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I like collecting Kralik, Pallme-Koenig and Fritz Heckert art nouveau era glass.


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Glasfabrik SCHLIERSEE: Form 283, Dekor 848 (c. 1900-05) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' Form No. TH555/1 (1902) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-Koenig: Orange Spots & Red Threads - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glasindustrie Fachschule Steinschönau 'Tazza',  c.1913 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-Koenig Tricorn Vase With 'Lines & Spots' Decor in Lime-Green - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-Koenig: 'Spots and Threads' Decor c. 1900-10 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' Vase with Scissor-Cut Mouth [Form No. TH69] - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' with Pink and Silver-Yellow Fusions: Form No. TH 104 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert Green 'Marmopal' Glass Form No. TH 203 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' In Action ! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I'm probably well wide of the mark, but the mouth and neck have a Poschinger-esque look to them.
  2. Super; looking forward to viewing them 'up-close and personal'.
  3. I really like the rim shape on this one.
  4. Looks great amongst those Daffs !
  5. Absolutely splendid !
  6. And NSW won State of Origin !
  7. Obrigado, Malkey.
  8. Super: looks like a giant Christmas Tree decoration !
  9. The base looks like a slime trail..............
  10. You're welcome Bill.
  11. For what it's worth my Kralik 'Helios' isn't UV reactive. It would look good with a lit candle perched on the ledge.
  12. Fritz Heckert, Otto Thamm design c. 1903. See S. Zelasko's book page 198.
  13. Nice ! Any idea who decorated the 'marbled' version ? Harrach perhaps ?
  14. Another stranded jellyfish !
  15. I'd like a date with this palm...
  16. Delightful.
  17. This one definitely grows on you.
  18. That was my assumption too.
  19. Possibly a Kralik piece decorated by Carl Hosch ?
  20. Ales - is the vase UV reactive ?
  21. Sooper dooper !
  22. Amazing rhizomes in your garden !
  23. Do you propagate these from seed or take cuttings ?
  24. How about a photo comparison of the mouth and base of each piece ?
  25. Thanks for the appreciation, Larksel and Ironlace.
  26. Thanks for compliment Michelle.
  27. Glad you like it Tyler.
  28. Thanks Mrstyndall; I believe these were made in small production runs so quite rare.
  29. Looks great against the autumn foliage; over here the daffs are just coming out.
  30. It might be an alien artifact !?
  31. Those bands of almost diagonal waves plus silver collar are very Rindskopfesque ! (If such a word exists).
  32. Probably Anton Ruckl c. 1925.
  33. Yes two ! Still looking for the red and yellow versions - could be a long wait...
  34. Malkey you are too kind. Glad you like it.
  35. Great photos. Those lads at the front in photo 1 should have been at school not working in a factory !
  36. Thanks Michelle; I have this same decor in lime-green (different shape); will post soon - watch this space !
  37. Super vase and super photo !
  38. I should add that this vase has a small fake 'Loetz' signature on the base.
  39. Thanks to everyone for the 'Love its' !
  40. Thanks Malkey. The version in lime green is not UV reactive for some reason.
  41. They look fantastic together, and in such good condition too.
  42. Thanks Malkey; I always appreciate your insights.
  43. An Aladdin's cave of silicon !
  44. Looks like an assortment of Belgian praline chocolates - yummy.
  45. I think this is form number TH.50.
  46. Super vase whoever made it. Bonne Annee !
  47. Harrach 'Ernest Leveille' decor c 1895 (perhaps).
  48. Thanks Alain; unfortunately there is no example of this shape in another colour on display at Passau. To find one would be serendipitous indeed !
  49. Thanks Alan, your help (and Volkmar's) is much appreciated.
  50. Compliments of the season. The rim and pontil suggest Pallme-Koenig to me. Either way it's rather snazzy !
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Bohemian Rindskopf Iridescent Vase Sample Size Kralik Blue Flash Vase - Marked The Curious Variations of Czech Glass Decors 1919-1939 Sad outcome of three heavy Czech glass pieces - packed too loose in a big box - only one survived. Welz Lightshade A pair of Fritz Heckert 'solifleur' style vases in red and purple 'Marmopal' (Otto Thamm design) My Second Article Is Done, With Some Surprises Involving Four Highly Successful Bohemia/Austria Glass Families Baskets by Welz….  We All Have Them, But Few Admit Readily That They Collect them!! A Couple of New Additions Butler Brothers Catalog Ad - A potential source for Czech glass exports ID The fans have it lately - Unusual short squat Kralik fan vase with red glass snake. New Heckert decor of hot finished Art Nouveau glass


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