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Katy, Tx.

Happy husband & father of 6 beautiful humans (ranging in age 0-32) that has a passionate love for antiques & family.


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A Special Nativity & My Family - Christmasin Christmas
Old Brass "Drexel" Furniture Company Drawer Pulls #4168 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
(Banana Fiber) African Harambee Nativity Scene - Christmasin Christmas
No. 15 Austin Countryman Diecast Miniature England - Model Carsin Model Cars
1958 Mayflower Puzzle Post Card  - Postcardsin Postcards
Vintage Art Print -Unknown Signature - Fine Artin Fine Art
1930's "Patrician" AKA "Spoke" Pattern Federal Glass Co. Depression Glass  - Glasswarein Glassware
Old Emerald Green Wheel Cut Gold Painted Perfume - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Blown & Cut Glass Cruet - Glasswarein Glassware
1889 Signed John H. Millspaugh Art Etching & Frame - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. I collect oil lamps and I have never seen on like this one, it's beautiful!
  2. Thank you so much Kwqd! This is a happy day.
  3. If it came from your grandfather, put it back in the closet and wait. One day you might just find out that it is significant to your family history. That is, if it will fit in your closet.
  4. Beautiful table! I have a few mahogany pieces of furniture and I use "Orange Oil" on them to bring them back to life. I hope that it does not damage the wood but it sure makes them have a nice almost ...
  5. Fantastic again.....
  6. Very nice pulls on your piece of furniture. I don't know why but I really love that Victorian stuff.
  7. Wow! Look at those gorgeous pulls on the furniture. I love Victorian stuff.
  8. That is correct fortapache, I would say it is the same size.
  9. That's really cool. I would love to figure out the large ??ING word.
  10. That paper on the floor is resting on a toy or ball with a red clover type decoration on it. A piece of paper would not remain in that position without something under it. Just a thought.
  11. Maybe I am missing something, again. I don't even see a clover in these photos. I was starting to think that you were referring to the ball, under the paper that she dropped on the floor. Sorry if I a...
  12. This is a beautiful and not so uncommon antique frame. You should be able to find on like it for sale on the Ebay. I believe that it is 1890's iron. I might have one just like it somewhere around here...
  13. Electro Plated Nickel Silver, also known as EPNS or silver plate is the finest cutlery available. It is manufactured to last for generations and in many cases can be refurbished to a high standard eve...
  14. It should Google with "Vintage brahma bull figurine"
  15. You would most certainly have to remove the clock works from the case. Many of them are stamped and you can see the stamp once removed. It would have to be removed from the case to be oiled anyway. Yo...
  16. Thank you kind sir. I guess it should not be discarded then.
  17. Thank you. It is numbered 17/100 and the mat is where the damage actually shows. The outer part of the image is indented with intention and has that indent on the upper left side as well. I just did...
  18. Simon Priester was a baker in Houston Tx. in the 1850's- 1860's until his business was burned out. Could be this guy because there is also mention of his brothers. I wonder if the this bottle was burn...
  19. Funny, I lived in that neighborhood as a child but I was too young to remember that restaurant. My mother might remember it.
  20. I found one just like it! Pinterest: Chuck Harrison saved to Antique Indian/Native American Themed Lamps
  21. This would be called a Gone with the wind banquet oil lamp. They were common around the turn of the century, 1890's - 1900's but I have not narrowed down the date or manufacturer yet. The shade is mis...
  22. Thanks again, maybe a vanity bottle as I read some small bottles are called.
  23. I will see what I can find out for you but don't sell it without contacting me first, please. I love to collect the old western oil lamps. -Gary Penney Lakewood Trees
  24. Truthordare thank you. Would you know if it is actually a perfume?
  25. If it is his work, it could be quite valuable, let's hope so.
  26. Very nice print with old wavy glass, unlike the examples that I have seen.
  27. Although we have not evolved much since then, the cars sure have. Nice photo and thanks for sharing it.
  28. I wonder if it's the work of "Paolo Crepax".
  29. A thrift store! Wow that's a great find. I wish that I could help identify it.
  30. This looks like Blenko glass to me. It's typical of the handle to be attached the same in their work. I don't know for sure.
  31. I just solved this mystery signature today. It is an advertisement for Pears Soap which was founded in 1789 and still exists today.
  32. 5 7/8" x 17" is the inside measurement of the mat. Thank you again for the great information. I did notice the edges of the pattern not matching on the frame work.
  33. Oh, thank you so much! I couldn't even make out the name. I will certainly check it out now. I sure do love the nice and smart people that I find on C.W. so helpful.
  34. Thank you Watchsearcher! It's strange to see the lack of interest for antiques these days. After snatching the sales tag from this set, I stood and watched as people walked past these and grabbed the ...
  35. Thank you ho2cultcha for the like.
  36. Thank you Andygirl! for the like.
  37. Oh how I wish that lamp was in my house here in Texas! I love it. I have about 100 oil lamps and this lamp would absolutely be right at the top 10 of my collection. I have few western lamps and I love...
  38. Very very nice looking clock.
  39. Ms.CrystalShip I just added a new photo. It looks like Oak and a little better than I thought. I told her that I would come pick it up tomorrow. Thank you for the push....
  40. It is identical to your pin on this site. My source was; Any & All Online Auctions Lot #89: WWII ERA NAVAL MEDICAL OFFICER'S HAT INSIGNIA/BADGE
  41. I'm not speaking from experience, it's what I found when searching Google.
  42. WWII U.S. Naval Medical Officers badge with Eagle, shield, anchor & cartouche
  43. It was just in Houston several days ago and we missed it due to rain. What a shame but we are glad that you did get to see it and post it. Thank you.
  44. Thank you Mrstyndal, kwqd, Yougottahavestuff and Scottveza . The lady said that she purchased it at auction and intended on refurbishing it but never got around to it. I assumed that it was antique b...
  45. That is interesting, thank you for the good information. I will change the title to better fit this game.
  46. ABSOLUTELY I do.
  47. BEAUTIFUL job and what fantastic history. Thank you for sharing it.
  48. Toyrebel this was my 1st posting with some of the toys of his that I carried home.
  49. Thank you Toyrebel, that sounds correct. His toys that I have listed are mostly all from that time period. He didn't seem to collect other peoples toys but rather kept his own toys.
  50. bobby725 that's the only modern piece that I liked in their collection. It's just a resin canoe made in China. It says, "All Creatures Great & Small" on the side of the canoe. I have 3 young boys at ...
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