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I finally decided to get off my butt, take some pics, and post some of my collection. I have had a passion for cameras for years. I see them as a functional work of I finally decided to get off my butt, take some pics, and post some of my collection. I have had a passion for cameras for years. I see them as a functional work of art that has had an important impact in the original owners life through the recording of special moments caught in time. Quite frankly they just bring me joy with their classy representation and history. (Read more)


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Fotochrome - Camerasin Cameras
Pentax ME-F - Camerasin Cameras
Canon A-1 - Camerasin Cameras
Chinon CE-4s - Camerasin Cameras
Konica C35 AF - Camerasin Cameras
Nikon F, F2, F3AF - Camerasin Cameras
Sept Debrie - Camerasin Cameras
Beauty and the Beast - Camerasin Cameras
1969 Hasselblad 500 EL - Camerasin Cameras
1971 Canon F-1 - Camerasin Cameras


  1. Thank you nutsabotas6 and geo26e.
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  3. Yes the lens is Sonnar and you are absolutely right. The modified EL's did not have the finder and was heavily insulated to reduce the threat of spark. The cosmetic features were quite different.Thank...
  4. A real A-1 fan, Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1.
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  12. Thank you Sean68.The whole AF technology went insane in 81 and it is difficult to say who was first at what. There are other manufacturers that I did not mention, whom had AF lenses around the same t...
  13. Thank you SEAN68.
  14. Thank you SEAN68.
  15. What a beautiful lens.
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  19. Great post, Rob. I enjoyed the info greatly. As with all serious collecting it takes experience,experience,experience. Maybe one day I will graduate to wood and brass. It's a relief to know that this ...
  20. Thank you zguy2112! Yes I agree...built to perform and last.
  21. Thank you very much rniederman and mustangtony
  22. Thank you rniederman. I don't know how it happened. Better yet, the seller didn't know what he had and no one bid on it. The price was ridiculously low. I was a bit concerned when I first purchased it...
  23. Thank you mustangtony...
  24. Thank you mustangtony!
  25. Thank you for the love mustangtony, rniederman, bratjdd.
  26. Thank you JohnKratz. When I purchased the camera I wasn't sure exactly what shape it was in. The seller had only a vague description and the pics were unclear yet the asking price was well under the n...
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  32. Very nice!
  33. Rob, was the camera for use or as a collector and you let it go?
  34. Rob what did you mean by this camera brings back memories? I am very curious now.
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  46. filmnet thank you for commenting. There are several lenses to choose from available for the V series Hasselblads. I have the chrome 80mm, 125mm, and the 250mm you see in the pic. Yes it is a little he...
  47. Thank you michaeln544 and mustangtony.
  48. Or actually after further investigation perhaps it might be a Nikkormat FTN(this is probably it).I will send the link that lists the serial number series which matches. http://www.destoutz.ch/nikkorm...
  49. According to the serial number in pic one it appears you have a Nikkormat FT which entered production in 1965. Here's a link which might help with info. http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares...
  50. Thank you very much Bellin68.
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Agilux Agiflash Ansco Memo "wood & brass"


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