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  1. These case gins that are posted are smooth base bottles from late 1860's to 1890's . The older ones will have different types of pontil marks on the bottom of the bottles 1860's to the very early 1700...
  2. I have dug them here from the early 1700's all of them broken. People in the old days just did not throw away good bottles. They would reuse them over and over until they were broken.
  3. My wife was talking to me while I was typing !!!
  4. Nicely done Yuko.... I like the way your glass windows look.
  5. Can you post more photos of this bottle. One of the bottom and one of the top. Another one of the side. If you can make them a close up with out being blurry. Thank You Sizzler - Sizzle
  6. I would say it is a rare bottle to be found in your part of the world. However it is common here in the U.S. It comes in pontiled and smooth base. The only color I have seen it in is aqua. It must hav...
  7. Blunderbuss..... Courthouse..... Hummm that does not sound good !!!
  8. Blunderbuss.... You must get out and dig in the blazing hot sun. You must dig in the pouring rain. You must dig through ice and snow. You must dig all day and all night long. You must drink a pint of ...
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Glass Bottle rectangle with writing on each side dug and dive, love'em all Schnapps, I guess my favorite Marble vase Nikon F2s Photomic Guinness For Strength - Fisherman Blue and White Enoch Wood Sporting Series Nice Colors.. National Bottle Show