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I love old things !! Always trying to learn more.


  1. What a small world :) Yes they were larger classes back then but I bet those boys were better mannered and well behaved back then, than today . My mother always said growing up " You dont have to be r...
  2. Just a note it is a typically Australian to use nicknames, and not first names . These names are usually a rhyme or some prominate feature of the boy involved so you get Snowy, Casho, Tosser, Bluey an...
  3. Thankyou Stonie and Fourpeepsake for the loves !.
  4. Thank you Vetraio50 !
  5. Oh yes we all do !! Hes just finishing his last one for my sister . He has made each one different from the others . Thankyou so much for the loves Kerry10456 and Maltamary
  6. Why yes it is !! I attended Balmain Public School for a couple of years before we moved to Canada . My Aunty still lives on Rozelle St though . My mother and father are both Balmain born ,but I have t...
  7. Yes this site is wonderful I really enjoy my time here . Thankyou ThriftyGypsy and Rocker_Sd for the likes and Thankyou to Scandinavian_Pieces and Toolate2 for the loves and kind comments. :)
  8. Thankyou for the loves Hedgewalker, Toolate2, and Mannikin !
  9. Thankyou for the love Thriftfan !
  10. Yes he really is a special man and a great Father always ! His birthday is this week and we will be getting together to celebrate him ;) Thankyou Pop_abides, Officialfuel and toolate2 for the loves.
  11. Thankyou Thriftfan.
  12. Thankyou Vintagemad .
  13. Thankyou for the love Vintagemad and Wolcott1.
  14. Oh and its used for fighting !, probably at family get togethers !! Lol !!
  15. I belive that this is a Shillelagh . That is a irish club and some are even larger sized like a walking stick, they have been used since ancient times and are apart of a lot of their folktales .
  16. Very nice !! It must have been your lucky day .
  17. Beautiful ! Glowing or not !!
  18. Thankyou Thriftfan,Scandinavian_Pieces and Agram.m I really do love opals as well, I find that they are tougher than people think I wear mine 24/7 even when I had a farm and as long as I dont get the...
  19. Thankyou Rocker-Sd
  20. Yes Happy Veteran,s Day to all of you ,who have served and please know that that many are Thankful and do remember more than one day per year !
  21. Is it possible the rocks are are pieces of marble ??
  22. Really Kevin you are an amazing source of knowledge and so helpful, again Thankyou for all your kind help.
  23. Thankyou for the loves and likes ThriftStoreAddict, AR8Jason, Thriftfan and Hedgewalker !
  24. Thankyou very much Kevin and Chrisnp for the info this is such an education for me , I never thought that searching for family history would lead me in so many interesting directions ! I knew we were ...
  25. Well thats not bad for my first "I,ll take a chance purchase" Thankyou very much for the info. Im trying to learn as much as I can but there is so much to remember ! And Thankyou ThriftStoreAddict f...
  26. I agree ! Ive been showing my daughter a lot of vintage clothing sites and she loves them ! Shes 25 and quite fashionable so shes happy these retro styles are coming back.
  27. I love the blue dresses !! You could wear those today they are so stylish !
  28. Thankyou Chrisnp
  29. He looks long and lanky like a Basil Faulty type ! And thankyou for the info about rppc . I was wondering myself about that type of photo as the soccer player I posted earlier was a postcard not sent ...
  30. I see ,I didnt realize he must have been in the Merchant Navy I thought it was just regular shipping . I also just googled the two ships listed in the photos and the 2 nd ship is the Wairuna and it wa...
  31. Thankyou Kevin Ive also posted some Seaman,s photos of his father early 1900,s
  32. Thankyou Scandinavian_Pieces ,ThriftStoreAddict ,Vinylrecordsaddicted and Manikin for the loves and likes and I should mention that is my lovely Mother standing in front !!
  33. Ive attached a photo of my Great Uncle .
  34. Thankyou ThriftStoreAddict,Manikin,and Scandinavian_Pieces ! I just love his pose , He looks ready for action !
  35. Wow an incredible find . Its so beautiful your very lucky to have it . Do you know if its telling a story or an event ??
  36. Samurai also would have these crests on there clothes as well but it is harder to see/ find as they could be worked ,incorporated into the design ,my eyes are bad so try a magnifying glass if you can ...
  37. These really are an incredible find ! If you look on the figures wearing blue on there upper shoulder is usually a character in a circle these (as far as I know ) are denoting a crest /affiliation . ...
  38. This is beautiful ! You could contact a college or university there might be someone there that could give some info or advice . I am no expert at all but it is definately Japanese , the first man in ...
  39. Thank you Pop !
  40. One more question what is this called and should it have a glass dish inside? Thanks again for your time and info.
  41. Your right ! it says 17 jewels and oh my eyes lol! I think it says INCABLOC or something really similar but really I,ll have to get a magnifiying glass tomorrow because even my glasses arn,t cutting i...
  42. Its hard to imagine how much has changed so quickly really. The ship you mention above is that how you got your SI name ?
  43. The only thing it says is Jewelex above the hands and 17 Jewels in tiny writing in a curve at the bottom .It is a tiny thing the whole face is about the size of a dime ,the back is blank and unfortune...
  44. It is just marked silver plate not sterling and I do have a round tray similar to your link with the same engraving as my item above ,but there is no presentation engraving on either one .Do they give...
  45. I was going to ask about that ,I didnt realize they were still powered by coal at that time ,I just assumed it was an old fashioed term still used and he was like a mechanic ! That must have been a he...
  46. Love it !! My sister and I had to share one of these ,my parents still have it furniture and all.
  47. Well as I am just discovering all this about my family ,Im really quite amazed myself ! I was born in Balmain but we moved to Canada when I was 7 so really had not much contact with our family since t...
  48. thankyou regg243 I have added the extra photos and some more info
  49. Thank you for your advice Pop ,Ill try to get them up soon as I can .
  50. Yes they did, I love the symbolism they put into so many of there different forms of art.
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Anna Berkovits  (Glauber Andorné)  1911 -1986. Antique German Candy Container I found a vase today The Easy Instructor  A New Method of Teaching  Sacred Harmony Vintage Gianna Versace glasses with Diamonds! Carnival Glass Imperial Number 499 Pattern Plate S Thimble collection secretary antique Palais Royal etui, Mother of pearl and gold Wooden lacquer box Hat Box Art Deco "Spherical Miracles" primitive jelly/jam cupboard Old Egg Crate for transporting eggs. Chinese Snuff Bottle


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