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I like collecting Kralik, Pallme-Koenig and Fritz Heckert art nouveau era glass.


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Pallme-Koenig: Orange Spots & Red Threads - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glasindustrie Fachschule Steinschönau 'Tazza',  c.1913 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-Koenig Tricorn Vase With 'Lines & Spots' Decor in Lime-Green - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-Koenig: 'Spots and Threads' Decor c. 1900-10 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' Vase with Scissor-Cut Mouth [Form No. TH69] - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' with Pink and Silver-Yellow Fusions: Form No. TH 104 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert Green 'Marmopal' Glass Form No. TH 203 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' In Action ! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' in Light Green [Otto Thamm design] - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ribbed Vase in Iridised Orange with Waves: Loetz PG 6893 ??? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Amazing rhizomes in your garden !
  2. Do you propagate these from seed or take cuttings ?
  3. How about a photo comparison of the mouth and base of each piece ?
  4. Thanks for the appreciation, Larksel and Ironlace.
  5. Thanks for compliment Michelle.
  6. Glad you like it Tyler.
  7. Thanks Mrstyndall; I believe these were made in small production runs so quite rare.
  8. Looks great against the autumn foliage; over here the daffs are just coming out.
  9. It might be an alien artifact !?
  10. Those bands of almost diagonal waves plus silver collar are very Rindskopfesque ! (If such a word exists).
  11. Probably Anton Ruckl c. 1925.
  12. Yes two ! Still looking for the red and yellow versions - could be a long wait...
  13. Malkey you are too kind. Glad you like it.
  14. Great photos. Those lads at the front in photo 1 should have been at school not working in a factory !
  15. Thanks Michelle; I have this same decor in lime-green (different shape); will post soon - watch this space !
  16. Super vase and super photo !
  17. I should add that this vase has a small fake 'Loetz' signature on the base.
  18. Thanks to everyone for the 'Love its' !
  19. Thanks Malkey. The version in lime green is not UV reactive for some reason.
  20. They look fantastic together, and in such good condition too.
  21. Thanks Malkey; I always appreciate your insights.
  22. An Aladdin's cave of silicon !
  23. Looks like an assortment of Belgian praline chocolates - yummy.
  24. I think this is form number TH.50.
  25. Super vase whoever made it. Bonne Annee !
  26. Harrach 'Ernest Leveille' decor c 1895 (perhaps).
  27. Thanks Alain; unfortunately there is no example of this shape in another colour on display at Passau. To find one would be serendipitous indeed !
  28. Thanks Alan, your help (and Volkmar's) is much appreciated.
  29. Compliments of the season. The rim and pontil suggest Pallme-Koenig to me. Either way it's rather snazzy !
  30. The base may read '433' instead of 'H33'. I'm with larksel, Poschinger's version of 'Helios' a more likely attribution. I will check all my photos of the Heckert cabinets at Passau for you.
  31. Alan, thanks for the update. If you have access to a copy of 'Das Bohmische Glas' Band IV look on page 226 at vase iv.396. Same opalescent white ground and cobalt blue decor as yours, and it is high...
  32. Thanks Alan and larksel. UV reactive is highly unusual for F. Heckert and why I personally believe this decor is more likely to be Pallme-Koenig. A gorgeous piece of glass nonetheless.
  33. Alan, have you asked Volkmar Schordt if he agrees this piece is by Fritz Heckert ?
  34. Splendido !
  35. Alan, email sent with four attachments.
  36. Alan, a couple of questions: Is it UV reactive ? Does it have a pontil ? P.S. There is a similar piece in the Passau Museum in cabinet 28 of the Heckert room that previously resided in cabinet 21...
  37. Warren - see also an example of this decor (nicknamed 'Harlequin') that I posted recently: On mine the lime-green 'Lea...
  38. Sammyz - glad you like them. It would be nice to have a full set in each shape but that may take a lifetime !
  39. The Goldberg owl vase is great !
  40. Lisa, to whom do you attribute the piece on the far-right in image two ? It looks like green fading to clear with an enamel decoration.
  41. Thanks Malkey, all the best to you too.
  42. I would add that there is a shard or purple glass about 1 cm long best seen in the first photo (mid-vase) that somehow snuck into the mix !
  43. Could you illustrate the last paragraph with some actual examples ?
  44. So realistic it could fool a hummingbird !
  45. Many thanks Malkey, looking forward to seeing your next acquisition.
  46. If these are c. 1900 it makes you wonder just how old the Welz 'Maze' with decoupage pieces really are ?
  47. Those 5 pieces in the 4th photo look great together.
  48. A rain-forest of glass !
  49. Wonderful...
  50. Fit for a palace !
  51. See more


The Curious Variations of Czech Glass Decors 1919-1939 Sad outcome of three heavy Czech glass pieces - packed too loose in a big box - only one survived. Welz Lightshade A pair of Fritz Heckert 'solifleur' style vases in red and purple 'Marmopal' (Otto Thamm design) My Second Article Is Done, With Some Surprises Involving Four Highly Successful Bohemia/Austria Glass Families Baskets by Welz….  We All Have Them, But Few Admit Readily That They Collect them!! A Couple of New Additions Butler Brothers Catalog Ad - A potential source for Czech glass exports ID The fans have it lately - Unusual short squat Kralik fan vase with red glass snake. New Heckert decor of hot finished Art Nouveau glass


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