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A simple person that likes to collect vintage jewelry on a budget.


  1. So very pretty!!!
  2. Thanks to BHIFOS Newfld Watchsearcher Ben fortapache dav2no1 valentino97 aura Vynil33rpm for loving and a special thanks to Newfld for the nice compliment!
  3. Such the extraordinary brooch!! Perfect to wear in all seasons. Don't see many caterpillar brooches on this site. 5 stars for being so cute too!!!!!
  4. Cool looking swordfish brooch!!!! Love the eye and pink fins! :- )
  5. So pretty!! I never knew BSK made such a beautiful brooch as this. You always find the best pieces. Well done!!
  6. They put a smile on my face!!!! Just adorable. Thanks for sharing! :- )
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. So cute!! Love his eyes!!!
  9. So very pretty!!!
  10. The three are so beautiful and graceful as swans should be!! Adorable as well. Super nice find!!!
  11. So very pretty vase!!! Love the design and color. You did a fabulous job cleaning. Well done! :- )
  12. There's something you don't see everyday!! So pretty and colorful. Great find!!
  13. Very, very beautiful Sherman Siam earrings!!! Congrats' on your fabulous find!!!!
  14. He's so cute!! Love his facial expression and gorgeous color!!!!
  15. Lovely songbird!! I enjoy hearing the birds singing in the early morning while having my coffee. :- )
  16. Awesome fish brooch!!! Really like the design. Nice catch finding a book piece too. Congratulations!
  17. Mrstyndall, thank you very much!! PhilDMorris, always say the kindest things. Thank you. :- ) Thanks to katherinescollections Mrstyndall MarmorealMaiden Bruce99 for the loves
  18. katherinescollections, I'm glad you like this bird brooch and thanks for the very nice comment!!
  19. Just adorable!! I love him! :- )
  20. Sherman does pearls wonderfully!!! So perfectly pure and endless beauty!!!!
  21. I love his face he has such a happy look. You did a fabulous job restoring him too. Another awesome find for your fantastic collection!!!!
  22. Interesting design and in fabulous condition!!! When I was young my family had two weiner dogs, they are protective and loyal. Great piece!!
  23. Beautiful piece and a loving way to remember your father by. If he were here I would thank him for his service.
  24. Oh, so adorable and beautiful color!!!!
  25. She's so very lovely!! A work of art. Stunning piece!!
  26. A special thank you to LaurenRedmond, for the very kind compliment!!! I think you should be a writer. As I see it, you have fantastic skill in that area!!!!
  27. Very beautiful rabbit couple!!!!
  28. Newfld racer4four LaurenRedmond mikelv85 jscott0363 dav2no1 Cokeman fortapache plein-air-painter LazyBoy kwqd Alfie21 Vynil33rpm Manikin PhilDMorris aura Ms.CrystalShip thanks for the...
  29. Manikin & Newfld, thanks very much for the nice comments! :- ) Alfie21, thank you so much for the very kind compliment!!! I'll pass it on to the photographer. :) mikelv85, thanks for stopping by...
  30. Daisy1000, thank you!!
  31. Daisy1000, thank you!!
  32. LazyBoy, thank you!!
  33. You might want to retake photos as these are blurred. Austrian jewelry is usually prong set stones of high quality and beauty. : - )
  34. So many thanks to PhilDMorris, for your most gracious and very kind compliments! :- )
  35. PhilDMorris, lol! Thank you so much about the pics. You are too kind. :- ) kwqd, thank you!!
  36. You are so pretty!!!!
  37. That's really cool!!! Great find!!
  38. Look to Judy Lee jewelry or Beau Jewels, as they made their brooches in this manner. Very pretty!!
  39. Very pretty butterfly necklace!! Love the varied colors used. Just lovely!!
  40. Ms.CrystalShip, I have learned so much from reading your comments and looking at your posts about joint and catch, rivets, stone shapes and colors of D & E jewelry. So it is I that thanks you!!
  41. Newfld and plein-air-painter, thank you both for the very kind compliments!!! Yes, I was fortunate to find the bracelet and earrings at such a low cost and the brooch just a bit more. I'm glad that yo...
  42. Oh my!! Look at the beauty of this amazing seahorse brooch. The cut of the amethyst stones are gorgeous. Such great detail brings life to the piece!!!!
  43. What an adorable glass frog!!!! His facial expression is so cute and the floral dragonfly and purple color are stunning. You photography of this piece is outstanding. Well done! :- )
  44. A lovely brooch with the pink rounds and baguettes!!!
  45. Such a beauty!!! Love the eyes, black coat and the red collar. Very, very nice piece!!!!
  46. Excellent write up on the bridges!!! Thank you!!
  47. Beautiful swan and looks lovely with the pond backdrop!! Must be fun feeding the fish!!!
  48. LazyBoy, thank you!
  49. Gorgeous set and perfect professional photography!!!!
  50. They are so adorable and the colors spectacular!!!! I love them! :- )
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