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Alberta, Canada

I collect vintage jewellery ... and a few other treasures. All items posted are in my collections and owned by me, or I have stated otherwise.


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  1. Love these!
  2. A gorgeous one of a kind special piece of Sherman history! Amazing. Congratulations.
  3. Beautiful. Love all the colour. We don’t see much Weiss up here.
  4. Okay, Mrstyndall, I’ll add it back in. Thanks.
  5. You have a very beautiful Trifari. I hadn’t seen that you just posted Trifari. I have seen it now, and therefore removed Trifari from my post of today. I’ll put something else up. [I know this removal...
  6. Luv your title! Haha.
  7. I just wanted to come back to this, and say what a more than excellent piece of Sherman jewellery this is. Absolutely astounding!
  8. Thank you for the Loves on this: vcal Dawnlady1 Reise Ben Dav2No1 Newfld Drake47 fortapache Vynil33rpm kwqd All very much appreciated.
  9. Thank you, Newfld and Dawnlady1 for your nice comments.
  10. Beautiful brooch. Photo of back is blurry, but looks like it’s a “Weiss.”
  11. Just a brief add to my earlier comments, Ben: Regardless of where Hammond received information from, all G. Sherman Company costume jewellery pieces are not signed with cartouches. Sometimes pape...
  12. Hi Jenni and shareurpassion. Thank you for your comments. I wasn’t sure how my words would be received. Love your collections.
  13. Thanks to all for the Loves on these sets!
  14. Searching1 — That bulrush set is rather cool. It was in two different locations in a store — why do some places do that? — but I did have the brooch in my hand when I found the marked earrings. Thank ...
  15. Thank you, Newfld. Continental seems to be often underrated, suffers from being shadowed by Sherman. But there is great design work.
  16. Thank you for all the Loves on these items, this post: aura sherrilou Reise officialfuel GianaMZ Drake47 vintagelamp Searching1 Newfld Dav2no1 fortapache vcal rancherswife
  17. rancherswife — Thank you. These are great pieces.
  18. Thank you, truthordare. Took your advice about revolving in and out. Gave almost all of my sterling away last week to pay the vet bills for a dog that needed help. Felt good doing so.
  19. Beautiful vintage train. How luxurious!
  20. Great brooch, Jennie!
  21. Great Sherman, Love your photos.
  22. Breathtaking!
  23. Truly an amazing piece of Sherman!
  24. Yes, definitely Sherman! Great discovery, great set. :)
  25. Hi plein-air-painter. Now that’s interesting. I will definitely take Schreiner as a maker. I’ll see what there is on worthpoint. Thank you very much.
  26. This is an amazing beautiful and tall Sherman cuff. So good to see it here. Love.
  27. Beautiful daffodil! But afraid I must inform you that Northern Hemisphere springs (Aprils, anyway) are sometimes somewhat overrated. Smiles. We have new snowfall today in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You...
  28. Thank you, Newfld. I agree. Such a nice green. I suppose it’s peridot, but looks darker than my other such pieces. Thank you Dawnlady1. And here, it finally looks as though spring has arrived. Fing...
  29. Gorgeous red rhinestone brooch, Jenni. Love all those prong-set navettes. And aren’t those prongs something — amazing length.
  30. Beautiful set. Is the necklace signed, as well. Great discovery.
  31. Beautiful all-over AB Sherman baskets. I am especially drawn to the Siam AB one, which seems to just cry out that it is 50s Sherman — even though this Siam or Light Siam AB certainly doesn’t have to b...
  32. A great Crown Trifari collection!
  33. Beautiful pieces!
  34. Beautiful set — difficult-to-find design & colourway.
  35. Amazing!
  36. Love this colour combination. But if it has a name — given by the company or later collectors — I don’t know it.
  37. Questions …. Did you find it in Montreal, did it come out of Montreal? Do you think the salesmen carried these? If not, were they department or jewelry store displays? Did the seller know it’s story?
  38. Wow! And wow again. I have never ever seen one of those. Amazing discovery. Good for you. :) :)
  39. Great find! I bought one of those in an antique store in Cocoa Beach on a vacation trip in 1992. Lugged it all over Florida during Hurricane Andrew, then left it at the airport because it wouldn’t fit...
  40. Beautiful collections, display. Happy New Year ho2cultcha!
  41. Beautiful Sherman earrings! Only set I’ve ever seen in this design. Great discovery. Best in 2022!
  42. Love this! Almost time to start watching the sky, too. :)
  43. This is a beautiful set, Dawnlady1. Truly wonderful items to include in your memory keepsakes about your sister. Hugs! as you remember special her at this time of year. :)
  44. Oh, just seeing this now, Dawnlady1. Such wonderful crystal clear Sherman, and so beautiful daughter!
  45. Beautiful Sherman! Love the Siam and large stones.
  46. Beautiful! Love Sherman in pristine condition. Well, all Sherman is fantastic, really, but always exciting to see Sherman like your great set. That orange is special, and certainly makes everything so...
  47. Look at that parure! Amazing … in a so difficult to discover colour combination for even one piece. Just so beautiful … and baguettes!
  48. Oh, nice. Regency created some amazing pieces … and this definitely is amazing!
  49. Thanks for the Loves on this set: Vynil33rpm RichmondLori Watchsearcher Newfld officialfuel valentino97 vintagelamp aura fortapache blunderbuss2 Mrstyndall Trey SEAN68 Da...
  50. Hello Trey — Sherman was indeed daring in design and coloration.
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