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  1. lol love the halo
  2. love the merc .......pic
  3. this is really cute ,,,,where you get all this lovely gems ....smiling ...later
  4. lovely decanter Sammyz...
  5. pretty ...
  6. 14:12 Most assuredly I tell you, he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these will he do; because I am going to my Father. ....'-)) night bud..
  7. the medical field...not me just been dealing with them for a while my E F for my pumper dropped to 10 .... rather then 55- 70 we'll see how this go's ... I worked for myself as a carpenter/ ...
  8. my first girlfriend bought me a Star sapphire ring don't know why most likely to put in my nose to lead me around anyways getting to the point... when I broke off the relationship we had a...
  9. with that spout I would call it a creamer ...rather then a cup ...just saying ....smiling
  11. Hey fhrj2 was wondering if you could Give any information on this chair if your not to busy sweeping up all that sunshine rather then snow smiling thanks bud ...
  12. maybe fhrjr2 knows .. he's a smart boy '-))
  13. have a book on old furniture but nothing on this ...its to old for this chair ...looked on line for a bit came a cross your chair or this post out there in never never land and came acoss one for 5 ...
  14. well hope things are on the mend .... stay strong have a lot of friends here ...later bro
  15. If all else fails, there’s always that National Database of fingerprints....the guy left a couple of really good prints on the spring in varnish!... .lol that's funny ..
  16. wow . that's a job I know I couldn't do must tug on your heart pretty hard when things go wrong ...we have a hospital the next town over they stopped all baby care there...don't know how they get ...
  17. I bet holding it in your hands you can really see all the detail ..nice write up ..
  18. for pulling teeth out of monkeys ?.... just kidding clue but there are some smart old farm boys here they'.ll help,...... for I'm not the plumber I'm the plumbers son I'll hold my finger on th...
  19. well done ...looks like a nice rocking chair to rest my old bones in smiling,.. what kind of nursing did you do . if I may ask..
  20. yap that's it I didn't read all that ...must be my new pills ..& .I 'm getting old ok so you never hooked up bad bob you go every year there to your cousins ..?
  21. you sure are colorful over there ....smiling
  22. you said you where going to see a friend down on the keys who was a fisherman who knew the fella that carved this ,,,..did it happen ..?
  23. hmmm here 40 smoke would be 2 packs a day ...yikes .. hard to quite ...
  24. I find I like Pilgrim Glass over a lot of the others..nice find jenni
  25. sweet one ...jenni
  26. cool score fort...
  27. i think the stones are I think the last show lips was wearing a oxygen tube nice record ...see what its selling for on e bay ... smiling
  28. like he said bob never far from ya ....smiling,... but who's oroy...looks like you got some good shots ... did you ever hook up with the fisherman down south..?
  29. what a lovely piece jenni ...nice score
  30. what site would that be ?...smiling ...nice find
  31. Ya'll welcome in the city mars close line was on the 2nd floor and ran from the porch to a pole across the yard maybe 30 ft and would sag all the time when she hung the sheet out it was my ...
  32. well my snow banks are 5 ft tall my roof has all most 3 ft of snow on it ... like it has for most of 30 years I missing something you can have some of mine if it helps ..nice post
  33. little james was a fire ball ... always on fire saw him on a game show ...the one you build the word with alex what ever ..and james though he would be cool and buy a vowel you know ...A, E, I...
  34. lol well I been here on CW for 7 years and I get a kick out someone who go's from a chat to called some one ignorant cause there blowing smoke out there hat because they spent the night looking up in...
  35. nice painting.....
  36. you had it posted it up until i mention it 10 mins ago u took it off..... but I copy it so its ok have a drink its all good lol
  37. lol I see you took off your e mail address ... Sorry bud I builted computers played with software .. I don't write code but can crack a kernel for time to time ...U had to use you real IP to get your...
  38. lol you have your email on here witch is a door way to everything about you buy your IP which anyone can open with a 1/3 of a brain and don't need to get by your firewall.. the only safe way is to ...
  39. lol you don't think CW isn't dropping cookies,..and they post they can do what ever they want with your posts here.... smiling your privacy was gone the day they gave you a SS # enjoy the day ..
  40. pop it in here ...there good for ID's nice people as well better than a poke in the eye ....'-) japan glass on FB.....
  41. Well thanks Scott .. but I have a fella who been a collector and seller as well has a 3 story house with nothing but military affects that he has built up over 45 years he don't live in the house ..b...
  42. people out there with so called expertise are a dime a dozen.....
  43. Hope you recover fast Ted_Straub...smiling nice picture looks like home ...
  44. well not only that but who to say with prove its not for ww2,,...? don't have any more time for ya lol .. but here ya go ...good luck
  45. your just don't match... what I have shown here , does that mean it a copy they could of change the die that punch them out in earlier or later years just means u have to keep searching...
  47. very cool poster ...... makes me think of this later
  49. Really big collection and I love the must have the biggest record collection in the room ...very nice iggy.
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TOMMY FINDS SHELL HOLES COMFORTABLE antique military aviation wing medal pin ? 1918 Harley 1934 Harley Kralik / Heckert Silberband Vase in Hammered Iron Arts & Crafts Mounts


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