful stones. Fascinated by the stones.
  29. Hello RhinestoneRookie. It was a fun discussion. So good to see you here. I don’t actually know what to say about your chosen name, though. At first sight I laughed. Was that wrong? :) I sure do like ...
  30. My goodness. All your beautiful Sherman sets! Beautiful all!
  31. Gorgeous rare set! And japanned, as well. Amazing discovery … addition to your great collection. Congratulations. :)
  32. Gorgeous colour in a brooch by an exceptional jewelry maker! Congratulations on this discovery.
  33. Gorgeous colours!
  34. Love your new drop earrings. So much glamour; so much sparkle!
  35. Such a beautiful piece Newfld. :)
  36. Design and colour combination — so appealing here.
  37. Wonderful butterfly. AB is so underappreciated. It looks great on everything.
  38. Thank you, Newfld. Sherman opagues are always nice to find. Hello Pheobe1980. Thank you for your comments. Thanks for being here, Dawnlady1. We see a few interesting Sherman pieces show up jus...
  39. Hello, Dawnlady1. Yes, that necklace is definitely a surprise Sherman. I am also finding there is always something new to learn.
  40. Hi, Searching1. If you are asking if all pieces are stamped Sherman in the metal, the answer seems to be no.
  41. Thanks for your comment, Newfld. Thanks for the Loves on this post: vcal Leelani Newfld racer4four Vynil33rpm Searching1 dav2no1 fortapache kwqd GianaMZ
  42. Thank you for the Loves: Cokeman1959 dav2no1 fortapache Vynil33rpm Newfld vcal Trey officialfuel sherrilou GianaMZ Dawnlady1 Leelani Manikin
  43. Thank you, Dawnlady1.
  44. Thank you for the Loves on this post: kwqd fortapache vcal Blunderbuss2 Drake47 sherrilou Newfld Vynil33rpm Searching1 dav2no1 Reise GianaMZ Dawnlady1 WhenIsraelbelieves ...
  45. Thank you for being here, Manikin.
  46. Thank you for the Love, kwqd
  47. Great Sherman design! That Art Deco redux with the baguettes are wonderful. Good discovery.
  48. Beautiful! Your so lovely Sherman “pinks” collection has an amazing addition in this brooch set.
  49. Thanks, dav2no1. I saw that, commented. Hello Vynil33rpm. Thanks, and thanks for being here.
  50. Great Taxco. Great hand, too!
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