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  1. hi, if perfect, this set is worth about $600. it is fenton plum opalescent hobnail. hope this helps.
  2. made by fenton, worth about $25.00. its very pretty. thanks for sharing!
  3. hi, yes it is pretty common...tallcakes is correct on the pattern. made in the 70's worth about $20 or so. hope that helps!
  4. not worth very much...$50- $75...maybe a little more or less. hope that helps. thanks for sharing.
  5. yes this piece is newer, not old. it is a very pretty lamp. thanks for sharing!
  6. nice lamp but seems top heavy to me? the flip vase is a hard to find item, but who wants one with a hole in it? thats the question. thanks for sharing.
  7. yeah this is a great piece of fenton glass. it has a great carnival finish and a beautiful pattern! thank you for sharing! fenton didnt start making their items until the 1970's. this piece could be e...
  8. tall cakes is correct. made my fenton, pattern is spanish lace on silver-crested milkglass.
  9. i have made these sunflower looking glass pieces before for my yard... and i wouldn't trade them for anything, they sparkle in the sun so nicely. thanks for sharing!
  10. the color is called pink, even though the color looks almost like a peach-orange color. hope that helps. the glasses are fairly common to find. thats all i know hope that helps.
  11. i love the shade. i will post my honey amber overlay lamp i just bought right now. thanks for sharing!
  12. depending on the condition of the pieces is what determines the value...many vintage barbie doll collectors want mint accessories and outfits. it also depends on the rarity of the outfits. i collected...
  13. very nice piece. i would say that it is worth at least $100- $150. made in the 50's. personally i wouldnt take less than $150 for it. very nice item! thanks for sharing!
  14. i see that you are no longer selling on ebay... what happened?
  15. these are very common. has a value around $10. but it is still very pretty. thanks for sharing with us.
  16. yes paul is right this is a reproduction lamp.
  17. hi. i have a huge collection of fenton hobnail and your little vase is fenton french opalescent hobnail and is known as a mini vase or hatpin vase. it is a nice item and worth about $15 in perfect co...
  18. i know it looks so intricate. very nice.
  19. yes, i would say that it looks like nippon too! thanks for sharing!
  20. thank you very much! follow me on here.....i am going to be posting more items that i have taken out of the boxes from the carriage house.
  21. wow! i love the pattern. and the orange/red color. just excellent!
  22. this is a great piece i love it! very colorful!
  23. dont listen to Pop_abides! we're here to help. and this is a great piece. i love the moon and stars pattern. thanks for sharing!
  24. a lamp made from this would look awesome!!!
  25. i meant to say that it looks like a victorian reproduction.
  26. yeah i really don't either. i like opalescent better!
  27. im almost 100% positive it is not fenton. to me it looks victorian. thanks for sharing!
  28. yes. the name is Cobalt blue not cobolt as mrj303 stated. nice pieces. thank you for sharing!
  29. very nice piece. i would say that it is circa 1960's but i dont know the maker...sorry!
  30. oh cool. you will def have to post that vase on here!
  31. sorry no thank you. i already have a complete one. and im really trying to get rid of my double pieces. i saw that you were bidding on a topaz one complete and someone outbid you. :( i hate that. than...
  32. Nice piece! i have one too missing a lid :( thanks for sharing!
  33. yes hedgewalker is correct. fostoria heirloom!
  34. thank you very much for the info. it helps a lot!
  35. i have this same exact sign. the only coke sign i have, but it is in mint condition. do you know the value?
  36. Mrj303: i sent you an email.
  37. AmberRose: no need to apologize, im glad i could help!
  38. sometimes. someone just tried to make it look prettier than it was before the painting and metal stand. i think whoever did the painting was going for a victorian look. hope that helps!
  39. hi AmberRose, fenton only made the peach blow bowl. they never did the painting on this bowl and did not put it in the stand. the painting was done at a later time by a different company...same goes f...
  40. Nice pieces. thank you for sharing them with us!
  41. very nice piece, yes i beleive the bowl is made by fenton... called peach blow. very nice item, thanks for sharing!
  42. love these! wow i love the color. i missed these when you first posted them i guess! thanks for sharing!
  43. yes, definetly westmoreland glass, thanks for sharing!
  44. love the collection...! i dont really collect the ruby color because i think it is a really dark color when displayed with all of my other hobnail...it look great here all together. very nice ! thanks...
  45. not really, also i cannot see the pieces in the picture very well. why do they have numbered tags on them, are they being auctioned off or something?
  46. i have seen some of them before, but i am not very familiar with them.
  47. did you just purchase these.
  48. great item it is blue opalescent coin dot or coin spot as some collectors call it.
  49. wingletts, i beleive this shoe is made by fenton. it is called the button and daisy pattern. very nice i love the clear crystal color. thanks for sharing!
  50. oh thank you wingletts...im glad to be back!
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