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  1. Thanks Epson... So True!
  2. Thanks Dave, I'll work on the photo ASAP!
  3. The exact one is on Etsy same pattern! I just don't know your measurements. http://www.etsy.com/listing/109968786/art-deco-cranberry-etched-glass-flower?ref=sr_gallery_24&ga_includes%5B%5D=material...
  4. So far, I come up with Indiana Glass Co. They did a series of cranberry color. I haven't found the pattern yet! I'll keep you posted.
  5. google images of bone trinket boxes!
  6. Thanks inky... Thanks again Manikin!
  7. I think this is a bone box! what does the inside look like?
  8. Thanks Manikin!
  9. Thanks craigalan!
  10. Thanks Frosty! Merry Ho Ho Ho!
  11. I'll have to check that out... Sounds like it was fun!
  12. LOL! funny I'm wearing a Dead shirt as I type!
  13. Good tips epson! Thats a good one for Pinterest!
  14. The game is fun... Thanks epson! I should have posted it as the game, instead of the answer! It could have been fun for everyone on CW. Ho Ho Ho!
  15. Kerry, I haven't had a bad year yet! Sandy may have had her moment but, that's all it was was a moment! Happy Holiday to you and yours!
  16. No worries... I will have the net ready. I'll post it hanging soon I hope! Ho Ho Ho!
  17. Well Thank you epson, that's so sweet! Happy Holidays to you and yours! ~Peace~
  18. The mold grows faster then children! Good idea with the desiccant I will try that . Thank you Epson!
  19. Hi Manikin, I have masks and dehumidifiers, it hasn't been sunny :( The Mold is pretty bad! They are out in the garage.... Thanks for looking out!
  20. Thank you Phil!
  21. Thanks guys, The truth is... I have them, damaged or not. I'm good with that! ~peace~
  22. It's quite beautiful! Looks as if it could have been architectural, maybe some balaustre? It doesn't look like the stand is original. Beautiful! Enjoy!
  23. Love it!
  24. Happy Holidays to you too Bellin!
  25. Thanks Bellin minus the mold would be better!
  26. Thanks mustangtony!
  27. Thanks AR8
  28. Thanks to All! for your input and expertise! HO HO HO!
  29. Thanks Manikin, I have an obsession, yes it takes up a lot of space!
  30. We had them delivered too! They make a great gift for anyone with the name!
  31. Looks like my barn LOL!
  32. Thanks AR8!
  33. ok... I like it again!
  34. Thanks Mustangtony, I figured Architecture, Since most of the items from this spot were regarding that topic.. ~Peace~
  35. Cute! I'm a Lucite Lover myself!
  36. I thought the images on the lighter had a retro not modern look to it... What do you think? I'm not a lighter or bowling pro.
  37. AR8 It doesn't sound as vintage as the lighter looks!
  38. Has it been around awhile?
  39. Thank you Epson!
  40. Thanks Manikin, I saw it online as Shirley Temple print! I am excited to explore the link that Manikin has shared! Keep me posted Please if anyone figures it out...
  41. Lisa-Lighting, Thanks for the email! Is that the base? I do not have that! ~Peace~ Lisa
  42. Thanks Epson, I'm cleaning and moving things and looking through all the goodies to find the perfect bases!
  43. Whats Denver Co.? Is that the location?
  44. Thanks and cool find for you Epson! Happy Holidays!
  45. Sorry Guys! I got all caught up in the holiday shopping wrapping and stuff! I found a really interesting article... They (the above article) weren't called marbles or taw or shooter.. I will post i...
  46. Really mustang? I will have to look for that.
  47. Bellin68, A Merry to you!
  48. Clay shooters?
  49. Looks like it sat on a shoe shine box to me... ??
  50. Blundebuss2, You are accurate with the Swastika, are you familiar with triple xxx?
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