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I have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections.


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WEISS Bracelet Brooch And Earrings  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Judy Lee Brooch and Earring set # 3 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Judy Lee Brooch Earring Set # 2 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Judy Lee Rhinestone Brooch Earrings Set #1 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trio of Rhinestone Finds - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
my $75 icebox by White Clad - Kitchenin Kitchen
Made in Austria - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rhinestone Necktie - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KiddieGem Jewelry 1955 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1000 Silver  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. scottvez, You are correct, the pattern designs do come in kits, I was not trying to ddiscredit you or anything, only I have seen both types of projects. Sorry for any confusion or tension...Lori
  2. Eileen, I do appreciate your input I am glad to put a name to the Chevron piece, in fact I have been wearing it most of yesterday. the other two were thrown in for the price. my Granddaughter will e...
  3. Jenni - thanks for your comment and love.
  4. It most likely is a "Pattern" design - not so much a kit. Very similar to dress maker's patterns, the design is laid out and step by step instructions are listed. Like the paint by numbers, you f...
  5. Very pretty. usually see the green glass in sets....this is a delight thanks
  6. Very Pretty. I love the snowflake flower design nice!
  7. this should be one of your family treasures... Lori
  8. it is called Embroidery, very similar to cross-stitch and Needle point together. this type of art is still popular and started way before the 1935 date on your piece. Some of the best comes from Rus...
  9. How absolutely awesome, to save that history together is what I believe collecting is all about. Nice.
  10. I'm so head is spinning!!!!!
  11. I agree with you - sometimes the best finds are unexpected.
  12. PLAY BALL!!!!
  13. Thank you for the love: vetraio50 AnythingObscure Newfld Manikin fortapache
  14. AnythingObscure, what a wonderful share - thank you for your comment, I really appreciate your openness.
  15. Jenni thanks for your comment, the tie is well made, it feels like it could be W&D, but I won't claim.
  16. Well, the bracelet type band is from the late 1950, similar to those called Embraceable by Benrus. as far as the back it is hard to read- here is a link to some Benrus ads that may help: https://...
  17. Eileen, that is the way to do things, I believe in "paying it forward". I am currently getting ready to move and I am "returning" some of the items I have collected. It does all come around, right. ...
  18. I love the interesting stories behind this post, how neat to share so many folks who can remember, so cool. thanks
  19. you only need it once: Sorry
  20. here is a link to a good website that might help:
  21. here is a website to start looking:
  22. Inspector Gadget and the Pillsbury duo - now that's trio!
  23. Eileen thank you - I was totally amazed when I saw the name, even looked it up again to verify my memory, funny what we know when we see it!!
  24. Thank you for the love: Daisy1000 fortapache racer aura vetraio50 Mrstyndal
  25. Your comments are all wonderful thanks Bill Painter Valentin Watchsearcher Jenni Eileen
  26. thank you for the love: Eileen fortapache Hoot vetraio50 Jenni Watchsearcher
  27. It found it's home! wonderful piece of history and art.
  28. Great description, I understood your details, which for someone that doesn't work with tools, that is good. thank you. great find.
  29. Could be Jefferson
  30. Many thanks for the love; valentino97 aura Mrstyndall plein-air-painter Man Eileen fort Trey Hoot racer vetraio50 Jenni Watchsearcher
  31. Jenni Eileen Man Mrstyndall thank you for you comments, I really am excited about green.
  32. Than k you for the kind words and loved; valentino97 Eileen aura fortapache vetraio50 plein-air-painter Jenni Vynil33rpm
  33. thank you for the comments and the love; valentino97 Eileen aura fortapache vetraio50 Jenni
  34. Thank You Eileen for you comments
  35. thank you for the comments and the love; officialfuel CoralSun aura blunderbuss2 fortapache vetraio50 plein-air-painter six-0-one Jenni
  36. thank you for the comments and all the loves; aura Mrstyndall fortapache six-0-one vetraio50 Newfld - Jenni AnythingObscure WatchSearcher
  37. So awesome, I love it.
  38. There is a website dedicated to the Zippo lighter in which they give the code to find the age:
  39. Can you take a photo of the back?
  40. Lovely, glad the wait is over for you, I still am waiting on orders since early March, well done!
  41. Absolutely beautiful, and the details and information, thank you.
  42. how cool , now that is history, thanks
  43. I like you philosophy on things, they only stay for awhile until the right home comes.
  44. Welcome to CW, well the lapel pin in first photo is a counselor to college president ??? not sure - and have no clue on the second pin.
  45. tank - very nice island.
  46. Jenni - sorry for the typo. It's my fingers and hitting wrong keys?
  47. Many thanks for the comments and loves. Jen I Eileen Re-in-Vintage Blunderbuss2 - what island are you stuck on? It must be a wonderful place! Vetraio50 Racer4four Hoot60 Fortapach...
  48. My grandpa, MAC, collected the decanters through his life time. It always was a great conversation with each new piece he added to his collection. To date, a cousin has the collections. The ol...
  49. Ahhh. that is so neat. help from a CW friend to match a lone piece - I love it. I believe that all loners can use a partner, be it human, animal or Jewelry. Congrats to Eileen for being one of ...
  50. Richmond
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