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Alberta, Canada

Love vintage jewelry. Always searching for interesting “new to me” pieces.


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Blue Mountain Pottery, Single Serving Tea Set — Green Drip - Potteryin Pottery
Carved Italian Alabaster Marble Art Deco Stone Lamps  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Blue Mountain Pottery, “Aladdin” Tea & Coffee Set — Green Drip - Potteryin Pottery
Sherman Jewellery ... for Christmas 2019 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Starfish Brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Dark Siam & Clear Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Blue Mountain Pottery Set of Two “Tall Dogs” — Green Drip - Animalsin Animals
Blue Mountain Pottery Set of Two “Tall Surging Fish” — Harvest Gold  - Potteryin Pottery
Sherman Blue Clear Crystal Necklace Earring Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1967 Sherman Siam Red Centennial Brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. That you for your comments, Newfld, Eileen, Broochman, and PhilDMorris. Yes, the light is a luminous calming glow coming through those stone shades. Fortunately, they are electrically perfect.
  2. I do have more sets in the Green Drip, Eileen, than in other colours. Yet, I like Harvest Gold, Cobalt Blue and Red, as well. I think the key is “sets.” I seldom choose a single piece of Blue Mountain...
  3. Happy New Year, Eileen & Mrstyndall. I think I should redo these photos. They aren’t really very attractive.
  4. Thanks, Eileen. So learning stone names from your posts.
  5. Thank you, PhilDMorris and Mrstyndall.
  6. Love the detail in this set.
  7. Amazing set, Eileen. Stone colours deep enough to drown in. Almost make me want to cry — so beautiful. Happy New Year to you, as well.
  8. Gorgeous necklace. Regal rare Alexandrite!
  9. Thanks, Eileen. So much good information.
  10. Eisenberg, perhaps.
  11. Very nice set. Wreaths are so wearable, and this one is especially interesting with its combination sparkling rhinestones and opagues.
  12. I do not have the bracelet, Phil. It appears to be a gorgeous jewellery item. I do watch for it.
  13. Amazing colours. Prongs are first rate. <)
  14. I just love owl brooches. And KJL is such a careful quality designer. Just beautiful.
  15. This is an amazing pinwheel brooch set. I came here to look at your Christmas Colours — fuschia, jade green opague and clear — brooch after reading your comment about the pinwheel possibility on my re...
  16. PhilDMorris — Thank you. I do not own the pinwheel in the first colour combination. Have never even seen it. I have no doubt it is spectacular. Perhaps someday.
  17. Thanks for your kind comments, Eileen; and always for your interest in this collection here.
  18. Thank you for commenting, Newfld. You are so correct. Sherman pieces that combine opaque and sparkling are quite spectacular.
  19. Thanks for your comment, Phil. I’ll post again in a bit.
  20. It just says “Sherman,” Gillian. Not a great photo, I guess.
  21. I am going to search for your blue starfish, Newfld. I have never seen a blue one. Want to see it. Thank you for kind comments, Broochman. I do like the Starfish design. The way the light hits the s...
  22. Quite the find. I’m going to say, I think you have a Sherman here, Eileen. I have the same brooch and matched earrings in pink — exactly the same back, heavy pronging around the larger stones, end sto...
  23. Thank you, Mrstyndall, Newfld, PhilDMorris, Ms.CrystalShip. Grateful for the nice comments. I see that some owners are calling these bracelets “flexible cuffs.” Don’t know if that terminology is s...
  24. Thank you for all the information. So great.
  25. Thank you for your comment, Newfld. I think your “Flying Fish” sounds a better name than “Surging ...,” actually.
  26. I will do so, thanks. Eileen. On fireplace mantle for now.
  27. They are quite interesting, aren’t they, Manikin. Thanks.
  28. Thanks Phil. I do have a bracelet that matches; but I don’t think Sherman sold it’s Centennial brooches as part of a bracelet set, so didn’t post it. But I could be corrected ... better informed on ho...
  29. The red and ice pieces do make a somewhat compelling request (to me), as well, Eileen. The majority of my collection includes the colour red, I think.
  30. Eileen, thanks. So kind. I collect these crystal bead sets, but certainly don’t have one in every colour. Smiles.
  31. Thank you, Mrstyndall.
  32. Thank you for that information, Phil. I often do find the lack of a Sherman signature to be confusing; but have now learned to identify some items in other manners. (Aside: I learned how to swim in th...
  33. That was what I wanted to do — try complement and compliment the previous post, which might be a one of a kind item.
  34. Thanks for the added information, Newfld.
  35. Beautiful brooch, Phil. Condition is amazing.
  36. PhilDMorris — You have sent me searching for more opaque stone Sherman. :) I see your periwinkle blue set. It’s lovely.
  37. The camera washes out the pink, somewhat, valentino97. The pink is somewhat deeper than it appears here.
  38. And a respectable size — if anyone ever decides to wear it.
  39. Thank you, Eileen. I am reading your posts.
  40. Thank you, Newfld.
  41. I’ve been thinking about that you write that your Deep Siam bracelet is japanned. I will search for it on this site. And also wondering if you think red pieces were more often japanned than were other...
  42. Thank you, valentino97, Newfld, Eileen, & Phil for comments.
  43. I did not know that the signature in an oval was Sherman’s first signature. Always learn something new when reading your posts. TY.
  44. Beautiful brooches, Eileen.
  45. Thank you for the above great comments. This is definitely a work in progress — both the set and this Show & Tell. I have now been reading, valentino97. Indeed, good information here.
  46. Thank you for your comments, PhilDMorris. You have an amazing Sherman collection.
  47. Thank you for the welcome, Newfld. It is quite the set.
  48. I have done some of what you asked, Gillian. At this time, I do not have a resource that identifies stone colour. When I locate such, I will update post.
  49. This is gorgeous. I have recently acquired a set in light pink milk glass with dark grey rhinestones. I am just starting a Show & Tell Page. Learning from you and others how to do so. Thank you.
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