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I like to collect cameras. I'll be uploading photos of some favorites from my collection. Many more of them can be seen here: like to collect cameras. I'll be uploading photos of some favorites from my collection. Many more of them can be seen here: Please note that my photos are copyrighted (Read more)


  1. Oh man, I love that wing shutter! Stunning group!!
  2. Fantastic!
  3. Fantastic!
  4. Thank you sir! I'll just keep saying "cue-tah" then!
  5. Another incredible post! How does one pronounce Quta?
  6. Unbelievable! Congratulations on an incredible, stunning acquisition!
  7. Scarce now that you have all of them! ¯\_(?)_/¯
  8. I have to say that Rooster123 was also correct. My father used one of these to view negatives on a light table. He worked in the printing industry and used one of these throughout his career.
  9. Stunning!
  10. Incredible!
  11. Look here:
  12. All I can say is WOW!
  13. All those people with Leicas must feel pretty embarrassed to discover that Concord is actually the greatest name in cameras! ;°)
  14. As it says on the camera, this is a Cine-Kodak Eight, Model 20. It was likely made in the 1930s, but according to recent sales, it is only worth around $10 US.
  15. It's a Polaroid Highlander, Model 80, which was introduced in 1954.
  16. Fantastic! Congratulations!
  17. Please see this page: Your "Canon" falls into this category.
  18. Nice one! Of course, when I think of American competition for the high-end overseas cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mercury. And for only $25! Too bad that when it was introduced, U...
  19. You reminded me that Kodak's "you press the button" slogan inspired a funny poem. I found it published as early as 1891: A beautiful maiden, Reading a book; A picturesque landscape, A babbling b...
  20. Wonderful acquisition! Thanks for posting the stereo pair! I love getting the full effect (via the cross-eyed method)!
  21. Indeed it does, Rob. Yours is in better shape, but I do like how this one shows the curious canvas material of the handle. Also no evidence that a badge was ever on it. In any case, this has always be...
  22. Camera posted. I have only a single photo of it available to me here at work, but it should be detailed enough for further identification. I do remember looking for signs of a missing badge, but I can...
  23. This is interesting; I never knew Ansco used different cameras as a base model for the Bear. Mine is definitely different than the one pictured here, and also has no badge on it at all.
  24. Excellent post Rob!
  25. Cameras of this type are quite common and most have little value, although the Leecrest itself is not one of the more common names. The Leecrest was distributed by Lee Industries (which sold several k...
  26. Here's a link to info about the Kodak Autosnap: Recently sold examples of this camera went for about $8 (USD).
  27. The Duaflex definitely used 620 film. It says so right in the manual. :o)
  28. As I lack a stereo viewer of any kind, it's nice that I can see the effect via the cross-eyed method. Wonderful image!
  29. YOU had never heard of this dime bank?? Inconceivable!!
  30. Oh I forgot to address the cassette question. Yes, earlier cassettes were wood, though sometimes you'll find wooden cassettes in later cameras, and metal ones in earlier ones. Off the top of my head I...
  31. Thanks Rob. I have two Memos - one is a later one with the release guard, whose serial number I don't know off the top of my head (I'm at work at the moment). I will have to dig it out and check. Prob...
  32. Excellent early example! It wasn't long after they began covering them with leather that they added the shutter release guard, so this one falls right into that short time frame. Would you be willing ...
  33. Hi CD! I'm here too! Even though I didn't know your dad, I probably learned most of what I know about cameras from him. I'm proud to own a camera from his collection, and hope (as you know) to own mor...
  34. Might want to check your spelling there, Derek! Haha
  35. There was a guy who "flickr-mailed" me years ago, asking me to let him know if I ever saw one become available. Well, one came up for sale on Etsy just last month, so I emailed the guy and he snatched...
  36. Once you've got the mechanics figured out, it's quite clear that this device is for cutting asparagus tips. The smaller the aperture, the higher your income!
  37. Well I would say you're right on the money with your assessment of this device. It certainly appears to be a "magic lantern". There are several with the bellows in front for focusing. Have you opened ...
  38. One of my favorites. As always, I'm supremely jealous!
  39. Thanks for all the love!
  40. Thanks Rob & Sean!
  41. Hey, thanks for the love, toolate/mustang!
  42. I would respectfully disagree with rniederman on this one. A quick search of recent sold listings on eBay shows a "red" Beacon selling for $82 and another sold with a "buy it now" for $125. Both of th...
  43. Always one of my favorite cameras. Yours is exceptionally beautiful and I am jealous!!
  44. If there's one thing better than looking at vintage cameras, it's looking at Grace with vintage cameras (sorry Chris!)! Welcome to CW, guys!
  45. Thank you!
  46. I have somewhere around 220 cameras. I have lots of favorites - it's just about impossible to pick just one! I have posted most of my favorites here at CW. You can see them here: http://www.collector...
  47. Great sign! You have a really nice website! Maybe someday I'll have my own site for showing off my cameras too!
  48. Ahh those meters are fantastic! Seems you can't collect cameras without also accumulating at least a small collection of meters as well. Mine includes an old Watkins Bee and a Heydes meter, although I...
  49. An average Lutac only has a value of around $30 or so. One with no faceplate would have no value to a collector.
  50. Looks like this one, but with the faceplate missing:
  51. See more