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  2. You can get valuations here:
  3. Had one of these when I was a kid. I'll never forget the first time I tried to use the knife and fork at the same time to cut a piece of steak.... ;-)
  5. I like how Bruce Banner wears Tony Stark's Nagel t-shirt in Ragnarok...
  6. I still have not been able to find the manufacturer of this piece. Can anyone suggest a resource for this sort of material? Tx!
  7. Great cover by Bob Seidemann. Here's more of his work. https://www.coll...
  8. Me too! ;-)
  9. Hi folks: Yes, we are still working on the email problem. Thanks for your patience with us! Ben
  10. Glad to hear that Chrome is working better for Gillian. And Tassie, please do not give up hope on the email problem. We are still working on it! ;-)
  11. Hi there. Regarding the email notifications, we are working on this problem, but fixing it is taking longer than we had hoped. Thanks for your patience!
  12. Glad to hear Chrome worked!
  13. Hi Irishcollector: Most people who are having this problem are using Internet Explorer, which Microsoft stopped supporting in Jan of 2016. We stopped supporting it late last year. Firefox and Chrome w...
  14. Hi Collectomaniac. Yes, we have Show & Tell, which has always tried to be a commerce-free zone, and then we have our auction pages, where people can browse the latest live auctions at eBay. In our m...
  15. Thank you CW friends for all the kind words of support. This has been a great way to finish 2017. Looking forward to doing some cool stuff with you in 2018! Best, Ben
  16. Hiya, fort. Glad the new uploader is working well for you! Best, Ben
  17. Now that is a colander!
  18. These are for sale everywhere in Sri Lanka, in all shapes and sizes and treatments. Very cool!
  19. It looks like Magnin?
  20. My first bike...
  21. Is that Cleo the goldfish from Pinocchio? Nice bowl!
  23. You might enjoy this:
  25. Great repair!
  26. Hi blunderbuss2: We created a new category for Denim Jackets yesterday, which is why we updated the category.
  27. The letters are Hebrew.
  28. Hi AzTom and bobby725: That's because we finally added a page for Standard Oil. ;-)
  29. Looks like this Lost & Found story has a happy ending:
  30. Hi rocker-sd: We added a new category for Shell, hence the recategorization. Best, CW
  31. You are welcome!
  32. Hi CSIMS: To add another photo, click the link on the left that reads "Edit this item"
  33. nice post!
  34. Great piece! Here's a story we published about the Christmas Truce of 1914.
  35. Hi buster58: Unfortunately you can't post a picture on a comment reply, but you can post a link to a picture. For example, you could post a photo as a new Show & Tell, and then leave a link to it in ...
  36. Good advice, Vermont. We published an interview with Bill Lindsey here:
  37. Here's a story we published on pet-food labels: -Ben
  38. My limited experience is that phone and tablet photos only upload properly when the device if rightside up (in portrait mode). If you twist it to the left or right , and then do not correct that using...
  39. Just fixed the photo for you.
  40. Straightened...
  41. Just straightened them out for you. In the future, Mani's advice is the best. ;-)
  42. Hi folks: We fixed this today. Sorry about that, and thanks for your patience!
  43. Thank you, Inky!
  44. Mooooo!
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1963-duane eddy-'boss guitar'-45rpm-fast pop. LOTTS BEECHWOOD PUZZLE SERIES 1 c.1959. Vintage Floral Scarf ::::Saratoga Spring Water Bottles:::: art deco era Kent Art Ware from Japan