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Albany, Oregon

I have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am nI have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am now from Albany, Oregon - Keeping my nickname RICHMONDLORI, good to be back. (Read more)


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SHERMAN Smokey FLORA Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
B. DAVID clear-teal AB Rhinestone parure - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
DeJa Original - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
VENDOME BLUE RIVOLI - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Happy Mother's Day Everyone  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
US WWII-Vietnam Era, Navy Combat Aircrew Wings Amico, Sterling - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WEISS clear dome with ribbon brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SHERMAN in RED brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Silver Brooch  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
 Pave Ribbons amongst Pale Green Molded Stones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. How cool, I really find this interesting, thanks for posting.
  2. Eileen, I don't think I would ever see enough Alexandrite jewels. the concept of the changing colors is amazing, and the artistry by each designer adds glamor, you gotta love the bling! Lori
  3. Beautiful - gorgeous.
  4. thanks jscott - you gotta love the bling!
  5. Perfect.
  6. Thank you for the comments and the love.
  8. haven't seen a Stangl in a few years, very nice.
  9. Oh so nice, Goldie.
  10. Regarding MISS SUNBEAM; 1. Her true identity is a mystery - artist Ellen Segner modeled the rosy cheeked mascot after a blue-eyed blond girl she saw playing in NY City's Washington Square Park. ...
  11. what about the ORGAN NEEDLES! sounds eerie.
  12. Alfie21- thank you for the added research - very much appreciated. Lori
  13. PhilDMorris - thank you so much for answering the question about where the name SIAM came from, much appreciated. Lori
  14. WOW there is a lot happening in this piece.
  15. what do the back sides look like?
  16. well, there are websites that will help to identify these - don't assume anything is fake - just saying be careful. you might even ask a coin dealer in town, the USA Coin or RED BOOK could help
  17. I love them all....
  18. Wow, maybe if there were more of these types of Recreation and Employee Picnics, the workplace would be easier to handle - maybe. Nice find, this is one that really find interesting. thanks for the ...
  19. thank you for the the comments and the information, it is well received. I have seen a few pieces with the backs rough, almost like pot metal, those are fake. Especially the glue.... thanks again
  20. Eileen, thank you - your comments are always appreciated. Great Question for Phil!
  21. thank you Phil for your input and kind comments, I agree this is addictive! I still can not get over how red the stones, they almost look as though they are on fire. Totally love these, RED by SHERM...
  22. I really appreciate all the great comments this piece got. this brooch is so well made it will be one I hold onto. Whoever the artist was that made this one, they knew their craft. Thanks Again. ...
  23. Thanking you all... plein-air-painter Radegunder PhilDMorris valentino97 Ms.CrystalShip MarmorealMaiden Mrstyndall Alfie21 vetraio50 fortapache Manikin rhineisfine racer4four FreshAir ...
  24. And THANKS for the feedback and great comments.
  25. Thank you all valentino97 loves this. Brunswick aura AnythingObscure fortapache ho2cultcha vetraio50 StraightArrow jscott0363 dav2no1 PhilDMorris Newfld kwqd I appreciate all the lo...
  26. OMG. you did it again. I recently went on the search for this type of product to repair a coat of mine. I was amazed at the number of people who had no idea what I wanted, some of the people in...
  27. I should add that it is a wonderful piece, very nice. and would be Victorian Era.
  28. From what I can see from your photos, I think the enameling might be Guilloche. and started 18th century in France. {{ Guilloche refers to an engraving technique with a very precise intricate pat...
  29. I agree that bottle will be just fine. This puppy is very serious. I'm just warning you that you better not do him wrong, his calm demeanor hides a more turbulent nature! {hope you take this the way...
  30. Don't delete it - he is adorable - just to get a mountain lion in the house is one thing but in a tub! Wonderful - Thank you
  31. I think it is opalescent glass (moonstone), try that in your search. Lori
  32. Look what happens when I step away from CW for a few days!!! This is exquisite, you did good. Lori
  33. Unbelievably the most exquisite piece{s} of Sherman Jewels ! thank you for your post.
  34. Thank you for all the research done on this post - I think all the others have said anything more I could say.
  35. thanks for all the comments, I did think Juliana too! thanks again.
  36. Thanks Cindi - I did some research but for the price (under 20) I took a chance. I believe it resembles SELINI or SELRO, THANKS AGAIN
  37. Thank you so much for your response and the information - very much appreciated. Lori
  38. Mary - after I read this post - I answered my own question! Lori
  39. I am so impressed when a piece of history - that is so fragile to begin with - last this long, it has to be an honor to have and hold. Lori
  40. Better to watch with two onboard. Really like the touch of the floral and the guards, nice.
  41. Thank you all for the loves: valentino97 Ms.CrystalShip Alfie21 Newfld kwqd Manikin aura Brunswick plein-air-painter jscott0363 racer4four vetraio50 fortapache
  42. Eileen - thank you for your comment, I wanted to ask about the solid backside, it seems unusual to me, is it silver or just that well made???
  43. Thank you Manikin
  44. I think he is cute.
  45. buzz....
  46. I love the fushia color on the brooch, both are beautiful.
  47. Oh what an honor, how absolutely cool. Very nice set to have under ones care.
  48. thank you for all the loves; PhilDMorris Ms.CrystalShip raven3766 Alfie21 FreshAir fortapache racer4four Celiene Andreamw vetraio50 valentino9 aura dav2no1 Brunswick
  49. looks like a night stand - size is anyway, looks as it could be from the 1970's
  50. Well, all I can add to these comments is that I think the orange color on the blue is absolutely awesome, the two color compliment one another in such a way that it is striking. great set.
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