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i visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. Mi visit Auctions,Estate sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I collect anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. My wife swears it runs in the family. The Collecting that is! (Read more)


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Old Photograph shoe cobbler Miles wilson philadelphia and his Shop - Photographsin Photographs
Old R.R. Photo postcard "STANDARD R.R.CO. Philadelphia Exress - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Vintage 1955 Jesus Chalkwre Statue Light Unknown Co. ??? - Figurinesin Figurines
3-Ft. tall Art Deco Star lamp Cool looking 70's ??? - Lampsin Lamps
Old Cast Iron pot,  unknown anything about it do you know ? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Marbles Found unknown what type?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Marbles That were Found Unknown ?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Found Marbles - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mixed Old Marbles Found  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Old Blue Marble found in Collection Unknown ?? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I was thinking the same sccottvez, no uniform or hat that would say you worked for the R.R.
  2. Thanks ho2cultcha, The Gentleman's Name was William Ross, It was my wife's Great Aunt Cousin.
  3. After further Research I believe this is a Erie Cast Iron Pre-Griswold Bulge Kettle. It has the same handle Loop, Time period around 1891. This one I have has no markings, there's had #9 ERIE.
  4. Thanks All !!
  5. Mine does not have any markings on the bottom at all
  6. Any ideal on the maker??? or year it was made.
  7. Thanks manikin, The solid crystal looing one appears to Old, I can't remember seeing one like that before. I'm looking on line trying to find one like it. I know detail pictures would help to ID, But ...
  8. Watchsearcher i'm with you too the jeweler I go, Thanks all !!
  9. thx watchsearcher
  10. Thx. Antiquerose
  11. Thank you Ziglar & keramikos !!!
  12. Thank You Dizzydave
  13. Thx. Scott
  14. Resembles the Moai figure a little bit, from Easter Island.
  15. Thx Newfld
  16. Blunder you ain't Right.... LMAO !!!!
  17. Gotcha, Interesting. Does it like balloon on hard plastic ????
  18. Thx, yougottahavestuff
  19. I was thinking 20's --30's
  20. Thx, New !!!
  21. Cool thx T
  22. Wow, a lot of intake info. Thanks All, This is very interesting !!!
  23. ho2cultcha that had me Pant-ing !!!
  24. So True, thanks my friend for the information.
  25. Wow, Way To with Research. Thanks, now still looking too research the Insurance Co. information. I guess I worded it incorrectly. AR the mfg. co,, Cool !
  26. Made of Iron. The Company Name is interesting. sort fat fingers listed from phone.
  27. Thanks All!
  28. thx. lol
  29. thank you art.pottery. I will look into that!
  30. Gotcha fhrjr2
  31. Thanks Thomas !!
  32. Thanks kryatango
  33. Thanks Manikin, Happy Holidays Hon !!!
  34. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip !!!
  35. Thanks Gillian,
  36. Thank You again for the info. And yes it is hand writing on the labels, awesome only 500 copies. would that mean the two 7-inch Disk and the Other 3- disk gives me 5 Copies, Right??? and they measu...
  37. Thank ya Sir.
  38. I Felt it was worth Saving. I just couldn't find out anything about it. i'm still trying to research. Thanks Thomas
  39. Thx, Newfld
  40. Awe Scott, Thanks my brother. Man the images and their clothing is just Awesome. Thanks for the info. Happy Holidays !!!
  41. Thanks Toyrebel,
  42. Thanks Manikin, Season Greetings ! Johnsmith, Much Appreciated my friend. Season greetings !!
  43. Thanks keramikos,
  44. Hey Brunswick they didn't roll Far. LOl
  45. Thanks Dizzydave !!!!
  46. Thanks All for your knowledge, Input and experience with one of these Dinosaurs. Love the Stories...… Appreciate The webpage Yougottahavestuff. I Just Love my Collector's Weekly Family, always t...
  47. Thanks Newfld, hey yougottahavestuff, great thought. Looking into the Sports Theme.
  48. Thanks welzebub. !!!
  49. Thanks All, Still Looking to ID
  50. Gently tried to separate them from being tangled, the thread is so delicate it pulls apart. Seems to me Jewelry. Some short strands in tact with beads and stone?? also noticed hair strands mixed amon...
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Vintage 1930'ish.  SHANGHAI  China Original Photographs Family Alblum. Geo S. Cook Charleston SC ambrotype of woman


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