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Giant Pinwheel Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Deepest Red & Clear Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Soft Green Beads and Crystals - Sherman necklace & Earrings set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Guillaume  Azoulay Horses - Fine Artin Fine Art
Sherman Crystal Bead Mounded Flower with Rhinestone leaves. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Fuchsia Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Fushcia Brooch with Swarovski Crystal rhinestones and Glass Leaves - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fuchsia Sherman Brooch & Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Barbie Doll Fashions Ad - Dollsin Dolls
Crystal Bead with Tassel - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Very lovely early brooch. The gold tone pieces seem to show some wear much easier than the rhodium pieces, however never detracts from the sparkle of the crystals. The earrings are quite showy, nearly...
  2. Amazing extra wide Siam bracelet, very scarce and so hard to find. This is a real beauty. So glad it is in your fabulous collection!
  3. Thanks Daisy1000.
  4. Ms.CrystalShip, you were so very lucky to have the fashions made by your mother. And to have the blonde Barbie which was my dream. As kids we attempted to make our own. Even the furniture we created f...
  5. Thanks everyone. Searching1, you are so right in saying that it is a nice plus to get the matching earrings. Ms.CrystalShip, thanks for the nice words and perfection is exactly what I thought when I ...
  6. I keep coming back to look at this stunning brooch. It really is gorgeous!
  7. Amazing! The story is one I had not heard of and glad to learn from your post.
  8. Thank-you for the comments and Loves. Ms.CrystalShip, I agree, the clears are very classic.
  9. Thank-you everyone. Appreciate the Loves and Comments!
  10. Thanks for the comments and Loves. Ms.Crystalship, I adore these leaves and will check out the other makers pieces too.
  11. Thanks to all of you for the nice comments. Daisy1000, I have been referring to the colour as garnet also. It is deeper than any of the Siam pieces I have.
  12. Gorgeous kissing fish. As a kid I watched a movie where a man who loved fish and turned into one..He was magical to me as a kid and this brooch brings those magical feelings to mind.
  13. Such a pretty clown and made before clowns became scary. Love his nose.
  14. I appreciate the nice comments and Loves.
  15. Very nice piece. Who couldn’t love a bug made of pearls and crystals! Gorgeous.
  16. Sweety, that what your skunk is! Super special piece.
  17. Wonderful Trifari set. I love the bright pink stones, and the original tag!! Gorgeous!!
  18. Gorgeous Japanned Siam brooch. Very nice addition to your fantastic collection.
  19. Like Ms.CrystalShip says, I too have never seen another like this and it is the rarest of rare. I am thinking it is one of those special order pieces. The colour combo is also very rare. You are very...
  20. Thank-you Watchsearcher and Daisy1000.
  21. Fabulous set! I love those colours and without the A.B. is interesting.
  22. Wow, what a treasure! I love how you repurposed it too! Stunning.
  23. Love the big earrings too. The black and gold are wonderful.
  24. Wonderful rare brooch. The earrings are perfect with it too. I wonder where the collection is now?
  25. Thanks all! I love the description as a dandelion, fits it perfectly. And the backside being nice to is so true of many Sherman pieces. 1960’s Pop Art is also spot on. I enjoy hearing all the comments.
  26. Joni Mitchell music was my inspirational music through design school. Always listening to her. My best friend had a horse named Hejira. Nice reminders of the wonderful lady Joni Mitchell. Thanks for...
  27. Lovely set…makes one feel happy!
  28. Honestly, this is spectacular! The colour, the styling, all of it. A real showstopper and one anyone would want in their own collection. If only it could tell us about the party it was worn to.
  29. Thanks for commenting…I do Love it too! PhilDMorris Daisy1000
  30. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement and kind words. Manikin, I too would not have had one of these dolls if not for my wonderful aunt who gifted a red headed bubble doll to me when I was six ye...
  31. Super cool retro lamps. I am lucky to have a pair in smoke glass that belonged to my parents. I recall my mom coming home with them in 1968 and me thinking they were the most beautiful lamps I had eve...
  32. Such a nice Butterfly and the earrings to match are quite special. Lucky to find flying in the wild. These rare beauties are hard to find anymore. They look to be in superior condition too.
  33. Wonderful pieces. I love it when there is a collection of multiples in differing colours. It shows how one style can feel so different because of colour. All gorgeous.
  34. Wonderful collection of finest Sherman pieces. The necklace and earring set always makes me think of Elizabeth Taylor, beautiful and elegant. The Giant pinwheel is among my favourite of Sherman design...
  35. The Sherman beads and glass pearls are so pretty and wearable. Yours is the first I have seen with the pretty spring green accents. The findings are a sure indicator of Sherman. Lovely set.
  36. I was just revisiting this post. What a fabulous collection of beautiful Sherman jewelry. Certainly cannot choose a favourite as all are evenly spectacular. Your collection is amazing. Thanks for shar...
  37. Ahhhh, the giant Pinwheel Brooch is one of my all time favourite Sherman styles. I love the way you photographed yours. Just a magical picture. And of course the most perfect pink!!
  38. Thanks to all. Valentin097, the brooch is not huge but about 2”.
  39. I recently was speaking with a lady who has a very large collection of Sherman jewelry. She informed me that many of the salesman samples or some pieces for specific stores did not get a signature pla...
  40. Valentin097, thanks for asking. The Brooch is just under 2.5” and has a steep mound that sits high about 1”.
  41. Thanks so much Newfld and Daisy1000. Always nicer than any photo can show.
  42. Wow, what a spectacular Pink version of this Sherman bracelet. Yours appears to be unworn as the rhodium is perfect. I am truly envious of this beauty! Your collection would be a real treat to see.
  43. I always think of Cole Porter and his wife Linda when I see these fabulous cigarette cases. What a wonderful era to use such a beautiful piece.
  44. Such a great Mirror and I wonder who all peered at themselves in it.
  45. He is just marvellous!! Love that you put it indoors too as I would.
  46. Thanks so much Daisy1000.
  47. Thanks to all for the nice comments. Much appreciated.
  48. I Love those pieces and the wonderful cognac tones are so rich!
  49. Love this!
  50. Majestic purples, thanks Daisy1000 for the way you describe it.
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