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Siam Red Japanned Brooch & Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rare Colours, Sherman Cuff Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pristine Sherman Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Triangular Brooch with matching Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Turquoise Sherman Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Turquoise Sherman Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Starlight Cuff Bracelet in Original Cuff Box - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trio of Sherman Baskets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Two tones of Pink Sherman brooch & Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Early Sherman Brooch set in Goldtone. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thanks so much Phil.
  2. Thank-you Daisy1000.
  3. Thanks Daisy1000…the hunt is on for some earrings now. Mission Impossible I think.
  4. Thank-you Vynil33rpm and PhilDMorris. Always appreciate your comments.
  5. What a great article Rhineisfine. Thank-you. I believe I was in grade 2 or 3 and celebrated the Centennial train coming through our little town. I credit that experience to insuring I never smoked, ev...
  6. I just today realized I neglected to write the appreciation for PhilDMorris and Daisy1000 for the nice comments on this set. Thank-you so much.
  7. Thanks Daisy1000. It truly is a beauty, I feel very fortunate to have it here in my collection.
  8. Thank-you so much for the loves and the nice comments Phil and Mrstyndall.
  9. They are all pretty amazing, however being from BC I have a special love for the Dogwood.
  10. Even in the simplest style, Sherman managed to create with complex styling. The wreath is stunning with the marquis stones creating the framework for the design and the stacked rounds in varying sizes...
  11. Beauties!!! All of them.
  12. Beautiful Examples of Sherman Jewellery you show. Your write up is excellent and reflects the feelings I had when reading the article about Hammonds book.
  13. Love this vase and your collection. Of course the story is epic! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Inspiring Joni Mitchell, in so many ways. I listened to her albums over and over again while in College and beyond, especially Court and Spark. Her artistry still inspires.
  15. Wonderful Butterfly Bracelet and also in the more rare type of stones. Many clear ones with the “pointy” stones but hard to find these less sharp ones. Always wonderful in those shades of blues. I had...
  16. So pretty. Love it.
  17. Thank-you Daisy1000, Rhineisfine and Mrstyndall. I appreciate the kind comments.
  18. Thank-you Daisy1000 and Rhineisfine. Such a fun hobby and finding some different pieces keeps it exciting.
  19. Thank-you Phil. I also wouldn’t have thought I would collect jewellery but Sherman intrigued me and I have soaked up as much knowledge as I can and still do. Daisy, Thank-you too, photos are not my ...
  20. Stunning purse and very interesting history. Always love your informative posts.
  21. Thanks Phil and RichmondLori. This is a beginning of the Opague stones for my collection. Appreciate your nice words.
  22. What a gorgeous brooch! Delightful is the first word that came to mind.
  23. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip for your kind words of encouragement. Much appreciated.
  24. Thanks Searching1 and Ms.CrystalShip. I was quite pleased to have been able to acquire this brooch.
  25. Stunning Sherman Siam set, perfect blend of Siam and Siam AB stones. Every Sherman collectors dream is the Siam Parure!
  26. Lovely pink brooch by Sherman just shows what Masterpieces were created. Nice addition to your already fabulous collection.
  27. A real beauty! I Love Maple Leaf brooches and the Pearls are perfect. Very in style right now too.
  28. Love this set, I always wanted a bracelet like yours but not able to find one yet. A real dream piece.
  29. valentin097, the cuff is just over 2” wide. Thanks Andreamw and Ms.CrystalShip, the collection is a work in progress and so much fun.
  30. So pretty together. The bird is pretty sweet!
  31. Early piece by Sherman. Rare teardrop stones and the larger Centre stone, along with the beauty of Alexandrite colouring makes it a special piece! Great addition to your drool worthy collection.
  32. Sherman’s prettiest swirling wreath. Love it!
  33. Thank-you Daisy1000.
  34. Thanks for the nice comments, Searching1,Newfld, rhineisfine and Daisy1000. I just saw one on EBay today with matching earrings so now I know what the earrings look like.
  35. Sherman beauty and so wearable which is why it is a popular design. Love this one.
  36. Yes as Phil said a Masterpiece. This little brooch is an easy to wear piece. My daughter pinned this style to her hat, I have worn one on my Jean jacket as well as on my coat! Lovely piece in clear.
  37. Wonderful history to share. Thank-you.
  38. Well first time seeing this beauty in clear. Love it and the larger stone is a stand out. I have it in Pink and in two tones but the clear is pretty special.
  39. So pretty!
  40. Always a fan of the clear pieces! They bring out the Marilyn Monroe feeling, just gorgeous!
  41. Thank-you Ms.CrystalShip, I should wear this set on a black dress. Great idea.
  42. Thank-you, Phil and Ms.CrystalShip, I appreciate the nice comments.
  43. Thank-you, RichmondLori.
  44. I absolutely Love this set. Amazing in the deep green too, first time I have seen it in green. The set looks pristine too.
  45. Thank-you Mrstyndall.
  46. Just gorgeous, and the colour is stunning.
  47. Thank-you Ms. CrystalShip.
  48. I suppose that is why the salesman carried the stone colour chart with them. I understand this style was referred to as a “flower pot” style. Very lovely in the purple and lavender colours.
  49. Looks great! Replacing those tiny stones is not easy.
  50. How pretty! I am just learning to watch for B. David, super nice quality.
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