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Alberta, Canada

Love vintage jewellery ... and other treasures. Sometimes lost for weeks searching for interesting “new to me” items.


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Charel — Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, 1950s - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Joe Fafard — at the Masters Gallery, Calgary - Fine Artin Fine Art
Didsbury Stock Ranch — Near Cannington Manor, Saskatchewan, Canada - Photographsin Photographs
Carnival Glass — Fenton, Northwood, Imperial .... - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton — Some White Hobnail - Glasswarein Glassware
Hull Standing Planter (Jardinier) — Green in Brass Frame, 1950-60s - Potteryin Pottery
 Photographs — My Lovelies, for April  - Photographsin Photographs
Butler Jewellery Sets — x 3 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Butler Brooch and Earring Sets — x 3 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Avon Brooch Set, 1960s — Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Maybe pour vinegar over the entirety for the best result.
  2. I should look a little more carefully at what I post — yes, van Gogh. The man on the chair sculpture is Fafard. Thanks. Will edit.
  3. But without knowing more — looks like limestone from a fresh water area.
  4. Could you provide more information? Where did you get it? Country, state, province? On land? Salt, Fresh Water? Glacier trail? Mountain? How long have you had it? Everything helps.
  5. I will do that then, valentino97.
  6. Thank you, Adele and Phil. Thanks for the Loves: kwqd fortapache Sharky Newfld AdeleC MALKEY Watchsearcher aura Bobby725 Broochman
  7. Thanks for all the Loves on this grouping. I appreciate every one.
  8. Jenni — An interesting colour for sure. Thank you. Phil — Thank you. You made me look at the frame. Thanks for the Loves: fortapache Newfld aura PhilDMorris Trey
  9. Jenni — This is what was obviously purchased most often up here. Most ... actually, all of these were found “in the (downsizing) wild.” Thank you. Phil — Thank you for thinking so. I tried (amateu...
  10. Beautiful!
  11. Thank you for posting lovely this — from my real Chihuahua, Daisy — Daisy.
  12. The great open back, sparkling unfoiled stone work of D & E .... Beautiful brooch.
  13. That is a breathtaking piece of jewellery, Eileen. Superb design — KJL at his finest!
  14. Happy Birthday, Marin. Your photos are wonderful. Your mother and grandmother and father — beautiful people. One can almost “see” the spirit of both beautiful women. Are you certain that photo of your...
  15. Thank you, Jenni. And thank you, all, for the Loves on this post.
  16. Thanks for the Loves: valentino97 Trey PhilDMorris Ms.CrystalShip Vynil33rpm Much appreciated.
  17. Eileen — I think it might be. The piece is about a mm too long, and extends over the edge ever so slightly on the brooch, so the back is visible to me. And a Canadian company. Did not know it was enda...
  18. Thank you for the Loves: plein-air-painter Trey Thank you for your comment, Trey. Phil — I agree about the colours in the first photo. I took all photos within 15 minutes in the same (brigh...
  19. Eileen — Yes. Thanks for the Loves: valentino97 Ms.CrystalShip RichmondLori Mstyndall Appreciate, very much.
  20. Thanks for the Loves: Malkey Newfld fortapache aura RichmondLori Much appreciated.
  21. Eileen — Thanks for your comments. That emerald set is beautiful. I have a (sort of matched) ring that the company made, as well; but the metal is rhodium, whereas this bracelet, earring set is gold ...
  22. Thanks, Jenni — I’m invariably attracted to “sparkle,” lately it seems. Glad you have a dolphin. They’re beautiful.
  23. Hi Eileen — Thanks for added information. Yes. No, I didn’t change date from 50s to 60s. I had it as 60s to begin with. Why do you think it’s earlier? See the AB — so it’s post 1955, for sure; but, al...
  24. That is a beautiful piece of vintage jewellery, Jenni ... and so wearable, as well.
  25. Well, that’s definitely the way to combine ... coordinate-combine. Great eye!
  26. Bobby — They would have been around the Washington Monument, as well, that day; since there were, apparently, 50,000. Perhaps talk to the Smithsonian people in Washington.
  27. Beautiful Trifari! And a timely political post. :-)
  28. This is a fabulous set — and to have so many pieces!
  29. Manikin — “Canadian Pickers” and “Cash Cowboys” is the same show. The show was called CP in Canada, and CC in the US. Sheldon Smithens & his wife live in Calgary, Alberta; I still see Sheldon around q...
  30. Beautiful set — Ditto, also, what shareurpassion said above.
  31. keramikos — Can’t speak to whether the online store ever carried Apple iPads, iPods, iPhones. Bricks & Mortar stores did, however, here, even until beyond last Xmas.
  32. Ginger jar — beautiful! Love snakes, wild frightening animals (in jewellery, only, of course). Thank you — This ginger jar of yours made me rethink some of my collection from an American pottery. The ...
  33. Is this your collection? Do you have a barn, warehouse, building on your property where you store it? Great!
  34. Are these dated? That chair photo and clothing — looks like the 1890s to me. What do you think?
  35. Love the WWII songs — I was playing this song in my car CD player in 1994 — the year I “discovered” them “all.” Yes, imagine finding it at all on CD. Is Dame Vera Lynn still alive? I’m sure she still ...
  36. Great voice —- My dad tells the story of driving down Broad Street in Regina, Saskatchewan one autumn day in the 1980s: Kenny Rogers was crossing the street in front of him between the Sheridan and...
  37. Great find! — Where I live, they are selling brand new 45 record machines at Chapters, in the display case where they formerly placed the new iPhones, iPads. What’s that about.
  38. Love the full page coloured illustrations, Thomas. Good find
  39. Phil — Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, the stones are somewhat amazing. Without the case, I wonder if I would have concluded this was an Avon set. Jenni — Thank you. Yes, those purple ston...
  40. That you for the Loves: Malkey AdeleC Newfld aura Mrstyndall fortapache Broochman Manikin jeweled raven3766 plein-air-painter Ms.CrystalShip bobby725 Hel1 PhilDMorris valentino97
  41. Thank you so much for the Loves on this vintage Kramer set.
  42. Newfld — I do like Eisenberg; it was the first jewellery I collected. Broochman — I know ... dead stones. Not certain why. Have you thought about why that is so often the reality with vintage Eisen...
  43. Thank you for the Loves: fortapache Newfld Malkey Melaniej Broochman Ms.CrystalShip Vinyll33rpm valentino97 dlpetersen racer4four Very much appreciated.
  44. Jenni — Thank you for commenting. You are correct, definitely. Now that I look again at it, I see that the rhinestones do make the pieces actually glow. Eileen — I often use “Thermoset” interchan...
  45. Newfld — Thank you for your comments. The colours of this one are interesting, for sure. Mrstyndall — Thank you. This is a special set, definitely. PhilDMorris — I have known of a total of four...
  46. Eileen — Thank you for your comments. Cassini seems to have been interested in so many types of luxury goods. Sublime — love the word! Have not seen it written for a decade — I believe it was a bio of...
  47. Thank you to all for the “Loves” on these necklaces. I truly appreciate them.
  48. Jenni — Thank you for commenting. That Anne Klein is quite long, which makes it even more “swish” wearable. And the crystal does add sparkle! Broochman — Thank you. Yes, that Carolee necklace is ...
  49. Interesting, Mrstyndall. <3 I do love old books, as well. I have several vintage, not too many antique, sets ... books. I will look through your older posts to see if you posted any of yours. It’s som...
  50. Thank you for the Loves: Mrstyndall AnythingObscure fortapache Newfld Radegunder Brunswick Vynil33rpm Watchsearcher
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