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Houston, Tx.

Happy husband & father of 6 beautiful humans that is addicted to American Antique glass and oil lamps.


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Country Store Counter Clock Display Dome or ? - Advertisingin Advertising
Glass Marble Collection in Crude Antique Canning Jars - Art Glassin Art Glass
Old 45's Elvis- Jackson 5- B.J. Thomas- Thrift Store - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Beautiful -History Of Leon County Texas Vol. 1 Sesquicentennial Edition  - Booksin Books
America The Beautiful Art Gourd  - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage Black Americana Ashtray- "Battleship Texas" - Advertisingin Advertising
Black Americana Postcards Houston, Texas - Advertisingin Advertising
Burgess-Dunne "Fool Proof Biplane" Post Marked 1920 Ellington Field, Houston, Texas Postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
Antique Luggage with Beautiful Wooden Trim  - Bagsin Bags
Vintage Chinese Wood & Wicker Suitcase  - Asianin Asian


  1. Could it be an antique PLUMB BOB or TENT STAKE?
  2. PhilDMorris- I thank you and must say that I was wondering why the wooden base looked newer than antique. The glass does look older but I realize that the glass can't be dated, simply based on being c...
  3. Iggy I appreciate your comment. I hope to collect some older marbles and plan to rotate out the newer marbles that are in that center jar at the bottom.
  4. Thanks and yes I thought it looked like something off the shelf at an old candy store. I agree that the jars didn't look so good alone and the marbles didn't either but they are a good match.
  5. Oh Thomas that is great advice. I wondered why they would just have them stacked together on top of each other. I'll see about getting some sleeves for the better one's. It's amazing to see what the...
  6. Fantastic crude bottle!
  7. FANTASTIC COLLECTION.... I love love love it!
  8. My own father used to tell me to give my children a spoon full of whiskey when they cried. It made me wonder what my grandparents did to him, when he was a baby and what he might have done to me. Look...
  9. It's terrible to admit but I live less than an hours drive from it and it's been about 40 years since I've gone to see it.
  10. I love antiques and and... this stuff.
  11. fhrjr2 I really appreciate the advice and I believe that sounds like a good direction to go in this case.
  12. Those Vietnamese women are some of the most beautiful gifts from God. I sure like the painting. Thanks for sharing it with us as it looks to me like good quality art.
  13. I'm not much of a coin collector but I know a "lucky penny" when I see one and you, my friend, have found a lucky penny.
  14. I found one on Ebay that has the same figure and signature. This is what I copied from it. "antique lamp | eBay eBay Antique Figural Whale Oil Lamp ~ Signed C.T. Lewis~ Dates March 31, 1876 " Goo...
  15. I am so grateful that you are sharing your knowledge about art glass. Many sellers on the internet are causing confusion with their misleading descriptions of art glass. Did you even think that you mi...
  16. It must be difficult to focus on a blurry object. Good point Alan2310.
  17. Nice story, I hope that you can find it to be true. The clock is in great condition. Most of them that I have seen, have wear to the gold paint on the glass.
  18. That HORSE is really a gorgeous specimen. Thank you for sharing.
  19. Thank you for the responses. I looked at the handles on the other drawers for holes above them and only a couple of them had holes and some were not straight either. Years ago, I took a scribe and sc...
  20. Live Auctioneers has the same wagon with The Detroit News, estimated circa 1930 for estimated auction price "$100. - $150.
  21. The other one that I found says that it was " American made by Lewis-Geer MFG. Co."
  22. I just found one on 1stdibs website for sale for just less than $1,000. with the same decoration and just a different name painted on it. Try looking up this name, "19th Century Chief Scout Wooden Wa...
  23. I found one on Ebay that looks just like this one. Take a look at the one titled "Vintage Kent N.Y. City USA Two Blade Pocket Knife with Multi Color Handles" Good luck and thanks for posting your kni...
  24. Gorgeous glass and I can't decide what I like the most. It's not easy capturing the actual beauty of art glass in a photo but you did a good job. I love the candle holders on top..I guess that's what ...
  25. Thank you, Fantastic!
  26. That's breathtaking! Imagine how many hours of work was put into the creation of all of this beautiful art. Thank you for sharing it with us inclined folks.
  27. You know....the last photo is of real locks. I had to buy them when I saw them at an estate sale recently.
  28. Thank you TallCakes, I'll give it a go.
  29. 1870-1890 is that right? Wow thank you for the heads up Scottvez.
  30. I love all of his music. I am so happy to have accidentally snapped this shot.
  31. Golgatha thank you and I will give it a try. If I find the name then I will edit it to include the name.
  32. Keramikos I think that anyone would be kind to this lady, under any circumstances. She is one of those people that radiates love and you can't help but give it back. Thank you for the blessing. Now ...
  33. Thank you Keramikos! I didn't find anything when I looked in the past.
  34. That tree picture is from a postcard in France. I just found it on the internet. You might find it by Google searing - Carte postale - Plessis-Robinson, le
  35. That's good to know. It was really hard to tell as I don't see but one on the internet for a ridiculous inflated price. Thanks Golgatha.
  36. No live like this? I'm so jealous.
  37. Oh, I am willing to bet if someone is looking for it hard enough, they will find it. That is a unique signature and the art is eye catching. I agree that she must have had it printed already. Thank yo...
  38. I agree, but it's not so sad in the end. We will get it back to the artist one of these days. At least it's listed on the internet for them to see it if they search. I won't be selling it. I feel like...
  39. Watchsearcher I thought it was a painting too. Thank you for the compliment. The fish is copper and hand made and it's footed as if were intended to use as a mold or something. I never could figure ...
  40. Is this Chumlee from the Pawn Stars show? It was only on television for about 6 months when this was posted.
  41. I was kind of hoping that someone would recognize the signature and then I could contact the family to see what happened. I will just protect it until we find out. I think that we all agree that it's ...
  42. Baaahahahaha.....Good bu I hope that was not offensive to anyone.
  43. Something is wrong with this photo. If you zoom in and look at the trees, you can see the building right through the tree and you can see limbs that don't even come from a tree. I think that this is a...
  44. I believe that the handle of the fish rod & reel does have a little compartment on top that slides open so you can put a hook and weights or lure inside of it.
  45. Pecan trees, I am an Arborist. I once lived on a ranch that was full of Pecan trees and the local Pecan shop would come out with a machine and shake the Pecans out of the trees. I'm not for sure that ...
  46. vetraio50 Thank you much for clicking on my posts. I think that I will stop posting items at 100 items. I have to stop somewhere.
  47. Oh man you really know these well. Thank you for the taking a look as I really didn't know much about it. That bottom tab was never noticed as a tool.
  48. They sure would look good on my wall in my western bedroom. Very nice!
  49. Oh no.....I hope our people were good to you. It sure has changed a lot here in the past years but change can be good. Just so many people here now. I'm trying to grab up all of their art glass.
  50. That is correct. The pieces on the right, on top of and inside the glass case are Fratelli Toso and others might be as well. I believe that the small oil lamp is the only one that was made. It matches...
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