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I have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am nI have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am now from Albany, Oregon - Keeping my nickname RICHMONDLORI, good to be back. (Read more)


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H.J.  SHERMAN Cross - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Tiny Tiny Pin UPDATE:  this is an antique hair (wig) barrette for dolls  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Beautiful Floral Spray of faux Pearls Can you read the mark?   - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
  W. GERMANY BROOCH   Fruit Cluster   - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
U.S. ARMY MARKSMANSHIP QUALIFICATION BADGE - RIFLE - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Green Eyed Elephant with Articulated Trunk - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
CELEBRITY NY - One of the  Companies for Which DeLizza & Elster Manufactured Jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Leaping LION Pave' Shoulder Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
EB Germany sterling Owl brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Nolan Amusements Zippo Knife / Money clip - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. this piece would have caught my eye too .... I can always tell one of your post, the most attractive, decorative and elegant piece of art glass. So much detail and activity on this vase, absolutely ...
  2. Mary, I did edit this piece and it still shows fine jewelry.
  3. I did try to switch it from fine jewelry ! I did. Lori
  4. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback, information and comment. Much Appreciated! Mary, I agree this is in the wrong category - however CW changed my original posting - I will reassign it. ...
  5. Wow, thank you all. I appreciate the help. What a cool item to find in a lot of jewelry. The whole lot was only $5.00.
  6. I don't think they are the same company.
  7. Mary. thanks for the insight. I thought the fruit was too new. appreciate your help. Lori
  8. I love it... get the keys, lets take a drive...
  9. I really do love the collection, these spoon are detailed and don't appear to be just ordinary search these sites: or https://www.sterlin...
  10. freiheit - the mark is a circle and it appears to have the W(est) after : GERMANY W. I will try to get a better image and post for you to review - you might read it different. thanks for the inte...
  11. Thank you AirFresh for you comment, it does look real, the seller listed it as plastic fruit. What a wonderful surprise to find this in the box.
  12. Oh you have really found a gem, this is so pretty and detailed. Very nice. Does this illuminate under black light?
  13. Wonderful. Your collection is made only that much special because your Daughter was part of your quest. : }
  14. Many thanks for the love: blunderbuss2 kwqdkwqd fortapache vetraio50 PhilDMorris Watchsearcher Vynil33rpm
  15. scottvez - your information and the educational help is much appreciated. Thank you for your comment and your knowledge. Lori
  16. flashlarue- thank you for your input and information, I knew this was something CW folks know about, appreciate your comment. Lori
  17. You know, this is the way I see most rabbits, running for their lives! L
  18. Thank you also to all you for the loves: PhilDMorris raven3766 Ms.CrystalShip jscott0363 vetraio50 fortapache Lori
  19. Eileen - thank you for your kind words. This pair of was a surprise to me, when I saw the picture in the book , I thought "I have those earrings" - sure enough I did. The pair weight more that you m...
  20. Thank you all for the comments and the loves, I appreciate your support.
  21. Yes I do believe you have an error. There are websites that can help to identify and research. BE CAREFUL with whom you deal with, good luck. Welcome to CW!!
  22. Once again I say JONNE "Schrager made a line of jewelry known as JONNE which has a signature look and is often confused with Miriam Haskell jewelry made by Hess. It features fine beadwork wired ont...
  23. You know, I have a set of similar pieces and found them to be by JONNE'. "Schrager made a line of jewelry known as JONNE which has a signature look and is often confused with Miriam Haskell jewe...
  24. Welcome to CW. I love this item and from the repair note - so did he. He must of known the age or estimate of this clock to have taken the time as he did to note his repair. I think that is super t...
  25. don't really know too much about the washer. but it brings back memories of an upstairs neighbor who used one and it would rattle the ceiling something fierce, eventually it started to leak and water...
  26. Simply a beautiful piece of pure artistic work. I love the fall colors and the gold back adds to that splendor !
  27. thank you all for the comments and the loves. I just missed the earrings they were in a separate lot. I hate when they split things up. Love the set though!!!!
  28. Is that a key in the last photo? that makes it even more of an exciting find.
  29. Thank you all for stopping here and the loves: PhilDMorris Ms.CrystalShip Brunswick mikelv85 vetraio50 fortapache dav2no1 Watchsearcher Manikin kwqd jscott0363
  30. Phil - I agree with you about quality of both B.David and Sherman, they took their craft serious, and it shows still today. thank you for your comments.
  31. Eileen - thanks for the comments, this is one set that I will keep. I actually got it from an online store, which is rare I do, but I could not resist the complete package.
  32. I can't comment on it any better than Phil just did, lovely, love the red. Lori
  33. jscott - thank you. the box looks new, the colors are still vibrant. I have another B.David set with the original box and it looks vintage, discolored and worn. I was very excited to get this one w...
  34. They are lovely, and at least you have a pair, that way "these boots are made for walking" when they get tired of all that smoke in the air!
  35. it makes perfect sense to me, considering the large border of the skirts and the weight of the fabric. just thought about when did one use this tool? to change the outfit? to use the toilet? I thi...
  36. that is totally new to me! how cool is this. a pulley for the skirt!!!!
  37. not to forget that even Joe has hair.. Lori
  38. the Stooges photo must be an early one, the hair on Moe is combed back, and not his bowl cut shape, very nice.
  39. Oh what a cute lil guy. have the dogs got too you and your trying to fly - guess what? seriously he really have great detail and character.
  40. Welcome to CW! what a great posting thank you
  41. Wonderful piece, love it .....
  42. absolutely beautiful. Wonderful.
  43. Gumby lost Pookey?
  44. I got a 1952 O'Keeffe & Merrick w/grillevator stove - different era but it is a nice one - used it at my California place but this Oregon one doesn't have the gas hook-up, so it is in my shed at the ...
  45. I love what you did with this one, I totally agree that the older the better.
  46. wow - I guess I never thought too much about crime in the 20's - car theft I mean. Of course there was the Capone issues!.
  47. You make me want to join the fun. the horse reminds me of the Bonanza Pinto that Lil Joe rode - I had that horse, but I don't remember what he came with, I know it wasn't Lil Joe. Anyway, enjoy pl...
  48. Maybe its PurpleDog. I can be slow at times!
  49. I love the posting of the liberty coin, but I must tell that the little guy in your profile photo is TOO cute. what do you call him/her?
  50. Very interesting and detailed information. thank you
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