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I Do not Collect one thing in Particular, Since I have Retired form working in Emergency Medical Services I find myself visiting Auctions, Estate Sales, Storage BinI Do not Collect one thing in Particular, Since I have Retired form working in Emergency Medical Services I find myself visiting Auctions, Estate Sales, Storage Bins, you name it. I rescue anything i feel has a value. My grandfather's first cousin was Redd Foxx, from Sanford and Son. My wife swears it runs in the family. The Collecting that is! I have just joined forces with a Liquidation Company here in Texas. I don't know why they wouldn't let me stay Retired...LOl Oh well Bring on the Unusual Items, Treasures from the Dust !!! (Read more)


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Appears inlay ??? Painted???  Unknown Thimble. ??? - Sewingin Sewing
Vintage Simmons Bro. Sewing Thimble, Marked Sterling Silver ???  - Sewingin Sewing
Chupicuaro Head Artifact  ????   Looks close to this one i Found on Line, What do you think??? - Potteryin Pottery
Artifacts found at Estate Sale, Unknow anything about Them !!! - Folk Artin Folk Art
Old Louis Rose Co. Flip/Folding Pocket Knife.  Unknown Year Mfg. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Unknown Bracelette or necklace Charm Barn Find  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Found these group of what appears to be Asian Envelopes ???? - Officein Office
Basement Find, Dooney & Bourke sachel? Purse? Unknown year of Mfg. - Bagsin Bags
Master Audio Recording Produced and Arrange by Kent Westberry & Hal Harbour,  - Electronicsin Electronics
Vintage Estate Find, Portable Underwood Typewriter, Trying to  I.D. The Year by Serial Number??? - Officein Office


  1. Truthordare Thank you !!!
  2. Thanks JFW, No stickers to be Found !
  3. SharpGuy, Thank You for your Knowledge !!!
  4. keramikos thanks for all your leads on this !!!
  5. Thanks !!!!
  6. Thanks All, Still Searching for date.
  7. Great Garbage Treasure, Nice Find ho2cultcha !!!!!
  8. Domdom, I See, Thank you again my Friends, This is just some pretty Handmade Unusual Looking Junk...Laugh Out Loud. Appreciate your time.
  9. ho2cultcha Thanks, this was from an estate of a world traveler. Appeared interesting to me. I had never seen a bowl with that type of bottom and didn’t recognize the makers mark. Still researching!!
  10. Domdom, Thank You!
  11. keramikos, Yeah I think that's why I'm so interested in the Junk Business LOL… Once I hear from Mr. Johnson I will be sure to let you Know. It would be so cool if they are Special Pirate Tokens, Fi...
  12. keramikos, Thank you for all your research Friend, I did email dick Johnson for his list. Thanks again !!
  13. Thanks geo26e !!!
  14. shareurpassion You hit the nail on the Head dating this one. Thank You appears to be a 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole.
  15. Thanks shareurpassion, I'll compare to the 1984's.
  16. Keramikos thank you. Yep enjoying living here in Texas. Also thanks for sharing the information on this Victrola. I was in awe when I noticed it at the Estate Sale of a widow Full Bird Col. he served ...
  17. Beautiful, And I now know about Friction polish. Thanks for the Post !!
  18. TreasureTex Thanks for the welcome and Comment, I actually got it for less than the Asking Price on the Tag.. , That's the Model Number, VV-230 With a serial number in the 900's..
  19. I am wondering if this was the Retreat Parade from Kelly Field to Kelly Air Force Base. The Change took Place in January 1948.
  20. Thanks Bobby725, Yes indeed Thanks to these Women. That was great to know Uniform stars. Thanks my Friend !
  21. Yes it is stamped on the globe I noticed when I looked at it
  22. Glad you posted to this site, as I told you someone will know something about this old G.E. Copper Street Lamp. It is So Cool !!!
  23. AnythingObscure, Thanks, That Sounds Good too me because I noticed the Glass isn't very heavy, Kind of lite and thin. Wouldn't last long on a Engine,
  24. Thx. scott
  25. fhrjr2, Oh I don't know? Vintage Then. it's Old.
  26. hot-estate-sales, thank You.
  27. I was thinking the same sccottvez, no uniform or hat that would say you worked for the R.R.
  28. Thanks ho2cultcha, The Gentleman's Name was William Ross, It was my wife's Great Aunt Cousin.
  29. After further Research I believe this is a Erie Cast Iron Pre-Griswold Bulge Kettle. It has the same handle Loop, Time period around 1891. This one I have has no markings, there's had #9 ERIE.
  30. Thanks All !!
  31. Mine does not have any markings on the bottom at all
  32. Any ideal on the maker??? or year it was made.
  33. Thanks manikin, The solid crystal looing one appears to Old, I can't remember seeing one like that before. I'm looking on line trying to find one like it. I know detail pictures would help to ID, But ...
  34. Watchsearcher i'm with you too the jeweler I go, Thanks all !!
  35. thx watchsearcher
  36. Thx. Antiquerose
  37. Thank you Ziglar & keramikos !!!
  38. Thank You Dizzydave
  39. Thx. Scott
  40. Resembles the Moai figure a little bit, from Easter Island.
  41. Thx Newfld
  42. Blunder you ain't Right.... LMAO !!!!
  43. Gotcha, Interesting. Does it like balloon on hard plastic ????
  44. Thx, yougottahavestuff
  45. I was thinking 20's --30's
  46. Thx, New !!!
  47. Cool thx T
  48. Wow, a lot of intake info. Thanks All, This is very interesting !!!
  49. ho2cultcha that had me Pant-ing !!!
  50. So True, thanks my friend for the information.
  51. See more


King Ranch Texas Santa Gertrudis Bull Vintage (2) Rare Postcards Vintage 1930'ish.  SHANGHAI  China Original Photographs Family Alblum. Geo S. Cook Charleston SC ambrotype of woman


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