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Nishinomiya, Japan


  1. Wonderful! How did you get it?
  2. Great post. What's up with the little buttons beneath the volume controls?
  3. My brother used to have so many of these that he stuck them between his bicycle spokes because he liked the sound it made when the wheel went around. Let's just say that he's come to regret it. Ni...
  4. Great item. Here's a little history. It says they stopped making hi fi gear in 1961. Can you still find a stylus for the turntable? "Stromberg-Carlson purchased a license to produce Neutrodyne r...
  5. I can't help but feel nostalgic when I see this kind of stuff. Is this from the '60s?
  6. Great pic. Do you have any idea of the year or the maker on this one? Is it made by Smith Glass Co.?
  7. Nice set. Did you see this other Kem set from the '40s? http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/1410-my-husbands-fathers-pocket-sized-playi?in=activity
  8. Wow, much better than my guess. Fantastic!
  9. You typically see those in big guitar shops like Guitar Center. My guess--and I might be wrong--is that it wouldn't be all that valuable as a collectible, but that someone wouldn't mind shelling out a...
  10. I especially love the title "Death Might Be Your Christmas Gift!"
  11. What an amazing find! What are some of the records you bought?
  12. Yeah, Jim Records was probably closer to Dark Horse.
  13. This brings to mind that great Electric Prunes radio ad for the Vox Wah-Wah Peddle. "Make your guitar sound like a sitar!" t all looks good, but I've got my eye on that continental transistor orga...
  14. Ha! I hadn't noticed. He doesn't appear on the other two. I also checked some others in the series, and he's not on those either.
  15. What a great and unusual piece. You mentioned character ashtrays; what are some of the other ones that you've seen?
  16. Jack Seward is a name I've seen around on a few books on learning to speak Japanese. I guess this one provides a way out if you get frustrated trying to learn all those kanji characters!
  17. It's hard to decide which is cooler, the camera or the box it came in. In the second picture, what it the tube-like contraption extending from the covering on the right?
  18. You've got to hook it up! Does it have a stylus? Would it use a diamond or pin type, I wonder. The ad says, "No surface noise." I bet! Great item!
  19. Cool bike. I don't remember ever seeing one of those. Do you know how long they made them?
  20. Great collection of watches and really nice photos. Do you have any more you can post?
  21. How does it work? Do you just pop the top? I wonder if that was a kind of standard instrument. Anyway, interesting item.
  22. Fantastic collection. I've always liked that Damned "Smash It Up" design. Where did you get these?
  23. Minus the cat, this scene is not unlike the one I'm looking at now on a bay on Lake Michigan. I think it's a lovely painting and, like you, I like how the colors interact.
  24. What comics did you read after Star Wars hooked you?
  25. Very interesting post. You hear a good bit about Japanese export-only items after the war--toys, etc.--but not so much from this era.
  26. Nice find. There's one in a bit better shape currently going for 51 pounds over on Ebay UK.
  27. I especially like the Hotel St. Cornelius "A Friendly Place" one. You couldn't post a larger pic of that could you? A lot of those covers would make great t-shirt designs.
  28. It was a dangerous shot. I nearly got my camera strap caught in the wheels of the hot dog car.
  29. It seems like they're from Blackpool and maybe liquidated in the late '50s: http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/35431/pages/413/page.pdf Not sure if I'm reading that right. Sorry if you've seen ...
  30. Great story. How about posting a few guitar pics?
  31. Swat ... splat!
  32. What a fantastic clock. It reminds of seeing--on a smaller scale of course--The Milliennium Tower Clock at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh.
  33. What a great way to get the most out of your collection. Ball Jars are not something I know anything about, but you've made a wonderful space with them. It looks like a great room for working? Did ...
  34. When is this series from? I don't really know Kirby's DC work? Was this a pretty good series?
  35. I wish you could out today and buy a magazine that featured The Monkees, the Who, the Bee Gees, Canned Heat, Leonard Nimoy AND Sally Field. So tell us, what was the Cowsills' Catastrophe?
  36. Great, and it even still has the box. This is a fascinating area of collectibles. Did you see these containers for opium? http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/1702-porcelain-apothecary-jar-for-n...
  37. I was going to say the same thing, but I think his ears might be heading toward Mr. Spock territory. I imagine you'd need the cold, hard analytical skills of a Vulcan to get anywhere with Ploy.
  38. Did you catch any of the reunion shows? They were pretty great.
  39. San Francisco, of course, has another important connection with Japanese baseball The first Japanese player ever to play in the Majors played with the Giants. http://www.baseball-reference.com/bull...
  40. Good suggestion. Check this out. http://articles.latimes.com/2007/dec/02/local/me-then2
  41. Thanks for posting this. I just ordered the Leroi Jones book from Amazon. I read a lot of music and music history books, but I was unaware of this one.
  42. Any notable rookie cards in there?
  43. Frank Kane is a name that you always see on these pulps. I've never actually read any, but I recall seeing one called "Trigger Mortis." Now that's a good title!
  44. Great item. Have you seen the Hayden Peters interview on mourning jewelry? http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/an-interview-with-antique-mourning-jewelry-collector-hayden-peters/
  45. Wow, I had totally forgotten about these kinds of records. You can kind of see the playing surface when you enlarge the picture. Was there some kind of plastic or vinyl coating over the cardboard? I u...
  46. This is a great looking card. I've never been to Diamond Cave, but when I was a kid, it seemed like we were always stopping off at some cave or other in Kentucky, Alabama or Tennessee. The thing I rem...
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Brunswick Portable 78RPM Record Player Vintage Concert Posters, Part 1 of 3 1950's RCA Victor 45J Record Player Wes Wilson's Captain Beefhart Aretha Franklin/New Riders at the Fillmore Vintage Matchbook Covers Play Ball! Advertising for the Seals' Goodwill Trip to Japan


this is my 1983 stratacaster elite. made 2 years,only3000 made 1960s Pan Am, Hojos, and General Motors Stock Certificates Rock and Radio Museum, Sacramento Strategy games from the '60s DISNEY Some GGA & SF... Arkansas


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