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Conroe, T.X.

I really enjoy Garage sales, Flea markets, Estate sales ect. Anywhere I can get a good deal. I have a passion for collecting and collect many different things. I lovI really enjoy Garage sales, Flea markets, Estate sales ect. Anywhere I can get a good deal. I have a passion for collecting and collect many different things. I love anything glass, old books or photos. I also have a love for animals, traveling, cooking, gardening, restoring furniture and reading. (Read more)


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Mrs Butterworth 24oz. - Bottlesin Bottles
Fenton Amberina Hobnail Glass Ruffle Compote - Glasswarein Glassware
L.E. Smith Moon and Stars Candy Dish. - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton Diamond Lace Blue Opalescent 3 Horn Epergne - Glasswarein Glassware
January 1905 Photo. - Photographsin Photographs
Early 1900's Family Photo - Photographsin Photographs
Large Photo 1900's??? - Photographsin Photographs
Large 1906 Gentleman's Photo/1890s Cabinet Card - Photographsin Photographs
1900 Cabinet Cards  - Photographsin Photographs
Mother and daughter? 1890's - Photographsin Photographs


  1. AnythingObscure I know! My husband bought these years ago at a garage sale for $1 a piece. This whole thing made me look for them! Going from $40-100 bucks on eBay ????. So was trying to figure out mo...
  2. Billretirecoll Thank you looking it up.
  3. It's the Phone haha :) Thx
  4. Thank you so much for this information! Very interesting and it makes me like them that much more.
  5. I'm not real sure if it is a Plural Marriage or if they are Mormon. It's just a guess really. It was not uncommon for the area and time. The way the picture is with the man situated in the middle and...
  6. The clothing they wore back than was so dreary. It's like dressing for a funeral everyday. I'm so thankful times have changed.
  7. SpiritBear I was sort of thinking that. Those cheap paper bells are still made today. They sort of looked Photo Shopped lol.
  8. That so funny Macdaddy! She really does look like she's from the The Wizard of Oz. My favorite!
  9. Thank you Celiene. I was wondering what those were! I love the decor in this room, to the rug, wood floors and furniture. Just my style.
  10. Thank You TubeAmp. Looking up the name could not find info in English. I know they still have Polish Organizations in Black Rock and have Polish Fest. I'm going too seek them out and donate this Phot...
  11. How Interesting! Thx for the link.
  12. Thanks for the Appreciation and Love.
  13. I would have been a horrible housewife back than!! Thank the Lord I live in this Century.
  14. I'll check it out. Thx
  15. The color is Amazing so elegant!!
  16. It make sense that it would be 1880 because I have the same girl but older in the other photo;)
  17. Thanks for the comments and helping me with a year. Reading about old Photos had me a bit confused. I'm glad she's alive here! Out of the lot Unfortunately Some are faded and moldy. Not by my doing bu...
  18. Thanks for the comment billretirecoll. This plate was extremely dirty when found and I was surprised too find not one chip on it. Thanks for loves.
  19. Thanks for the comment and loves. That makes sense because most of the items were from the 1940s. What drew me too this is in the right light a cool blue comes out.
  20. My mom actually found it. It's behind a bunch of storage units. She asked the manager of the units, They told her people have thrown stuff behind there for years. It's leftovers and at the end of the ...
  21. Not allowed too put a price on it but it's 1955ish
  22. Very Nice!
  23. Love the colors and shapes!!
  24. Pretty!!!
  25. Such a cool piece!! I don't think I've ever seen a color like this!!
  26. ×glass envy×;-)
  27. Wow! Beautiful Collection TimeTraveller!!
  28. I think your right. It is Westmoreland! Thank you.
  29. Thank you! It is pretty large. Now we need a new cabinet! :)
  30. Yes they both do have a yellow crest.
  31. Thanks!
  32. Thank you TallCakes.
  33. Thank you artfoot.
  34. It would be a shame too refinish it. It's beautiful!
  35. Thx! I do think the blue dish is Viking. I have one that's very similar but Handkerchief Design. My husband was able to get him down from $12 too $5. He's the haggler! I hold and smile. No shame in ou...
  36. $2.50 a piece
  37. Both for $5 at the Wilson Flea Market. It's funny you ask about them because I saw them walked out of the tent than thought, What am I crazy.. than ran over and snatched them. It is the best deal out ...
  38. No Marking. I thought it was Indiana. It is Ruby Flash. I had one but a different shape.
  39. I am waiting too get home too further research.
  40. Thank you. Which one is Westmoreland?
  41. It's exactly it YaY!
  42. Wow! Thank you TallCakes! I'm so happy you found it for me. Your Great.
  43. I am interested too as I have the same piece. Good Luck.
  44. Thank you for correcting me. It doesn't have any markers mark. Still trying to learn the different glass types and such.
  45. I am in Love with the blue!!!
  46. I have been there, that is a good one. It's funny sometimes I don't know what's more fun the actual hunt or the find:)
  47. Yes! We usually go too Antiques World. Before that we used too go too the Super Flea but unfortunately they turned it into a walmart.
  48. Thank you! It's my largest piece so far.
  49. Thank you for solving my Mystery!!!:) And yes I've never dug 50¢ out of my purse faster.
  50. Saved the site. I really appreciate your help:) I've lived all over buffalo my whole life! It's a great place too live.
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