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my fenton hobnail lamp collection - Glasswarein Glassware
kralik brides basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
peach blow hobnail floor lamp - Lampsin Lamps
mystery vase turkey tracks vase.. - Art Glassin Art Glass
new hobnail lamp - Lampsin Lamps
depression glass bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
old hickory - Furniturein Furniture
rare depression glass - Glasswarein Glassware
vanity set - Art Glassin Art Glass
jozefina glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. -jealousy- the two panel and Aquarius are such awesome lamps. my dream is to have the aquarius in all 5 colors. i did manage to get a sandwich heart whale oil lamp in canary, and thats been my pri...
  2. hey man, what an awesome collection, have a look at my mystery vase, see what you think
  3. she sold me the pitchers for 17 bucks a piece or something like that, and the cups were 69 cents a piece
  4. you know it really irritates me when this site doesnt tell you that someone commented on your post. i wasnt aware they were up to 75.00 now hearing that there is no saucer for them, is not somethi...
  5. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/64769-kralik-brides-basket ever seen one like this ?
  6. i happen to own one of these, you can find it in "vaseline glass: canary to contemparary" made by stevens and williams of england, circa 1900
  7. .....only comes with the one trumpet
  8. fenton ivory crest epergne, this piece actually ones comes with the one trumpet
  9. a couple hundred
  10. thank you :) all good things come to those that wait
  11. - the WG mark on is fairly hard to see
  12. awesome,in a word awesome. i could see your temptation into turning it into a lamp. what brand do you use for the gold paint
  13. its a westmoreland product, i own one in a sanitized yellow. if nothing else think about color timeline, if it was Vallerysthal, it would be vaseline. does not detract from how awesome it looks in the...
  14. this one is from the sixties. fenton basically had stopped making blue opal hobnail by the 80s, they made a few things for levay though. ive been to fentonfan.com, and i cant get their catalogs to wo...
  15. yes, it was the rose bowl that i found. and no the backround patterns are different, on mine its "cane and button" on "snappy" and some of the other ones that i have seen it is the "daisy and button" ...
  16. innovation # 412 was also called "snappy" correct? cause that is the first pattern i found when i was looking for it. and thank you i will be looking for this book
  17. thatcher was not mckees successor, mckee became a subsidiary for a couple years until it was bought by jeannette. from what ive red they only used mckee to make television screens, x-ray glass, ect
  18. oh? really. hmm can you refer me to where i can find out about this more. ive only seen one piece in color, a round fruit bowl in skokie green
  19. oh, well now you have something new to hunt for, the fun is in the hunt right
  20. awesome, do you have the candlestick holders for it? i found this one at a second hand place it was on one shelf the holders where on another.
  21. yes, it does. both of ours are made by the same company same time frame :) you have the "twins" powder jar, thats cool it came in a couple other colors
  22. they look like "colonial blue" a color from fenton, who also made the georgian pattern but honestly they could be hazel atlas (who didnt mark these glasses) or anchor hocking, viking and cambridge g...
  23. thanks Hedgewalker, i have looked through alot of your item and you have some really cool stuff man
  24. i love it.... but i love it with the ruffled shade
  25. thank you :) thats like my roomates number one concern when i buy something, he says "does it glow??" with this excited look on his face
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