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I am a big fan of garage sales, thrift stores and the like. Always on the prowl for treasure! Just beginning to appreciate jewelry but have always been interested iI am a big fan of garage sales, thrift stores and the like. Always on the prowl for treasure! Just beginning to appreciate jewelry but have always been interested in prints, cookie jars and anything out of the norm. (Read more)


  1. Kramer was in business from 1943 to sometime in the 80's. If I remember correctly, Kramer farmed out their orders for others to make for them. You could look here for marks and info... http://www.i...
  2. Just based on the horseshoe design of the signature, it may be one of the older pieces. Check out this site... and this one... http://imag...
  3. Well, guess that didn't work...let's try it this way.
  4. Pics 3 & 4 sorta look like mine. Only tag on mine is a Ben Franklin sticker for 1.77, LOL! <center> <a href=";
  5. Thanks packrat-place!
  6. Thanks for the loves Manikin, walksoftly and bratjdd! TGBWC, I appreciate the comment too. I plan on framing them all together in a collage of sorts. Again, not because I am a coke collector---I ju...
  7. Thanks for the info Paul71 and for the loves BELLIN68 and Manikin!
  8. Look through here.... Beautiful!
  9. Appreciate the love tlmbaran!
  10. Google "Cathy Gordon Miriam Haskell" and look through her stuff. If you can't find it, I think there is an email address to contact her at. Congrats on the find!
  11. Just thought I'd tell ya I got a chuckle a few minutes ago....googled ciner cat brooch and selected images on the left and when the page loaded, I was staring at your profile pic! I thought "hey, I k...
  12. Appreciate the like michelleamieux!
  13. Thanks for the loves michelleamieux, miKKoChristmas11, and bratjdd!
  14. Thanks for the love vetraio50 and BELLIN68!!
  15. Thanks crabbykins (love this name!) and Hedgewalker!!
  16. Thanks again Hedge!
  17. Appreciate the loves scandinavian_pieces and Hedgewalker!
  18. thanks so much hedgewalker, BELLIN68 and vetraio50! He's still hanging with the birdies in front of the window :)
  19. This is magnificent! Love, love, love the fluidity!!!
  20. Thanks Hedgewalker! I could only hope that this was a Miriam Haskell, wow what a find that would be!! Do you have a picture of your necklace sewingfool? I would love to see it!!!!
  21. Appreciate the love vintagemad and kerry10456!
  22. This would be a keeper for me :) Part-time myself over there...not sure I could do full-time (lots and lots of work to keep up with it)!
  23. Check out some of Erwin Pearl's pieces. Has a lion pin that looks really similar to these.
  24. Thanks for the loves vintagemad and lisa! Appreciate the info Hunter :)
  25. Thanks wolcott1! Anybody else have their pics spontaneously change position? The art glass beads were the first pic and now they're.....not. Weird!
  26. Appreciate the love Hedgewalker!
  27. Thanks scandinavian!
  28. Google E. Yazzie and you will have plenty of results return. Many will be ebay listings, but there are also some research sites that may be useful. Looks like the E stands for Evelyn. Nice piece!
  29. Great finds! Here is some info from La Rel: La Rel is the trademark for La Rel Originals founded in New York City circa 1953. Manufactured an assortment of rhinestone jewelry in s...
  30. Thanks vintagemad!
  31. Thanks for the loves and comments jumkmanjoe, AR8Jason and miKKoChristmas11!
  32. I have no idea on maker but I do love it!
  33. Looks like it begins with "Tr" to me. Sorry, can't give anymore detail.
  34. Appreciate all the love jon5412, Manikin, BeauxPurdy, and timbaran!
  35. Check this link out... Beautiful!
  36. Wooowhooo, thanks so much to both of you for the info! BELLIN68, thanks for the love too!
  37. Thanks for the loves walksoftly and BELLIN68!
  38. Thanks BELLIN68 :)
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  44. Thanks for the loves Beaux, scandinavian and Hedge!
  45. Look under Swarovski. If this is what the mark looks like, sometime after 1977. This one looks like yours....
  46. Appreciate it hedge and walksoftly!
  47. Can never go wrong with clusters, ever! Think I am up to 100 pairs or so and counting :)
  48. Thanks for the comment lundy and the like scandinavian :)
  49. Thanks BluVamp!
  50. I appreciate the love Beaux!
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