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Katy, Tx.

Happy husband & father of 6 beautiful humans (ranging in age 0-32) that has a passionate love for antiques & family.


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Large Industrial Measuring Jug Argentina - Brewerianain Breweriana
"New Year Wishes Kind And True" Postcard 1915  - Postcardsin Postcards
1927 Photo Lady Sitting On Ford Greeley Colo. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
"SHORT STOP FOR COUGHS H.M. O'NEIL N.Y." Bottle w/Label - Bottlesin Bottles
Real Photo Postcard "Uncle Frank" & Trained Horse - Postcardsin Postcards
Made In Germany Christmas Postcard Dec. 22, 1908 - Postcardsin Postcards
Made in Germany Christmas Postcard 1911 - Postcardsin Postcards
Ellen Clapsaddle Christmas Postcard 1908 - Postcardsin Postcards
1927 Pineapple "Hand Made Crystal Taiwan" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Virgin Mary Arms Crossed Bronzed- Questionable Signature -help? - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Almost as interesting as the title.
  2. Thank you so much, Elisabethan. That is great information and I will correct what I wrote previously as to not confuse anyone who needs the correct research info.
  3. Thank you Obscure!
  4. I don't know much about this subject but I did a post on this bracelet that I have in my home that has those little balls on it too. I would check out "Vintage "Taxco Made in Mexico Sterling Bracelet"...
  5. Do you have any old oil lamp reference books? I'm just wondering where you did your research just incase I have a book that you didn't look through. They are beautiful lamps. I love the crystal and th...
  6. Your father is cool and I love the powder horn too.
  7. I am seeing a connection when I Googled, "1920's art deco Waterfall Bassett Furniture"
  8. Fantastic input to help all of us who are slow to research from the bottom up. Thank you so much.
  9. renedijkstra that is very helpful information and thank you so much.
  10. Thank you friends for the loves and for sharing your memories and stories.
  11. It is also stenciled JD1 with the model "1120 Van" for vanity. How fun, I think that it is a Model 1120 Bassett Vanity that was somehow signed by the founder of Bassett Furniture John David Bassett. ...
  12. Check this out! It looks like the original owner of Bassett Furniture might have signed the back side of the vanity. It is upside down but it looks like, "J.D. Bassett #1129" that's pretty interes...
  13. Thank you Scottvez. I agree with you. We all tend to look like George Strait around rodeo time or some other trend setter that the girls like. Uncle Frank might have just been fond of Buffalo Bill bec...
  14. The Wikipedia photo comparison looks (to me) like the same nose, ear and hairline. At first I thought it was too far fetched but I guess you might be on to something.
  15. William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody (February 26, 1846 – January 10, 1917)
  16. PhilDMorris that's an interesting thought. I will check it out thank you so much for the suggestion.
  17. WideAwake0247 Merry Christmas and thank you so much, I had no idea that they were any different than any others but I will look into it. They were in a box and on the floor of an old 90 year old man's...
  18. WEIRD looking but a well made doll. It looks to me like a zombie doll and it looks like it was rubbed on the nose a lot. The doll looks like it was made to look like death. I would take it to a good "...
  19. Great photos, all of them. You live in a beautiful place. Merry Christmas!
  20. I was looking at that basket full. I thought it might be eggs or bread but what you are saying makes more sense.
  21. Merry Christmas ho2cultcha to you and your family. Great stuffed things!
  22. MERRY CHISTMAS to you and thank you for so many great postings.
  23. That sound like great fun, how nice! Thank you for the invitation. Great jukebox and I bet it has "Papa Was A Rollin Stone" in there.
  24. If you don't mind, let us know what type of tumbler you are using. It sure does a good looking job.
  25. Ms.CrystalShip that was fine, what you said about him. It actually made me do some reading. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to catch up on some history. You are right too about them be...
  26. Thank you ho2cultcha and all of the other loves.
  27. Thank you all for the love. I did find some of these for sale or sold. They do refer to them as ivory or faux ivory. They even have the print on the backside like these. It would be nice to know where...
  28. Ms.CrystalShip, and Newfld...thank you. I have only cleaned out one house. I am a starving Arborist and during the slow season, like now, we take on any job that we can get. The house I cleaned was ...
  29. I see that it did come from the "Telescope House" but I just now put those two together. It had to be made with the solar system in mind. I have been trying to find something like it but they are all ...
  30. Solar System is what comes to my mind. Beautiful work!
  31. Wow! That is some really great family history. How fun to have relative like those.
  32. Great history and great photos!
  33. It also looks like these chairs. "Late 19th Century Italian Walnut Savonarola Chair with Bone Inlay"
  34. I think it is a scouting/defense walking stick that some adventurous teenage boys made of barnyard scraps. I see the metal had another hole drilled in it previously so it must have been used for somet...
  35. Unbelievable beauty and such a peaceful looking place to live. You are blessed and thank you for blessing us with the photos. It reminds me of a song by Luke Bryan, "Huntin' Fishin' and lovin' everyda...
  36. I looked up the Harley Davidsons in the 1930's and that's what it looked like. I don't really know for sure but it sure has some of the same parts.
  37. Wonderful posting! What a treasure and thank you for sharing it on here. How fun.
  38. That my friend is an example of very special art glass. How in the world did it survive this long without damage to those delicate looking parts? At least it's in the right hands now. It's absolutely ...
  39. I collect oil lamps and I have never seen on like this one, it's beautiful!
  40. Thank you so much Kwqd! This is a happy day.
  41. If it came from your grandfather, put it back in the closet and wait. One day you might just find out that it is significant to your family history. That is, if it will fit in your closet.
  42. Beautiful table! I have a few mahogany pieces of furniture and I use "Orange Oil" on them to bring them back to life. I hope that it does not damage the wood but it sure makes them have a nice almost ...
  43. Fantastic again.....
  44. Very nice pulls on your piece of furniture. I don't know why but I really love that Victorian stuff.
  45. Wow! Look at those gorgeous pulls on the furniture. I love Victorian stuff.
  46. That is correct fortapache, I would say it is the same size.
  47. That's really cool. I would love to figure out the large ??ING word.
  48. That paper on the floor is resting on a toy or ball with a red clover type decoration on it. A piece of paper would not remain in that position without something under it. Just a thought.
  49. Maybe I am missing something, again. I don't even see a clover in these photos. I was starting to think that you were referring to the ball, under the paper that she dropped on the floor. Sorry if I a...
  50. This is a beautiful and not so uncommon antique frame. You should be able to find on like it for sale on the Ebay. I believe that it is 1890's iron. I might have one just like it somewhere around here...
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