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Katy, Tx.

Happy husband & father of 6 beautiful humans (ranging in age 0-32) that has a passionate love for antiques.


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A Living Relative of Otzi Iceman? - Paperin Paper
Vintage Tapestry "Made in Belgium"  - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Original Frank Northgrave Oil Painting  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Beautiful Satin Wood Balinese Wooden Boy  Carving - Fine Artin Fine Art
Large Murano Glass Unicorn - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green Glass Parrot Unknown & Brass Opener - Figurinesin Figurines
Original Acrylic Painting By Texas Artist C.J. Latta - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vtg or Antique Philadelphia Chippendale  Armchair  - Furniturein Furniture
1928 University Of Nebraska Leather Binder - Booksin Books
Cobalt Blue Glass Persian Cat-ainer - Animalsin Animals


  1. Beautiful!
  2. A 1960 Go Kart, how fun! Thanks for sharing.
  3. This is possibly a beautiful opalized fossil.
  4. Fantastic looking photo, I wonder if you ever got to use the sled.
  5. Sometimes the back of the tapestry will have a stamp or stitched in country of origin name. It's often at the edge. I would like to know what the little brass plate has on it in the front of the frame...
  6. This reminds me of a painting by James (Thomas J.) Northcote (British, 1746–1831) but it's only close to his painting of a similar setting.
  8. "J. Edward Hennessy trade mark Salem Mass registered, also has a picture of a Witch riding a broom" I found a purple one on Worthpoint.
  9. I looked but didn't find it on under cats.
  10. Thank you both and I am convinced that y'all are correct. It looks much like an example that I found "Kneeling balinese woman made by I RODJA. 1930-1940"
  11. I think she said, "I have been sick". Great card and lily.
  12. Ms. Crystalship thank you. It is pretty and looks its best in the sunlight.
  13. I would have to go back to the house that originally disposed of it and just ask questions about it. They might know something of value or have more stuff for you. It's fantastic!
  14. That's Dutch for those in Texas, who might not be familiar with the language.
  15. They are crude and cool but I don't see any bottom wear. That is always confusing.
  16. FANTASTIC and I hope they are insured.
  17. Great information Knifeguy. Thank you for being clear and for your contribution. I will have to go check that out. Beautiful chair and what did you ever find out about it? I would love to see more ...
  18. What did you ever find out about your chairs? They sure are nice looking chairs.
  19. If it helps at all, (Lily Pad Vase) is the style that I am seeing here, maybe? I have collected a few. Glass blowers many years ago would create them as a gift to a friend or relative at the end of t...
  20. These lamps caught my eye because I have one that looks sort of like this that I found years ago. My lamp does not have the beautiful mica in it but has an old flicker bulb in it that still works toda...
  21. Very nice lamps and to have 2 is really a big plus!
  22. I actually drank an Icee today in Houston, Texas. I love the clock.
  23. Very nice find, what a beautiful lock!
  24. Gillian thank you so much for the great feedback. I was in the process of caring for my premature baby boy at the time that you commented on this one. I had not logged in for a while. Thanks again for...
  25. Wise lady, I wonder if this talent is in your dna, possibly passed down in your ancestry? You are doing a beautiful job and I know it takes more than just passion to do work like that. Your art makes...
  26. FENTON Cranberry Coin Dot Wright?
  27. What does the top look like? I thought that they started making machines bottles in the early 1900's. I love to learn from other people's posts. Thanks for sharing it.
  28. Thank you Malkey for the nice note
  29. That's some really nice history and information and thank you for it Keramikos.
  30. I have been drinking a few beers but it looks like these: Chinese Green Parrot figures in Terracotta Tang Pottery Porcelain Parrots figurine Bird Vintage Chic Hollywood Regency
  31. Thank you Newfld. I don't like many cats but I loved this one. I came from a sold house that I cleaned out so it was basically discarded among so many other cool items that I have been posting lately.
  32. Thank you Malkey, I thought that you might like that one.
  33. That brown bottle almost looks like it has bugs in it. I think that you are on the right track with the date.
  34. The Beetle was commissioned in the 1930s by Adolf Hitler as the "people's car" (or volks wagen in German). Is sure does look like one to me too.
  35. I have one of these and it has a plastic liner inside to protect the inside of the bowl. I. will post it after work today and then click "like" so our bowls will be posted together. I found mine at a...
  36. I just found one in a box of items from the 1930's and posted it under "micro dice"
  38. Ironlace....what a gorgeous place you live in and I know the inside of your home is also filled with some of the most beautiful glass that I have ever seen as well. You really have it good and thank y...
  39. I was thinking the same thing Elisabethan. I live in Houston Texas and its going to be over 100 degrees today, again. Sometime we forget that everyone else is not being pounded with this heat. How I w...
  40. Oh and thank you very much for your kindness ho2sultcha.
  41. The serial number indicates that it is an early clock. Seee the chart and the receipt that I posted. They went out of business in 1933 and the serial numbers were much different at that time. This on...
  42. I believe that he has a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other. He was a family member of mine that fought in the Civil War.
  43. "The breed name Santa Gertrudis derived from that of an original land grant given in the 1760s to Blas María de la Garza Falcón, who named the area that the King Ranch now occupies "Los Cerros de Sant...
  44. Hahaha.....that's a good one. Thank you ho2cultcha and it's not a sandstone. I am sticking with white limestone and I don't know if that means that it's newer or older or if it means anything. Sandst...
  45. I don't really know my stones but if I had a gun to my head I think I would scream out Limestone, for some reason. This came from two old men that really had a sad ending to their lives and I cleaned ...
  46. No it was me. I mentioned a word that is related the guy who once owned this item is liquidating his entire house including the contents.
  47. Jake was certainly a breeder, looking like he did back then.
  48. I wonder if old Jake had any kids and grandkids that y'all kept in touch with so they could be dna tested now. It would be great to find out who he really was before he was Uncle Jake.
  49. I noticed that the kids are holding banners and signs to promote the stove and one of the kids is holding a sign that says "Hot Free Coffee" and another says "Walking Cake".
  50. Welcome to Texas! I sure wish that I would have gone to that estate sale. That is a fantastic Victrola. You are kidding me, that's all you paid for that machine? Great deal.
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