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San Francisco, California

Collector of rock posters, postcards, and handbills, mostly from the late 1960s


  1. Hi Jenni. I see what you means and have notified my former colleagues. I think it's a simple glitch, and I hope they can fix it soon! Best, Ben
  2. Thanks again for the additional comments and Loves. One week into retirement, and I'm exhausted! ;-)
  3. Nice, Bill. I'll keep an eye out for a photo of that bowl!
  4. New pics of the 2nd Stock Club die.
  5. Thank you, racer4four!
  6. Here's a link to an article about Widespread Panic posters and the artists who make them.
  7. Thanks to all for the kind Comments and Love!
  8. Hi Watchsearcher. And I'm just now seeing your comment! Will take a look at "The Niihau Incident." Thanks for the tip!
  9. Duh! I just relayed your response and she replied, correctly, "I told you it was Andy, he has pants on!" I am getting so old... ;-)
  10. Hi kwqd. Yes, I lived in Seattle at the same time; saw the same cloud to the south that you did. We knew the owner of the Glass Eye, who drove out to his mother's ranch in eastern Washington and fille...
  11. Thank you, kisslikeether!
  12. Nice! What are the dimensions, and what is the crow itself made of?
  13. Thanks for the comment, kisslikeether. Forgive my ignorance, but what does Wilke refer to?
  14. Thanks Brunswick. David is full of stories...
  15. Thanks Rob!
  16. Here's that link to our interview with Gary Houston, from 2011:
  17. Thanks everybody. I'm going to try and post a bunch more over the next few weeks. Got some gems from '66 and '67 that I have been meaning to photograph. Happy holidays!
  18. Yes, that's me in the first photo!
  19. Today is the anniversary of this show. The Dead played 31 songs over the course of three sets; more than four hours of music. Fun day.
  20. Here's a rock-poster update of this:
  21. Tx, ho2cultcha. Loved those guys, too.
  22. Cool stories, swampdogg!
  23. Hi AnythingObscure. Thought you might enjoy this:
  24. Thanks SpiritBear!
  25. Love this! It's the third image down in our story from a year or so ago....
  26. Here's a recent auction result for one of these. Seems like a lot of money for an old piece of paper, right?
  27. It looks similar to the Schwinn Excelsior in this article (the bike in the first photo).
  28. $18 was in advance, $24 was at the door, but we all know how that turned out. ;-)
  29. Nice. Here's my set of tickets.
  30. Thanks, Caperkid. I have a few more pieces to post; I'm way behind! Will try to post them this week.
  31. Yes he will. So will David Singer, Lee Conklin, Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, and on and on. Full list in the link.
  33. Hi SpiritBear: This is wonderful! Just in case you missed our article on Linen Postcards, here it is: B...
  34. There are two authentic Woodstock posters of interest to collectors; this, alas, is not one of them. Here they are: http://www.classicp...
  35. Sorry, but this is a bootleg, printed later. Here's the real thing:
  37. Hi Kerry. Not sure about the wealth, but the other two are falling into place, ie, the important stuff. Best, Ben
  38. You too, Kevin!
  39. The cart is swell, but lovin' that lamp!
  40. Fort: You have the best toys! Saw this tour in support of this album. They played the whole thing, start to finish, plus a lot more (Aqualung, etc). As I recall, after playing Thick as a Brick f...
  41. Probably between 82 and 84.
  42. Met him years ago at Pilchuck, or maybe it was Traver Gallery in Seattle. Nice guy.
  43. Hi Rob: The people who work at this shop can be pretty helpful: Best, Ben
  44. Nice! You may enjoy this:
  45. Yes, went there back in the day...
  46. Love kingfisher feather jewelry! Here's a piece we wrote about that and other types of antique Chinese jewelry a while back:
  47. Burmese?
  48. Here's an article we published on this topic a few years back:
  49. A piece similar to yours was featured in our recent story about Pyrex:
  50. Thanks for posting all these baskets! Here's a link to an article we wrote about a basket book that could be helpful for identification:
  51. See more