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Oregon but originally a Nebraskan and always a Cornhusker.

I have been interested in Czechoslovakian glass for 20 years...started seriously collecting 8 years ago. I am just a beginner and self-taught. I do not know if anyonI have been interested in Czechoslovakian glass for 20 years...started seriously collecting 8 years ago. I am just a beginner and self-taught. I do not know if anyone else has experience this, I can feel Czech glass with my hands. I call it the 3 S's...soft, silky, and smooth. I am interested in learning of reference books and books with terms and glass making techniques to further my knowleadge. My two loves are riding my Harley and collecting Czech glass. When the sun is shining and I am riding my full dress Harley ...stopping at antique stores and find a nice piece of Czech glass marked at a price I can not pass up.............I am reminded how good God is and how HE smiles upon us!!!!! Oh, God is first and foremost my love!!!!! I AM BACK!!!! I have a little more knowledge, made a photo booth to shoot my pictures in and have added a few hundred pieces of glass to my collection!!!!! When asked at antique stories what I am looking for.... I reply "Just czeching it out" and they soon learn what I really mean!!!! (Read more)


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  1. Love the shape!!!!!!!!
  2. Love this big piece.... I always wonder if people used them as serving bowls as I have one that is definitely big enough to do so with!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I love the precise knowledge you share ..... no room for doubt when you make a statement. Great piece????????
  4. Awesome pieces!!!!!
  5. Love the color of this one...…. it is like meteors in the ocean!!!!!
  6. I saw this piece at the Pasadena Show in Feb. It has great color and love the darker green base!!!! The old guy selling it sure had an attitude!!!!! Great piece!!!!!
  7. An awesome piece!!!!!!!
  8. This one looks like a double scoop cone...... great find!!!!!
  9. I seeing new shapes and always wonder how many more there are to still be discovered!!!!!! Great find!!!!!!!!
  10. Awesome piece!!!!
  11. Craig....I am loving it!!!!! I appreciate all the time, effort, and money you have put forth for the Welz cause!!!! Thank you!!!!!
  12. I love this informative work...… it allows people to identify by shape and décor. Seeing decors that I have not seen before and assume there are more tucked away. Would love to see people post decor...
  13. Awesome piece!!!! How much will shipping cost?????? Lol!!! ENJOY!!!!
  14. Yes... the Expo!!! Such a great buy that I told the vender to keep the remainder of the Jefferson!!!!!
  15. Great post and playing nice with your point well made....... I will take any Welz piece that is a discard for being to small and gladly pay postage too!!!!! I am really fascinated with the craftsmans...
  16. I heard this commercial, it goes, " it is okay, Big Lou is on mess too!!!!!" Please be mindful that this is an open discussion for all opinion!!!! Thank you
  17. I know little other than personal experience of handling Czech glass .... but I am in the Welz camp! The preplexness comes when one stands in the camp of traditional marks of Welz and Kralik, as I hav...
  18. You must mean 100% Kralik shades..... as you have Welz pieces in your collection!!!! Maybe they need to come where they are more loved!!!!!!! LOL I posted a knuckle vase with that decor a while ago .....
  19. Great piece! Love the millifiori pieces!
  20. I am thinking fair representation ........ I would lean towards a mix of Kralik/Welz!!!!!!! Just curious, is the blue with pink UV reactive...... Great find!!!!!!!!!
  21. I am curious ....has any one seen these in purple???? Also, I has found two distinct shapes of Welz fan vases, will post examples in near future.
  22. It is shocking to look at this photo 4 years later and realize that I have at 5 times the pieces I did then. I might need to start a 12 step group on Czech glass!!!! It is so fun and I have learned s...
  23. Thanks for the love and comments!!!!! I will follow up with more photos of individual pieces and will fill the requests of the pieces specifically asked for. I am aware that overview photos leave deta...
  24. I have 5 more cases........I need a bigger place for more cases!!!!!!!
  25. Awesome is just the beginning word to describe these!!!! Now for the period lamps to display them on!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  26. I found an identical vase in the last month..............
  27. I love the shapes of these.....................I am always curious if all the posts are pieces from you collection .........or photo files. None the day, an unusual shape will come i...
  28. This was taken a couple years ago......I have a few more decors in these shapes now. Well over 100 pieces of Welz is a guess.
  29. Great piece as usual....... would like to start a dialog via email but haven’t the patience to search through your posts to find it. I know you posted it not long ago.
  30. I have a basket with the same décor....only I believe the one I have has adventurine in the green. I will try to post soon as I keep telling myself it is time to start posting my pieces!!!!!!
  31. I believe this vase is UV reactive..........
  32. Thank you Craig.......................It is appreciated!!!!! Rocking in the free world, eh!!!!! No charge for this valuable info!!!!!!
  33. Gives us beginners something to reach for ...............awesome vases!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Class in session..............thanking for sharing!!!!!!
  35. I just bought a vase like this one in the last mark that I have found!!!!!!! Maybe the reason it is raise is more of a end of the day vase with the fines applied.
  36. It is pieces like this that never ceases to amaze me.......and drives the addiction!!!!
  37. More posts will be coming..........I have been working out of town for the last 12 months. I am going make a file of all my pieces, what I know about them....etc. I will be back working in commuting d...
  38. I posted a similar vase 3 months your current post, my vase is a little guy with excellent detail and craftsmanship. Since that post, I acquired a bigger vase, 7.5" tall, with the same col...
  39. Every post a chance to learn more....Thanks Craig!!!!
  40. A great piece but the story behind it surpasses it in the world turns, ordinary people can shine on our hearts in extraordinary ways.......God is good!!!!
  41. I have another vase the same size, shape, and finale that I will post together when I go back home.
  42. I had contact with you this week, our mutual friends are Ray and Linda........will try to post a few pictures.
  43. This picture made the laugh at myself......many times one get preconceived ideas, well, the name inky did. I once had a friend name Inky, a dark-haired happy fellow. So, I formed the picture in my min...
  44. I am curious of how you base your opinion............I am not doubting it just want to learn more.
  45. Thanks for the love....................looking forward to posting more and learning more as time allows. I love the adventure....still trying to decide what is the sweetest, the hunt or the find. I ab...
  46. I believe the green shows up when the glass is UV reactive...............just my observation......probably caused by the flash......
  47. This vase grabs me every time I see is such colors of today...........
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