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  1. Really lovely Brooch. Interesting stones topped off with beautiful pearls. Nice colours too.
  2. Wonderful wreath in the multicolour style. Very interesting with some open back stones and others not. This piece appears in Pristine condition.
  3. Thanks so much, Newfld, Leesa3242, DejaVu2 and Maniken. It was a true celebration and thank-you for sharing with me.
  4. I would have wanted Peteena so much if I had seen her when I was young. Heck, I want her now. I always loved the fashion dolls and loved making clothes for them. If they were a bit unusual, I liked th...
  5. Wonderful pink necklace. Sherman jewelry has that ability to stay new looking longer than some others. It may be the extra plating or the Swarovski stones and it was a bit pricy so as Phil said, peopl...
  6. Wow, first time I have seen this style in Green. I am green with envy. Such a pretty style and yours appears to be in pristine condition. Beautiful.
  7. This book is amazing and one I would love to read. The photography of the model is perfection. I will look this one up for sure. I have a small collection of Fashion books and had not heard of this o...
  8. Thanks so much leesa3242, Newfld and DejaVu2. Always look forward to seeing your nice comments.
  9. This is a gorgeous Flower cluster brooch. I have a Red one and a Fuschia one, however this pink with non AB stones is very nice. The stones are set off nicely in the Goldtone. Another beautiful additi...
  10. Another fabulous Pearl cluster brooch. Love it.
  11. Leesa3242 ,thank-you, I do feel lucky. Appreciate your comment.
  12. Love the layered structure of this brooch, then of course the purples and blue sitting on the circular wreath is mesmerizing. A true beauty.
  13. This Sherman brooch makes me think of Royalty. It is very Elegant and the special central stone is held in by those wonderful prongs which are a design element in themselves. I am thinking this colour...
  14. Always a fan of B.David pieces and this one is no exception. The red and clear wreath is lovely with its delicate stones. The matching earrings are perfect.
  15. This brooch is gorgeous. The Cabochon looks like a deep pool of magic. The colours are just lovely.
  16. Super pretty set! I love the twisted metal detailing and the colour combination.
  17. Thanks Newfld & DejaVu2, I like the Pink best too!
  18. Beautiful flock of birds. Hard to choose just one, but I am in Love with the little red birds with the nest of pearls. Exquisite piece.
  19. Thank-you DejaVu2. Fan shape, yes! That is exactly how to describe them. Newfld, as always thanks for your comment. I wondered if the earrings would wear well with the cuff because of the different co...
  20. Beautiful examples of Coro jewelry. I could not pick a favourite but my eye was initially drawn to the set in the second photo.
  21. Super pretty brooch. The colours and details make it a real work of art.
  22. Absolutely gorgeous set. The colours go so well together too.
  23. Always a fan of the glass leaf pieces. Thank-you Daisy1000 for always commenting on my posts.
  24. Yes Daisy1000, always nice to get an original tag. Thank-you.
  25. Thanks Daisy1000. Sherman did flowers beautifully.
  26. Thanks Daisy1000, yes, what could be better for me. Appreciate the nice comment.
  27. Thanks to all of you, Daisy1000, leesa3242, Newfld and rhineisfine. Love all your wonderful comments on my “new” to me cuff.
  28. Newfld, I agree one of the nicest designs. Photos don’t even begin to show the magic of the sparkle. Thank-you for your comment. Leesa3242, I like those same colours. Thanks for the comment.
  29. Very regal Weiss brooch in that fabulous Aqua colour. Everything about it s stunning.
  30. Newfld, leesa3242 and DejaVu2 I appreciate that you looked and made such nice comments. DejaVu2, at one time all I wanted were the pieces with the Japanned backings. Then I took my narrow minded glass...
  31. This brooch is special in a few different ways, the colours are spectacular. Purple and Fuchsia, what could be prettier. The style is so majestic and always makes me think of royal jewelry. Beautiful ...
  32. Beautiful Sherman Bracelet!!
  33. Stunning Aurora Borealis Sherman cuff. In my opinion, the rigid cuff is the crème de la crème of Sherman jewelry. Truly Masterpieces and are becoming more and more difficult to find. Congratulations o...
  34. Rhineisfine the Lacy comparison is perfect! Thanks so much.
  35. Leesa3242 thank-you.
  36. DejaVu2, thanks for the nice comments, as always a collection takes time so it’s nice when someone appreciates it. Newfld, the Mardigras comparison sums it up! Thank-you. Rhineisfine and racer4four th...
  37. Thanks DejaVu2, I love those original tags too. Newfld, always appreciate your comments, thank-you. Leesa3242, thanks!
  38. Thanks so much Newfld and BlindSquirrel. Always nice to hear the comments and different perspectives on pieces.
  39. One of my favourite colour combinations. Jayflex designs are something to check out. This is such a pretty pin.
  40. Thanks Daisy1000, the necklace is impressive when in front of you. Rhineisfine, I saw a photo of Rhianna wearing a tuxedo style suit wearing a similar necklace. It was so lovely. I can see wearing thi...
  41. Thanks so much Newfld, rhineisfine and RhinestoneRookie. Tiny treasures for sure.
  42. Rhineisfine, I don’t recall seeing matching earrings, however there must be some somewhere. Your brooch is quite rare so whenever you see a pair be sure to nab them. Happy hunting.
  43. Yes, rhineisfine, Sheman created a nice looking Maple Leaf. Thank-you for you comments. Much appreciated.
  44. Thank-you Newfld for your support and great comments. Leesa3242, Look forward to seeing your new Sherman piece.
  45. Another unsigned Beauty and what a beauty it is. The colours, and as Phil said, the many prongs which show attention to detail. Occasionally I stray from the Sherman lane too, such a nice addition to ...
  46. How very pretty is this set! Love the impressive pieces while still remaining delicate.It would wear well with most outfits. A real gem.
  47. Have a great July 4st celebration Jenni. Yes the fireworks get noisy and send my little dog hiding in my arms. Lots of fun though. Daisy1000, the little subtle differences do make one wonder about th...
  48. Yes, the Centennials are spectacular and these Maple Leafs are proud little pins. Great comments and I thank-you! Newfld.
  49. Yes, Daisy1000 they are large and Sherman designed these with comfort in mind I am sure. Thank-you.
  50. Thank-you rhineisfine. Pink is enchanting for me.
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Later 1950s ... a Darker Gold — Necklace, Earrings


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