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Love vintage jewellery ... and other treasures. Sometimes lost for weeks searching for interesting “new to me” items. All items posted are mine ... or I have stated Love vintage jewellery ... and other treasures. Sometimes lost for weeks searching for interesting “new to me” items. All items posted are mine ... or I have stated otherwise. (Read more)


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Merry Christmas — Three Sherman “Kings” - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Christmas Tree Brooches — Eisenberg Plus, December 2020 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Eisenberg Orange and Black — for Halloween - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Autumn Brooches — Root Beer & Amber  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
White Lucite for Summer — Coro Jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Daisy Season — July  - Photographsin Photographs
Canada Day — July 1 (Belated ... Late Thoughts)  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rivoli Brooch Sets — Sherman, 1960s - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Simpson Hall Miller Large Tea, Coffee Set — ~1880s - Silverin Silver
1940s Coro Jewelry .... — Aqua Necklace, Brooches, Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you, Newfld. Happy New Year to you. Thank you all, for the Loves on this post. ????
  2. Hull Pottery Company.
  3. Thank you, Newfld. They are such fun pieces to collect and wear. Merry Christmas. Thanks, Mrstyndall. Not a lot of places to wear them to this year ... but I’m wearing where I can. Merry Christmas....
  4. Eileen, Phil — Glad you are or were wearing your orange. D & E and Kramer did orange so well, didn’t they. I, as well, do like orange. Quite yummy. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t always like me ba...
  5. Thank you, Phil. Hope all is well.
  6. Thank you for your comments, rhineisfine. I enjoy looking at this brooch, the 11 triangles, as well. Perhaps at this time in Canada the design will help inspire us, as we know we are tough enough as a...
  7. Gene Dlouhy — https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR0AGVCcrsmf5829TDaBYUU5N5yTlphNwkHKqoWZF4RUSweulNRIyWljqng&feature=youtu.be&v=ha_bqcwiZr0
  8. Phil — Seeing this comment of yours about floors now (and you are out of hospital and hopefully healing). Did you see the OS post by the Gene Dlouhy family about his passing, accompanied by an old dan...
  9. Amazing Sherman Siam. Some of the most exquisite of known Sherman items Thank you for posting these.
  10. Just reading your comments now, Eileen. Thank you, my friend. All is fine.
  11. Good morning. Corning (Corelle) began production of the dinnerware set in 1970. And the Libbey production of these glasses occurred in the 1970s, as well. I do not have the exact year production began...
  12. Beautiful acquisition, Jenni. This large leaf is certainly one of Sherman’s “Happiness Designs.”
  13. Just luv Westmoreland milk glass items. The attention to detail in Westmoreland milk glass designs is compelling.
  14. A gorgeous Sherman bracelet with an exceptional design ... and extra wide, as well. Amaz8ng discovery.
  15. Just revisiting — I want to say again that this is an amazing beautiful brooch, part of a great, singular collection — some of which you have shown here.
  16. Thank you all for the Loves on this. :)
  17. Thank you, Newfld. I will add sizes to this. Yes, valentino97 — You said it all so well. The destinations were different up here; but the day-to-day reality sounds a lot the same. Sorry about wha...
  18. Thank you, PhilDMorris. And that suggestion is an excellent one. I’m sure she would be much more precise than my somewhat flat “aqua.” Smiles.
  19. Thank you for your kind comment, Phil. Sherman rivoli: sets, brooches, earrings are definitely special. The company excellence on display.
  20. Thank you for the visits, PhilDMorris and Eileen.
  21. I second Eileen’s greeting. Wishing you a good recovery, as well, Phil. Home and privacy and your own technology is going to look so sweet to you. <3
  22. Great — We are pleased that you are pleased, Phil. Luv the pun. Best to you.
  23. Phil — That is a great memory, and your love of your mother is evident in its sensitive telling, it’s details. I’m sure she cherished you as you do her. Eileen & I are both so pleased that eve...
  24. That’s a beautiful brooch, Eileen. Fantastic stones. And who doesn’t luv red. Your current grouping looks amazing, all together like that.
  25. Thank you, Newfld. You’re correct — it is often difficult to find all pieces. I consider myself fortunate when I do. Thanks, Eileen. My mother did so, as well. Looking through the old newspapers, ...
  26. Great find, Eileen. You have amazing D & E radar. Smiles.
  27. A gorgeous addition to your collection, Elisabethan.
  28. Love your crab, Newfld.
  29. Beautiful dragonfly, Alan. Great find!
  30. Thank you for all the Loves on this post. :)
  31. Thanks, six-o-one and keramikos ... and, also, all for the Loves on this. The daisies were very confusing for him. Smiles.
  32. Amazing bracelets ... plus. The rarest of Sherman Jewelry.
  33. Time to bring these outstanding & rare Sherman items to the top. Beautiful!
  34. Wonderful Trifari. Someone brought this to the top — Christmas mistletoe in July ... luv it! Will we be kissing those we love by Christmas 2020? We don’t know yet; but fingers crossed, it’s a yes. Gre...
  35. Beautiful colour, set — just a great blue. Another name for the flying saucers is rivoli stones.
  36. Luv the brooch. Have not heard of the maker. Eisenberg used those rows of small pave set rhinestones in the 1960s. Great cabinet — interesting to see how others solve their storage issues. I always wa...
  37. Luv your perfect Pegasus green flies, Mrstyndall.
  38. Beautiful RedPlus D & E brooch, Eileen. Those amazing gold filigree balls were used by several jewelry makers, including Sherman and Coro in the 1960s. One problem identified by contemporary jewelry r...
  39. Luv the colours in your pretty brooch!
  40. Cherish your little skunk, MrsT. :) He’s a well-designed cutie for sure.
  41. rhineisfine — Thank you. Coro does have some amazing creations.
  42. Newfld — Thank you. So kind. Happy July 4, Newfld. valentino97 — Thanks for your comment. I’m working toward a back photo.
  43. Great design. Gorgeous stones ... stone colour. AB places your set after 1955, and yet, the oval cartouche — interesting. I’ll add my voice to those above: Sherman in a thrift store: Never Ever!
  44. Luv this brooch, Eileen. An excellent, wearable colour combination — greys and light AB stones. And five? sizes/types! Learned something here, too — millifiori.
  45. Thank you, all, for the Loves on this post.
  46. Hello Eileen. Time outs are definitely important. The variety of Sherman styles certainly facilitates many different collection foci, doesn’t it. Some people collect only brooches; others, a certain s...
  47. Thanks for commenting on this set, Newfld. The multi color set is quite interesting. The camera seems to make it appear that the color is reflected color. But it is not. The array of color is truly pa...
  48. hollinoel7 — Great to know of another set of these ... earrings. I truly cannot assist beyond what I have already said. I don’t know who made this set. If I say there seems to be disco or dance ball i...
  49. Interesting. I’m so glad that it “glows” for you. That’s really what collecting is all about: finding items you love. Yet, I really was asking if it glows under black light? Some of the peridots and a...
  50. WWI returning soldiers lament?
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