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When you ask for my opinion, be prepared to hear the unfiltered truth. I retired in 2009 after doing research work for 30 years ...I now find I have a lot of timeWhen you ask for my opinion, be prepared to hear the unfiltered truth. I retired in 2009 after doing research work for 30 years ...I now find I have a lot of time to spend on here and do research for others and I am happy to do so..and I only ask that they do some on thier own....... Thanks Bob... (Read more)


  1. New paint job on old Schwinn
  2. I'm guessing I was wrong now having another look and seeing that the Fairbanks name is on the darker one, I can't read the scale so I don't know how high it reads... The on with 'To Weigh Seven Pound...
  3. The one on the right is a 'Beam Scale' and should weigh anything placedon the tray up to seven pounds.The other is missing it's bin which would have fit itnto the four pronged 'nest' area, the flat tr...
  4. Correctly they were "Coleman Bros Corp of Massachusetts" and along with other things, they were the contractor on Fenway Park.
  5. do you have other information? why the link to Colorado State?
  6. what details or information?
  7. According to this site:>http://www.artfire.com This is a vintage nickel plated nutcracker or nut cracker in the Ideal style made by H. M. Quackenbush, USA in the 1930s. The design w...
  8. I'm thinking it might be an early floor tile.
  9. My sister still has her deceased husbands machine in her garage in Florida..
  10. One site I looked at said this was a 1928 Roadster with Rumble seat.
  11. How about that, two of these and only 16 days apart, what's the odds?
  12. how about that, two of these 16 days apart, whats the odds?
  13. Thing two learned today, I thought they were bitter rivals shows you what I know.
  14. I guess our only recourse is to not respond to value questions............
  15. Sorry, my screen didn't show me the 'kettle' so I guess I learned something today, Thanks ROBinHawaii..
  16. I don't believe that the two products would EVER have been in the same bottling plant due to being different companies. I will hide and watch on this one !
  17. They asked and I simply quoted what is in the rules.
  18. Get thee to a person who knows coins, one you can trust.
  19. O.K. ! my monitor thanks you lol. Very pretty item.
  20. mygrannys, from the instructions page of Collectors Weekly......> Show & Tell is not for selling. Please don’t post items that are, or will be, for sale anywhere, be it a live auction, eBay, Etsy, cr...
  21. Well, here are the facts at this link {http://www.coindatabase.com/coin_detail_usa.php?cdb=R002006 } as long as yours is not magnetic it might be worth having it looked at by a coin buff. Just my o...
  22. Yes it's a nice level but you can still buy them new.
  23. Terry, we really don't need all of your info , nobody is going to call you or e-mail you on this, it is why we have our wonderful form and site.
  24. These make nice display or lamps but don't have much value, they were produced in the thousands and used very little, they weere also cared for and serviced regularly so a lot of them still exist, the...
  25. Scratch that " Haji toys "
  26. Founded in 1951, Mansei Toy Co. Ltd. (which often used the trademark "Haji" name on its toy cars) was a small Tokyo-based toy maker that focused mainly on producing toys in the vehicle category, but o...
  27. Is it hanging correctly? wait I just turned my monitor on its side and it looks ok now, really it would be nicer looking if I didn't have to do that.
  28. Oh my what a surprise !!!! LOL
  29. Sent that to Ben, told him he might like to paraphrase it for C.W.
  30. Very nice, where did you get the display? I like it.
  31. Found you radio at this site:>>>> http://www.radioatticarchives.com/radio.htm?radio=5080 I hope this helps. Her is a link to his "what's it worth" page............ http://radioattic.com/radiovalu...
  32. I see how it is, I ask a simple question and you delete it. This tells me you are a retail concern just here for free appraisals.
  33. All we ask is that you don't use this site as a sale point, please.
  34. The Sherwood I can find made Marine Pumps and equipment so suspect this is part of one of those pumps........
  35. If you don't collect per-se and you have a store then are we to assume your other items are for sale in the store also?
  36. What a novel idea, perhaps even some military pictures?
  37. Hey did you want the VALUE on these !!!!?
  38. Not much value to these anymore, much to harsh sounding for the ears today...
  39. BTW, this site has no connection to Antique Archaeology, that is a completely separate group.
  40. were these not also found in novelty machines of the day in those plastic 'capsules'?
  41. TG, Hedge, see this link above......he talks about Radios but it would appy to ANYTHING..........wish C.W. would post it somewhere (Fat Chance)
  42. Found this if it helps... Zenith 7-S-633 (1941) Try this link for 'what's it worth'? He say it so much better that I can... http://radioattic.com/radiovalue.htm
  43. I hope you made him an offer !
  44. why can't wesee the whole thing? I get the feeling we're just seeing the ends
  45. That is weird, seven, not six or eight? must have been a hand crafted manifold...
  46. meema, you can edit your posting of the spider-man books........just saying...
  47. How lucky we are to have you back , Welcome home !
  48. Why not post your Silver coin here for all to see?
  49. I'd say it's your to do with as you please, value is hard because you'd need to find the right people who wanted such a thing (It's that way with everything) so lacking any more info than you have.......
  50. Zol, we really don't need your phone number, that is why we have our wonderful forum. Thanks for sharing.
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