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Mint Hill, NC

I am a glass junkie ! If I love it I buy it and there is no method to my madness. I have only been collecting for a couple of years and truly enjoy it. My favoriteI am a glass junkie ! If I love it I buy it and there is no method to my madness. I have only been collecting for a couple of years and truly enjoy it. My favorite is the Fenton opalescent glass in blue but I also love the other colors . I hope you enjoy my pictures and thank you for stopping by :) Chuck (Read more)


  1. this is blue opalescent
  2. Any idea if that big vase that was used is a rare piece or common ? Thanks !
  3. The lip looks likes it chiped in one of the photos but it is not. This piece is in mint condition
  4. Acanthus leaf is the pattern
  5. It appears to be goofus glass...
  6. Thank you ! I was hoping for a maker's name ;)
  7. Yes Alisonf, you are absolutely correct ! thank you so much for your help in identifying this !!!
  8. Maltese American as well.... 2nd generation American. My Maltese is horrible ! :)
  9. Yes, I am Maltese :)
  10. That is exactly what I am going to use them for..... :)
  11. @AR8Jason........... Thank you for your thoughts..... and no worries and I fully understand whatg you are saying. I only posted them hoping that I could find out more about them and thank you so much ...
  12. I have many pieces of the Fenton's cranberry hobnail opalescent that is why I suspect these are Fenton cranberry hobnail opalescent as well.
  13. the base is not milk glass but either alabaster or marble.... that is why I suspect the cranberry opalescent centers are Fenton.
  14. murano possibly
  15. beautiful piece !
  16. Thank you cindyjune, would love to see the picture of your first piece :)
  17. Yes, there is some yellow in there..... hard to come accross but always keeping my eye out for it.. No individual photos, takes wayyyyyyy to much time.
  18. Thank you !
  19. YUM !!!
  20. LOVE this! Chuck
  22. it's a fruit bowl made by Indiana glass I believe.
  23. Do you have a picture of it ?
  24. since you asked.... they are creepy and i don't get the range either
  25. Thank you both ! The Roseville piece you mentioned was a auction find, mint condition, 20.00 ;)
  26. wonderful ! enjoy them , this is my favorite color !
  27. OH MY GOSH ! I have the full dinnerware set that was left to me by my aunt. I have never come across any other pieces until now. I bet I have 12 full place settings of this with the gold rim and al...
  28. Yes, it is diamond lace. very nice !
  29. Yes, if it is marked then it is usually newer BUT it's still a great piece no matter the age.
  30. Awesome, just like all your other pieces ;)
  31. Thank you ! I had it custom made, I am going to get regular shelves for the other side of the room instead of another big cabinet. Thank goodness this room is large ;)
  32. These are wonderful !
  33. Thanks Shawn, you have some incredible pieces yourself !
  34. HI Dizzydave ! I believe this is called Fenton hanging heart and have attached a link to ebay that show the different colors and styles. I beleive this is worth a lot of money so you may want to inv...
  35. Gosh , I remember a family friend having these in her bathroom, sooo cool to see them again. Thank you for sharing !
  36. This is a beautiful set and the fabric is perfect for this.
  37. I think it may be italian, I have a huge collection of this in the green and amber. :)
  38. If you want to know what else they make in this color check out my pictures... I have a huge collection of it that I mixed in with some china that I inherited from my aunt. it is a beautiful collecti...
  39. Amber sandwich by Tiara. There should be initials on the handle
  40. aka sandwich glass or tiara
  41. HI ! I love your collection and totally get that you won't part with any of it. If you dont have to then why would you :). I have a few pieces of Westmoreland posted if you would like to see them. ...
  42. I have both sizes, this appears to be the larger of the two and I paid 12.00 for mine. The smaller one i paid 8.00 for. hope this helps :)
  43. I love this !!!!
  44. ok Savoychina.... no judging ;) Thanks for the info, I will definitely be there ! Is this a cash only sale or do some vendors take debit cards ?
  45. This is just incredible ! How did you get started with this collection, is this American , possibly from California ?
  46. You home is truly beautiful ! Chuck
  47. omG ! are you serious !?!! thanks for the tip... i will have to look. love the epergne too and I know i cant find that for 50 bucks ;)
  48. The Jack in the pulpit vase is incredible, nice find ! Chuck
  49. Thank you ! Chuck
  50. This is over the top incredible ! I have set my sites on the topaz Fenton, just incredible. You have an incredible collection !
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