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Katy, Tx.

Happy husband & father of 7 beautiful humans (ranging in age 1-36). I have a passionate love for antiques & family.


  1. 19th century Whimsy Glass Top Hat is my guess. I would love to have it in my collection.
  2. Dav2n01 Thank you for solving the mystery! It appears to be a 1960’s - 1970’s cookie jar featuring a scene from a 1790 poem “Tam O Shanter” by poet Robert Burns.
  3. Maybe it’s “Doe Deer” and then something like 2pc Pretty glass for sure.
  4. Thank you both IronLace and Trey. As a result of the virus, oil companies in Houston are not doing so well. The owners of a small oil company that went out of business, gave us a gift. They blessed u...
  5. This is Rodney’s friend, I’m glad to see that I was partially correct about your knives and welcome to collectors weekly. There are a lot of nice people on here with a lot of knowledge.
  6. Hello neighbors! Welcome to collectors weekly. I wish I could tell you about your knives but as I told Rodney, that’s not my specialty. Good luck with your posting, we love it.
  7. His left arm is wired on near the elbow. Look at his left shoulder too, it looks like he is wearing a prosthetic arm, to me.
  8. It’s good to see people again, during this pandemic.
  9. Oh...thank you so much. That will give me a starting place for my research. You are very GOOD.
  10. I am waiting to get it in the mail but the seller described it as such, "Nov. 25 1872 and Feb. 11, 1873 patent dates on the thumbwheel."
  11. Ironlace....this is another masterpiece! Can you tell me who made the vase in the first photo, front row and to the far left. It is has vertical stripes, the pink one. I purchased an oil lamp tha...
  12. I have seen oil lamps that have a similar painting on them. I just found one lamp that was sold that says it was "made by the Boston Sandwich Glass Factory of Sandwich, MA." Titled; Boston Sandwich ...
  13. Glassiegirl I thank you so much too and have been hoping that you might know the maker based on the style.
  14. Thank you IronLace, I was thinking about you when I purchased it. I was hoping that I was not bidding against you.
  15. How fun to come across these famous people and to be able to document the encounter. Very interesting to think that you would even recognize them as they were passing by your home. Thank you for shari...
  16. Blunderbuss2 before you get into a bind, let us know here if we can send something to help. Being an Arborist in a big city, our small business was practically unaffected by the slow down. Everyone is...
  17. Wow! Trey you weren't kidding. Your truck is very green just like the lamp. Cool color for a truck.
  18. It looks almost prophetic. It might be what we start seeing in the streets in the near future.
  19. Really cool. My 4th Great Grandfather "Uncle" Charles Cronea joined Jean Lafitte in 1818 as his cabin boy. He was the last living pirate of Jean Lafitte's and they were able to interview him about tho...
  20. Truthordare you are awesome and what a fun posting. It could be an old man like me that does not see colors so truly anymore. I actually see pumpkins and tomatoes in that spatter basket. Please for...
  21. How exciting and what a great find. I would be up early in the morning and right back where you found this one.
  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us in Houston Texas! I love the photos and story and I think it's kind of you to share the story with us during the historic time. Although your parents did not collect glass, I kn...
  23. "The Angelus, by Jean Francois Millet. Sometimes called, A Prayer At Harvest"
  24. I know this posting is not fitting with the many true fine collectables but it is important to share ideas as well, for now. I will delete this one as the threat fades. Depression is going to soon be...
  25. Ebay
  26. What a neat thing to keep and remember! I found one when I was a young boy and I insisted that grandpa paint the tip red. He almost refused but complied with my request anyway and while the red paint ...
  27. correction....You don't want to move or transport the clock (WITHOUT) removing that pendulum because it can easily break the parts that it hangs from.
  28. If you open the back, look inside and there should be a pendulum swinging inside. You don't want to move or transport the clock with removing that pendulum because it can easily break the parts that i...
  29. I believe the "S- Anker" represents the clocks made by Hermle Schwebe Anker who made German mantle clocks in the 1940s -1960s. That's about all that I could find. Curbside pickup is awesome sometime...
  30. Did you know....these were counterfeited? I think that they look at the "S" and the V.D.B. to determine if it is authentic. What a nice coin to have, congratulations.
  31. Mexican knife by Cervantes of Oaxaca.
  32. I really appreciate the clothing. I see on boy using a crutch. My first thought was, I would love to metal detect that area when they break up the existing sidewalk at the base of the stairs.
  33. You will find it is vaseline glass and it glows nicely with a blacklight. I have one just like it.
  34. Posted two years ago and still going strong! I love the vase. Now, the last photo. Apparently you have had the same dream that I have had for many years. They worst part of having a dream about flyi...
  35. Thank you Malkey, Trey and Watchsearcher, you are all so kind. I guess it's not so important to know the exact use but it makes for a great conversation piece. It sure is a well made older piece.
  36. This is some of what the court records show.- "(f) That the licensee has caused the defamation of a duly licensed funeral director in this State by falsely imputing to him dishonorable conduct, inabi...
  37. How confusing....I looked up antique distillery equipment and it sure does look to me, like this container. Thanks for all the input, friends.
  38. Marin..... great idea! I too love the life of Marin and the glass of Ironlace. Thank you for being YOU Gary Penney
  39. Almost as interesting as the title.
  40. Thank you so much, Elisabethan. That is great information and I will correct what I wrote previously as to not confuse anyone who needs the correct research info.
  41. Thank you Obscure!
  42. I don't know much about this subject but I did a post on this bracelet that I have in my home that has those little balls on it too. I would check out "Vintage "Taxco Made in Mexico Sterling Bracelet"...
  43. Do you have any old oil lamp reference books? I'm just wondering where you did your research just incase I have a book that you didn't look through. They are beautiful lamps. I love the crystal and th...
  44. Your father is cool and I love the powder horn too.
  45. I am seeing a connection when I Googled, "1920's art deco Waterfall Bassett Furniture"
  46. Fantastic input to help all of us who are slow to research from the bottom up. Thank you so much.
  47. renedijkstra that is very helpful information and thank you so much.
  48. Thank you friends for the loves and for sharing your memories and stories.
  49. It is also stenciled JD1 with the model "1120 Van" for vanity. How fun, I think that it is a Model 1120 Bassett Vanity that was somehow signed by the founder of Bassett Furniture John David Bassett. ...
  50. Check this out! It looks like the original owner of Bassett Furniture might have signed the back side of the vanity. It is upside down but it looks like, "J.D. Bassett #1129" that's pretty interes...
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