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Altoona, Iowa

I collect Iowa milk bottles and I'm always looking for more.


Micheel Dairy Co. - Bottlesin Bottles
Gustafson Bros Dairy - Bottlesin Bottles
Iowana Farms Dairy  - Bottlesin Bottles
Anderson Erickson Collection - Bottlesin Bottles
One gallons milk bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Anderson Erickson War Bond Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Iowana Dairy Heros - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Nice find.
  2. Sorry I don't have any doubles.
  3. Another nice two color bottle. Thanks for posting.
  4. Ok, thanks. Yes the hunt is a rush and you added one more AE to hunt for.
  5. Hi, One year ago you posted war bond bottles. Two of them have blacks airplanes and I have hear Anderson Erickson has a bottle like that but I haven't seen it.
  6. Nice bottle. I have two different Hamm's bottles but not this one. Where do you find all the info the bottle series? I'm always looking for more info. Thanks
  7. Thanks. Those are the only heroes bottles I have seen in all my searching. But you have Iowa bottles I had not seen until you posted pictures. Thanks for posting your bottles.
  8. I'll post a picture of of the Iowana bottles tomorrow. I've contacted five AE collecter but only two would share pictures of there bottles. It's nice to have someone that will share pictures of there...
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IOWANA DAIRY.."THEODORE ROOSEVELT" FAMOUS AMERICAN HEROES SERIES....... Alamito Dairy (Omaha Nebraska) Cream Top Quart Milk Bottle.... **FOR OUR DEFENSE**War Slogan Series Milk Bottles Gateway Dairy (Joplin, Missouri) War Slogan........................... Ohleen's Milk Quart (Minneapolis, Minnesota) War Slogan........ Campbell's Milk Quart war Slogan Clovis, New Mexico...... Garden Farm Dairy Devner Colorado 2 Color Quart.... Anderson Erickson Two Color Tank ........... "Benny Bear" Wild Folk Series Milk Bottle..Hamm's Dairy..Denmark Ia. War Slogan Milk Bottles With Tank Pictures....... Gustafson Bros. Dairy War Slogans..... Milk Bottles With "Famous American Heroes" designs..... Colorful Two Color War Slogan Milk Bottles..... Anderson Erickson Milk Bottle with Unusual Back Side.... Iowana Farms Milk Bottle With 3 Bears Logo......


posted 2 days ago