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I love love picking at garage sales, thrift and antique stores...lately I have been seeking original art, the research is fascinating.


  1. Thanks blunderbuss2, I was able do darken the picture just so and read part of the name and found the company. It's always interesting to me researching anything vintage.
  2. Thanks Manikin! I kinda felt like I was talking to myself :)
  3. BTW, where is the category for original drawings, lol? This is actually a chalk drawing...I think its beautiful, and amazing.
  4. Strathmore Artists....They manufacture specialty paper, art supplies, and have programs offering grants, etc. to aspiring artists....
  5. I enjoyed reading your story very much, thank you for sharing ;)
  6. Erhard & Söhne, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany :)
  7. TallCakes, again...you have came shining through! Thank you! http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/buckeye-chrysanthemum-base-swirl-75747308 Yes, quite lovely. It's amazing to me how much joy a...
  8. Thanks for the love Sean!
  9. Thanks inky :) This is one of my favorite colors - the darker blue shades.
  10. You guys are....awesome! Kevin, how did you even know where to -begin- to look?? Inky - your link was like following the yellow brick road! Took me to exactly what I wanted to see, the makers and h...
  11. TallCakes, again I am in awe and grateful for your endless knowledge regarding everything about glass – thank you! Greatsnowyowl – enamel decoration makes sense, thanks for that, I learned something...
  12. This will also stay part of my personal collection, for personal reasons...If only.
  13. You always have the most amazing pieces of glass...so beautiful.
  14. Thanks for the love Sean and walksoftly!
  15. Thanks for the love Sean and Kevin!
  16. Very beautiful and intriguing...love the glow of the UV glass.
  17. Thanks Sean...I honestly thought it was a toothpick dispenser. The learning curve is pretty high :)
  18. Very nice! I love the blue color and the black handles make them bold...
  19. Ahhh, thanks mustangtony :)....
  20. Wow, crazy amazing piece!
  21. Thanks TallCakes, I can't find the exact one but keep running across "Boyd" for similar styles....hmmm.
  22. Awww, are you not feeling well? He looks pretty clear-headed to me :)...
  23. Oooh he has some nice plates (didn't know who he was - looked him up!), I've ran across similar rectagular plate, wonder if they were his...hmmm. I picked up a Jenefer fused bowl the other day, signed...
  24. This is the closest I could find...oh gawd, no only am I researching my finds, I'm researching yours too :)...Its all quite fascinating. That would be very cool if yours was a Daum Gray.... http://...
  25. Thats very cool....Did you figure out if it was Westmoreland?
  26. Thanks AmberRose...interesting tho, I can't find anything that has a bird on it from a trinket bowl from Westmoreland...Hmmmm.
  27. Wow, your fast ;);)... Thank you eye4beauty ! It's so nice to know exactly what I have....
  28. Confirmed ~ Circa 1908. I'd knew you'd come shining through TallCakes! Do you know everything about glass :)....Thank you.....
  29. eye4beauty - I had no idea thats where the term came from...thats pretty cool :) MawamaMama - we probably fall in the same date category :)
  30. Hi eye4beauty, these are actually fused together with glass and are more heavy than I would have expected - about 12oz. Still fun, in kind of a dorky way...
  31. That is a great story, and a great learning experience....and I also learned as I had not heard of "Pools of Light", now i know. Thank you for sharing!
  32. Your welcome inky and of course, anything for you :)....
  33. Hi Slave-to-glass...ahh yes :)....the flowers are just starting to come up here....I love Spring. I'll see what I can do!
  34. Fourteen individual vases - with the two combined. Seven in each one...
  35. ummm, yeah, lol, that would make sense...any idea what its for?
  36. Hey Amber, *I shoulda had a V8* moment...There is a sticker on mine that says "Made in Poland", lol....I did a little research and yup mine was there - looked for yours...similar shapes but all of the...
  37. Wow, what a great find!
  38. Thanks Sean :) I think its pretty cool...didn't know it was colored glass until I started taking pics...can't wait to see who made it..
  39. It is very vibrant and beautiful and I also love the way it changes from different angles...
  40. Thanks Sean :)....well, technically, I just took the pictures for inky but happy to share with everybody here - obviously :) Noooo snoooow!
  41. Hi mary, the link didn't come through...I'll look into chafing sets, don't even know what that is, lol...love the learning curve ;)
  42. Thank you Sean and maryh1956 :)...I do have another that is the same shape/brand but it is much more aged and discolored, perhaps they were a pair...?
  43. That is a very cool bottle, I love large things that have a presence :)
  44. Very nice, love the deep colors...and double mouth -i have never seen one like this before...thank you for sharing :)
  45. Hi inky :).... I hadn't thought about that...it is pretty deep for a skillet, another angle to research :)
  46. I still love this. Found something similar the other day and thought about this piece, your "mystery solifleur", true story :)....did you ever find out who it is made by? Mine is a bit more rounded, ...
  47. Hi Inky! I'm ROFLMAO at your question....I should have taken my "Disco Ball" out, or at least turned it on :)....yes, I have a disco ball in my room, lol. I also have Christmas lights that blink....An...
  48. I can see the headlines now "Dolphin burns down house", lol....just teasing...thanks for the heads-up on that, I hadn't thought about it that way probably because the sun hasn't been out in weeks wher...
  49. inky, it's so beautiful!
  50. Hi Kevin, I figured he was a captain, but what tells you that he is retired? He does have a certain demeaner that I really like, strong, subtle, and quiet. Thank you Sean :)
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KRALIK FEATHERED - MARBLED VASE Interesting Glass Can somebody help me with these lamps?


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