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I have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am nI have been collecting for at awhile since my first find as a teenager. I love CW - all the help and especially the wonderful collector's collections. Well, I am now from Albany, Oregon - Keeping my nickname RICHMONDLORI, good to be back. (Read more)


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Collage of Stones  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1950s Rhinestone Molded Glass Brooch Judy Lee Jewels #15 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Burgandy Cabochons set by BOUCHER 1960 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MAZER Bros. Green Floral & Ribbon Bow Brooch circa 1940's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D&E Blue & Green Rhinestone Brooch with Large Center Stone - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Brooch Clear Rhinestones by KRAMER  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
DeLizza & Elster Earrings (Post 2 0f 2) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
DeLizza & Elster Brooch (Post 1 of 2) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Juliana "Easter Tree"  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Dragon Breath (Demi Parure)  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Elegant bow, very nice
  2. Beautiful.
  3. Wonderful story and great information. I live near this area, it will be included on one of our day trips (Mom & I). Fascinating.
  4. I agree, he looks great, will fly soon.
  5. Maybe the "messy paint job" is suppose to be the curly hairs of the terrier? Great collection -
  6. Hope to hear things are going to be okay this trunk is so beautiful even in this condition - can't wait to see it refinished. Thanks for sharing
  7. Ah come must drive them around a little! especially now that they are all ready to go......lori
  8. last name looks like STAHL
  9. Very cool
  10. Eileen what a wonderful story, I bet Willy knew the labor you put into his apple snacks, I have a soft heart for animals, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 7 fish live with me. Lori
  11. Over the top is an understatement! this piece is excellent. Great find.
  12. Love the color, it does look like a mask - or maybe an Owl or bird face? Lori
  13. I have updated this post, and thought to thank all again - valentino97 racer4four Ms.CrystalShip dav2no1 Brunswick vetraio50 fortapachef Mrstyndall Newfld plein-air-painter jscott0363 aura
  14. After seeing the "WatchDog" post, this is the puppy of the two. his face is so cute. Lori
  15. thank you for the loves: Celiene plein-air-painter R-Lori
  16. every one of the comments above are endearing, I love colors, thank you for all your kindness and thoughts. Lori
  17. I appreciate all of you for the loves, thank you: valentino97 racer4four Ms.CrystalShip dav2no1. Brunswick vetraio50 fortapache Mrstyndall Newfld plein-air-painter jscott0363 aura ...
  18. Valention97- thank you for your kind words and comment, this was one of my pieces that started my interest in the vintage jewel and who made them, the construction of this piece is unbelievable - ma...
  19. And thank you all for the kind words and comments. Lori
  20. appreciate your stopping by and showing loves for this post, thank you valentino97 - Mary Ms.CrystalShip Brunswick fortapache racer4four Manikin vetraio50 dav2no1 aura jscott0363 Lori
  21. I want to thank all for the kind words & comments, and thank you for stopping to browse. As you may know this makes my 15th set of Judy Lee, and I am heading back to the vendor to re-think purchasing...
  22. Well, I just discovered that Judy Lee was a signature used by Blanch-ette, Inc. and was founded in 1949 by Blanch and Aldo Viano in Chicago, IL. So, the name Blanch-ette is to be researched updates t...
  23. Thanks to all of you for stopping by, and the loves; Cokeman1959 Ms.CrystalShip Brunswick Newfld Mrstyndall plein-air-painter dav2no1 fortapache jscott0363 Lori
  24. this brooch is awesome, I came to visit it. wonderful colors and design.
  25. aaww, this little guy is so cute. this is the watchdog for all to be aware.
  26. This post deserves a "Hy-Five" and should be re-posted over and over. I can only say that it never one sound racial to me, all it means is "keep your hand off". Watchsearcher, I look forward t...
  27. Do you think that a glass top would be added making a table? This is beautiful.
  28. This cat could be Siamese - mixed - is his meow an ear piercing cry?
  29. and I want to thank all of those who stopped by valentino97 Ms.CrystalShip Brunswick RichmondLori (I guess I even love this one) ??? fortapache Newfld racer4four plein-air-painter vetrai...
  30. Thank you Maureen - plein-air-painter - I have marked this as solved as I too agree with your suggestion, and as Eileen and Mary agree - can't get better than that. thank you both Eileen and Mary....
  31. Scott thank you for your kind words, and question. This is the first post I did with my phone (can't find my camera) and I see it is not that great. I will try to re-post the pictures (right side up...
  32. oh it must be the blue and that teal together that catches ones eye.
  33. So delicate, like a snowflake only better. I love that blue.
  34. Love the animals, glass makes them that much more special.
  35. Pretty kangaroo - very nice indeed.
  36. Hi Bill, it is good to see you, missed your post - and I agree with Jenni you are looking good, LOVE the pelican. Lori
  37. Thank you for the loves fortapache Newfld racer4four plein-air-painter vetraio50 Mrstyndall dav2no1 aura jscott0363
  38. Thank you plein-air-painter, I did a search for Mazer Bros and ran across an article in this article - ...
  39. Hey there, I figure the Cpl Moore send either his girlfriend, wife or Mother this as a present, so I first tried the maker, no luck. Barbara - no luck, Cpl Moore - no luck. (and all addresses) the on...
  40. Scott - do you place this fox next to that playful puppy? they might tear up the house when you are asleep!! LOL. all of your animals are simply awesome, I love the way their details really bring...
  41. Beautiful, if I find a brooch I definately will let you know, the complete set would be awesome, even If I only contribute. Beautiful.
  42. Awesome set - very nice
  43. what a cute little rabbit, I think he is getting ready to jump and run, rather than stretch?
  44. You did a great job - and yes it is interesting to see how things were done before, and how they were done to last the years.
  45. Oh so pretty, very very beautiful pieces. I think the term "bling" starts with the clear RS. Personal feelings. Your post has me thinking that I should "collect" my piece into similar settings to ...
  46. Vynil - great comment!
  47. OMGOSH, Mmy Father and his friend - Emmett - would sign Ole Danny Boy every time they got a few drinks in them, by the time I was 16 or 17 yrs old, they had it down perfect. 2 part harmony. (don't ...
  48. this is cool. there is an address at thr bottom of pic #4 - you might try there for info.
  49. very nice pair of birds - look good to me at their age over 100 (don't all pigeons have bent toes)
  50. what are they made of? Jadeite or something eles? Wonderful little guys.
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