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Covington, Virginia

My name is Aaron, Are you a VA or WV Bottle Collector? Check out the our Collectors Group on Facebook!! "South West VA Bottle Collectors" Operator of "SMy name is Aaron, Are you a VA or WV Bottle Collector? Check out the our Collectors Group on Facebook!! "South West VA Bottle Collectors" Operator of "South West VA Bottles" Shop on "Etsy" also check me out on eBay. I love to Buy, Sell , and Collect Bottles which is something my father loved to do when he was younger and I have discovered what an amazing hobby it can be, and I run Bath County Computer Repair I work on computer and hardware related problems for anyone that may need assistance, We provide a Fast, Professional, and Very friendly, Check out my Services page for pricing and more info!! We would be more than happy to help you today! I also have a great love for computers and technology also including working as an Audio Visual Technician for Hotel and Event Services Set-Up for over 2 Years, I also love to take pictures, I was in the high school Year Book, Art, and Graphic Communications Classes when I was in school, I'm always taking pictures of the world around us. I am from Hot Springs, VA which is from the home of the Historic Homestead Hotel, they have gorgeous scenery in this area and I have many pictures of alot of things in and around this area and also all over the East Coast, check out my Photo Prints that are available on my website. (Read more)


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Udolpho Wolfe's Aromatic Schnapp's - Bottlesin Bottles
Warner's Safe Cure - Color Run - Bottlesin Bottles
Frankfurt, A/M Warner's Safe Cure's - Bottlesin Bottles
Warner's 1/2 Pints Color Run - Bottlesin Bottles
Historic Flasks, Anchor Flasks, & Others!! Pikes Peak, Baltimore GW ! - Bottlesin Bottles
My Collection Favorites, Bitters, Warner's, Wolfe's, Saratoga - Bottlesin Bottles
Poisons In The Sun - Bottlesin Bottles
Warner's Safe Cure Bottle's Collection - Bottlesin Bottles
Pikes Peak, Baltimore Glass Works, Anchors Etc... - Bottlesin Bottles
Poison Collection, SO FAR - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Yeah these are really not worth that much
  2. Generally they are from the late 1800s early 1900s but if you want to know a lot more about them you can look up the Warner safe cure blog on Google. If you want to add me on Facebook I'll be more tha...
  3. looks good I would love to have it for my warner's collection :D
  4. Nice I would love to see more of your collections you seem like a digger am I right?? Cheers
  5. mostly common bottles here to be honest... doesn't look like there's much value you here at all .. "ha ha"...
  6. Tiffany... The base markings are just makers marks .. Most company's have there own or random ones when you see this "Beaded" pattern around the base of a bottle it means it was made by a machine ...
  7. If your still around the site please contact me, send me a txt or email 540 679 1155 / Aaron Hanshew
  8. Chestnut
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