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I have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am nI have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am now from Albany, Oregon - Keeping my nickname RICHMONDLORI, good to be back. (Read more)


  1. Ms. Dawn. Hope your collection is growing. You asked me (awhile back) if I live in B.C., no I am in the US, Oregon. I would like to ask if you are interested in any of my Sherman pieces, I wa t to ...
  2. Brian. Now the games begin. How cool is this item(s).
  3. Bringing up front for a 2nd look. RichmondLori
  4. Bringing up front for a 2nd look. RichmondLori
  5. Bringing back some favorites. RichmondLori
  6. Dawn this is lovely. I have one similar to this. Yes I think the color is Starlight.
  7. I have been away from CW for a few far as I can see Scott... THE HUNT IS ON!!!!
  8. Lovely.
  9. Yeah I think it was a child's seat.
  10. So intriguing- wonderful
  11. Wonderful purchase
  12. Very nice. The color is unique and very pretty. Great brooch.
  13. Happy Easter - this one is so detailed and elegant - I saw him and immediately thought Chocolate Bunny!!
  14. Dear Eileen. Thank you for your comment, and kindness. I have found an avenue to the SHERMAN pieces with relatively ease and prices. So I haven't been looking at too much else lately. Beside you c...
  15. Dawn. It is always nice to get your input on my post. Thank You. Lori
  16. Jscott thank you for the kind words. I think this set is definitely a stunner. Lori
  17. Phil. Thank you for your warm comment. This set is definitely a great find. I can see why you favor this color. Lori
  18. MrsT. Thank you for the kind comment. Lori
  19. This frog is so awesome. Top hat and all makes him a gent . Great piece. Lori
  20. This is a great addition - Lori
  21. I should add that the "white" stones are actually AB !
  22. Seaching1, thank you for the kind comment. Lori
  23. He's so cute. What big mischievous eyes.
  24. Bot scout's. Where is spell check when you really need it. Lol RichmondLori
  25. Thank you Brian for keeping the history of the Biy Scout's alive. Lori
  26. Very nice. These type of bugs are okay. Those hairy spiders I can live without. Nice job -
  27. Very pretty. Beautiful.
  28. How absolutely cool. I'm leary of the red eyed one though. Lol
  29. I don't really think I can add to those wonderful comments without repeating. Jenni this is absolutely a beautiful brooch. Lori
  30. Rhineisfine, thank you very much for the wonderful comments on this set. I had the one brooch for a while and surprised & please to find this addition. Again. Thanks Lori
  31. thank you Daisy, Lori
  32. rancherswife - thank you so much foe he wonderful comments. I really appreciate your words. I did speak to the man I bought this from and he told me he rescued it from the garbage. I.m so glad he ...
  33. Wow how cool that is, sound like the American Version of Sears & Robuck Co (SEARS) there is a catalog out there from 1901 (maybe 1910) that shows everything they sold including houses. No Sherman Jew...
  34. I can't decide if the wonderful comments or the pieces make collecting the best part of sharing. Thank you Phil, Dawn, Eileen and Rhineisfine.
  35. Rhineisfine, thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate your comment very much. Lori
  36. Now this one could come on to my house. That face is so adorable. I would LOVE him twice if CW would allow.
  37. Now, you and I both know what that means! Potty, let me out please. Lol
  38. OMG. This is the type of black light posters that covered my brother's wall back home. So cool
  39. Very well detailed. Beautiful. Better watch them dogs, they chase them!
  40. Ok this is a very nice brooch. Being born a Fish (Feb) it surely does appeal to me. Very nice Jenni.
  41. Oh how cute. Most dogs pant, and any media portrait doesn't show that always. Refreshing for sure.
  42. She's a Lady
  43. this one is one the job, wide awake and ready to go.... Do you give names to these pets?
  44. he might be small but he packs the loudest bark, this little guy will surely keep everyone in line, especially human ones! what a nice terrier.
  45. Thank you raven3766.
  46. Hey Brian - I have two & some other BS trinkets can I send them to you. Lori
  47. OH WOW! Absolutely beautiful. what a story
  48. Welcome to CW! is there any other information you can share like how did you get it, when and etc.
  49. well it could part of a clothes dryer -saw one recently and was amazed- they fold up entirely made of wood, and would extend to hang wet clothes to dry -z???
  50. Welcome to CW ! and keep sharing the adventures you find in that big house. Lori
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Winchester flashlight My Error coin Is this what is called a stiff bent putty knife? Something I stumbled upon not to long ago


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