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  1. I am sure we will be able to find more information about your Treaure ??????????? See you in the group
  2. Thank you Efesgirl. That was super fast! I have more labels I need help identifying & will try to photograph & post when I get a chance.
  3. Still remains UNSOLVED. Help please.
  4. Update: Still remains Unidentified & since then the other 2 handles broke off. I still love the piece & don't plan of discarding this beauty.
  5. I have one & it has a clasp on the back.
  6. Anna I have been trying to search for any information about your beautiful heart ever since you posted it. I have even tried uploading the photo in the Google image search & have come up empty handed...
  7. You are very welcome & thank you for sharing all your beautiful items :)
  8. I see the initials SF on the image & I am sure that it stands for Santa Fabiola.
  9. Saint Fabiola :)
  10. The beautiful lady on your piece of jewelry reminds me a lot of pictures I have seen of Saint Fabiola although I have only seen her wearing a red veil. "Her story became popular in the late 19th ce...
  11. Tried uploading a photo of the dog's head in a buckle into Google image search & came up empty handed. Vetraio50 that link was for Silver Markings. Will try to look for a Gold Markings site.
  12. Thanks Vetraio50. I am trying to help anders77. Will check out your links :)
  13. Data Del Timbro is Italian for "Stamp Date". Can you please take a photo of the piece of paper showing the information you posted. I assume that the 2nd photo is of the back of the compact. Can you...
  14. It is a filigree Maltese Cross pin or pendant.
  15. Found some information about the pills. Hope it helps.
  16. Beautiful Filigree Work on the 2 front ends :)
  17. They are so cute. They look like some kind of Forest Folk or Gnomes.
  18. They are just beautiful :)
  19. Had one of these rain lamps & one of the reasons I got rid of it was the huge amounts of dust that accumulated on the filaments on which the oil dripped down, the plastic foliage & the figure inside. ...
  21. Is it posted upside down?
  22. Could they be Bocci Balls?
  23. Maytag washing machines last for a very long time. Just had to replace my 22 year old :( It is the only washing machine that you can buy that still has a 10 year warranty!
  24. It could be carved out of a Tagua Nut.
  25. Maybe this link will help:
  26. The engraving is in French. Demi pied nelle mesure = Half Foot Measurement; Ligne Aplomb = Plumb Line
  27. He looks like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family :)
  28. Maybe this will help:
  29. I think that you have a Ring Holder. These were usually hung by the side of the kitchen sink so your gems did not get full of soap and lose their shine or worse, Fall down the drain.
  30. It looks like you have a Rosenthal Studio Linie Johan Van Loon Pin. Similar one at this link:
  31. AR8Jason is right, I am in Pensacola, Fl & my daughter lived in Va & donated it to her local goodwill up there.
  33. You may be able to find some info at this site:
  34. Found this online:
  35. Found one similar to yours except it is White instead of blue. Hope it helps. Here is the link:
  36. What does the inscription on the inside of the ladies watchband in photo # 1 say?
  37. Almost looks like Our Lady of Mount Carmel on side A & The Sacred Heart of Jesus on side B but I could be wrong.
  38. Found this info & the image looks almost identical to your rosary beads.
  39. I think you have a Reviere Studios Clock with grapevine pattern with a Seth Thomas movement & unsigned Tiffany.
  40. Found another one on Amazon.
  41. Found this on Ebay:
  42. So far this is all I could find.
  43. Hope this helps.
  44. You have a KIGU of London compact :)
  45. Looks similar to the following one:
  46. NAVY GRAY UNIFORMS--gray uniforms in the same style as khaki were first introduced on 16 April 1943 as an officers uniform. On 3 June 1943 the uniform was extended to include Chief Petty Officers. On ...
  47. You have a nine-gem Thai Princess Ring. I have one similar to yours :)
  48. I posted a photo of the engraved characters on my Face Book Page asking for help in identifying & possible translating the word. Now we wait.
  49. Can you take a photo on the item showing the inside?
  50. Those characters look like they are of Middle Eastern origin. Maybe someone will recognize them & translate for us :)
  51. See more


Early Mdina Fish Vase? Feeling a Little BLUE- 3 Small Vases For Show! stone carvings leather book cover made in Italy any info would be great. 19th Century Italian Neo-Gothic Odd Creepy Vinaigrette Schoolcraft Rosary 1970 Xylophone toy by Congost


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