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  1. Thanks Newfld.
  2. Thank you. Finding rare milk bottles has become harder & harder, but the hunt is worth it.
  3. Thank you dav2no1. I would like to post as many pictures of my collection on this site as possible rather than compile them in a book. I hope more & more milk collectors will visit here as a guide. I ...
  4. I agree, Newfld. I was fortunate to obtain it.
  5. Thanks Newfld & kwqd for comments.
  6. Thanks kev123
  7. That was my post 6 years ago. Since then I have added these other two duplicates.
  8. Thank you Newfld. I have been fortunate to acquire these variations & their duplicates over the years.
  9. The baby tops have been fun to collect. They were invented by Michael Pecora in 1936.
  10. Thanks Newfld. This is another slogan that has escaped me for years. I will someday find a quart with this design on it.
  11. Thanks Newfld. I have over 600 baby tops & cop the creams in my collection.
  12. I agree...
  13. Thanks dav2no1. I have been collecting baby tops, cop the creams for many years.
  14. Thank you
  15. Thank you
  16. Hello...Thank you for your inquiry on the Willow Dale embossed cop the cream bottle. I've had very few opportunities to add this bottle to my collection throughout the years. For that reason, I am cur...
  17. I believe these were used in the 1930's.
  18. Thanks Newfld. I agree.
  19. The face was painted by the owner many years ago. I agree, they did an excellent job making the dresses & bonnet.
  20. Thank you Newfld.
  21. Thank you for the comment. Collecting war slogan milk bottles has been quite rewarding. I'm still amazed at all the different designs that were created to support the war effort.
  22. Thanks Newfld. These salesman sample baby tops came from the loft of the Pecora Dairy. Michael Pecora invented the baby top style in 1936.
  23. I am still amazed too regarding the number of different designs that were utilized as milk bottle designs. Back then, there were so many different dairies that competed for potential milk customers. T...
  24. Most of the round bottles are around 80 years old. The square bottles are from the 1950's & 1960's. Thank you for your comments.
  25. Ms.CrystalShip...Thank you for the nice comments. Yes, the war slogans are about 80 years old. The baby tops started in 1936 & the cop the creams in 1938. Collecting them has been an enjoyable hobby.
  26. Thanks Newfld for the comment
  27. Hello hotairfan...Yes, there is definitely a difference between baby top milk bottles and cop the cream milk bottles. Michael Pecora invented the baby top in 1936. Afterwards the Gennaro Brothers inve...
  28. Another GOODWILL OUTLET find that I couldn't pass up. At these outlets, they roll 3 foot by 6 foot bins out every hour on the hour. It's not like an organized Goodwill store where items are organized ...
  29. Thanks for the update keramikos.
  30. I couldn't find anything on the business. Hopefully someone might be able to help.....
  31. I haven't counted them lately. In my war slogan category, there are about 300 different designs. In my baby top & cop the cream category, there are about 600. The other areas such as Disney, Wild Folk...
  32. Thanks Newfld....This bottle is one I've wanted for years.
  33. Thank you for your comments Newfld. I continue to be amazed at the variety of the slogans that were used. I have many more examples to post as time allows.
  34. Thanks Newfld....This design is super rare. It is always exciting when uncommon war slogans turn up.
  35. Nothing was received. Try inside cover of MILK ROUTE that shows Uncle Sam & New York twin towers September 11, 2001-2011. At top, it says 2011-2012 membership directory. My cell number is listed. It m...
  36. Nice bottle with an uncommon war slogan design.
  37. I knew that there variations for the Weber QUART amber milk bottle. I think that I have at least two of them. I really haven't paid much attention to their 1/2 pints. I have seen only one version of t...
  38. Outstanding collection of amber & green milk bottles.
  39. Thank you for your comment
  40. Yes....Owens Illinois war slogan designs are visible on the backs of numerous dairy bottles. My recent posting of the Peerless Dairy cream top with large victory "V" shows the Owens Illinois symbols a...
  41. Thanks racer for comment. I was happy to add them to collection.
  42. Thanks Newfld....It is getting harder to find quality milk bottles, but still fun to look for them.
  43. Thank you for the comment, racer. It has been a fun collection to piece together.
  44. Thanks Newfld. I hope to have time someday to post pictures of all of them here. There are many more to show, but little time to get pictures of them.
  45. Matt...There is a group called North Carolina Milk Bottle Collectors Club. You can google their name & find out some contacts within that group who might be able to help you. Good luck on your search....
  46. Thanks again. This is a milk bottle that many collectors never see.
  47. Thanks for the comment. Did you scroll back & see the two color version of this picture? The two color one is one of my favorites.
  48. Thanks Newfld.....I'm amazed at all the different war slogans that existed. It is always fun to find a war picture on a milk bottle that you've never seen before.
  49. Thank you for the comment. Collecting hard to find milk bottles has been very enjoyable. The continual search for another one and the people you meet makes it worthwhile.
  50. Yes, cop the cream milk bottles have a face on the top bulb of them. Baby top milk bottles were first introduced in the mid 1930s & these "cop the creams" hit the dairy market shortly afterwards as th...
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