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Red Lion P.A.

i visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. Mi visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. My wife swears it runs in the family. The Collecting that is! (Read more)


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 Silk Embroidered piece of material about 30-inches by 3-1/2 With this book  - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Barn Picture Frame worth Restoring ????? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Barn Find Old Painting Frames, Any Ideal of the Style????? or the Year???? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Tuxedo tails Coat Metzel tag under inside collar 1913- Unknown about this company - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Old I Beleive John Shive Shoe Store Promotional Stamp from York PA - Stampsin Stamps
Early Print Is this Paul revere????  Who was the Artist??? - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Unknown Autographed Print - Photographsin Photographs
Old Asian hand painted tea pot - Asianin Asian
Original Ink Drawing by Architect E.B. Nolan An Oriel in Brunswick??  Where is this Located - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Thanks Newfld !
  2. Takito Co. Produced around The Showa period, 1921-1941.
  3. You All are awesome, V- You did again, thanks all !!!!
  4. Thanks All, Newfld, Your the Bomb. Thank You !!!!!It's actually an Original Signature, looks like a marker on the Paper.
  5. Nice, would look good on my wall ????
  6. Thanks ho2cultcha, I was leaning towards wallpaper after researching wrapping paper. It's a nice size roll weighing around 2lbs. 6 oz.
  7. Thanks jscott, SpritBear looking into that, Thanks for the info..
  8. Nice cards !!!! Very interesting !
  9. Matisse thanks for the Help!!
  10. Well I have decided that it is American Bisque, and think it is done like Shawnee style ??? Shawnee Pigs like this have handkerchief around their necks the one I have has like a sailor's tie or bow. ...
  11. Got it manikin and yes that is it, Timetravler How True, Two different Companies???? I email them and questioned were she found her info. Will Update. thanks again all, I will be listing more china a...
  12. Thx. manikin does look like Shawnee, the salt and pepper shakers are larger than others I compared them too, also by looking at the bottom appears to be a little different. Researching the Company His...
  13. Thanks matisse for all your guidance. One Love !!
  14. Thanks I tried to compare the one I have is missing the print in the lower left margin. Does that date it as early or later?? Thanks again !!
  15. Thx. Manikin
  16. Thanks All, Well noted !!!
  17. Thanks All for your information !!!
  18. Yes it is a sticker, and I was researching when you left the comment, Thanks this is what I found.Stickley & Simonds Company - Auburn & Syracuse, New York (1891-1898) Gustav and Leopold Stickley ...
  19. fhrjr2, wow I am researching now. I di not know the Grape Vine was used to make items. Thanks so much for the knowledge. Will keep you Updated. Thanks Again !!
  20. Wow Thanks All for the information. Yes, they are some type of stone. After going thru the whole Container I found a couple of smaller letters that look to have deteriorated some. Making me think they...
  21. The farm was in Eastern Pennsylvania. Grape vines are plenty. Huh, Wow. By looking close at the Stalk I guess you would call it has deep cracks looks like, but sturdy as heck. Solid. Thanks for lookin...
  22. art.pottery, thank you, That is it !!
  23. Thx. Valentino. will keep you updated!!
  24. Thanks valentino97,
  25. Thanks All !!
  26. Definitely some form of plastic !!
  27. Fhrjr2 Thanks for the Info!!
  28. Thanks Manikin, Love ya !!!
  29. I know that’s right !!
  30. Oh how I wish I was there also 14° where I’m at burr
  31. Yeah Man, And they will be right I just know it !! LOL
  32. Blunder I was thinking the same, but if they are used to make molds, how do they reverse the writing in the process??
  33. Gotcha
  34. TA did they have a name for them???
  35. Thx TA.
  36. Thanks All !!
  37. Awesome blunder
  38. I tend to agree with you, i'll take apart tomorrow. thanks scott.
  39. RCassano Thank you for the Info !!!!
  40. Happy New Years Vetraio50 !!!!
  41. Thanks RCassano, Great informative site !!!
  42. Gotcha T A
  43. I would totally agree with ya !!
  44. there is a leather patch on the bottom of the round material. Yes it is lavender. Thanks for your info.
  45. Thanks T A, I though the stream tractor was pretty cool also.
  46. Thx. Scott !!!
  47. Vetraio50, thank You my friend, And a Merry Season's Greetings too you !! Thanks for all your input and Help throughout this past year. Let's get ready for 2018, More interesting items....I found a ...
  48. Thanks Iron.
  49. Thank you
  50. Thanks Manikin, Nutsabotas6 here you go !!
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Vintage 1930'ish.  SHANGHAI  China Original Photographs Family Alblum. Geo S. Cook Charleston SC ambrotype of woman


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