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I principally collect Pallme-Koenig, Fritz Heckert and Schliersee art nouveau era glass.


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PALLME-KOENIG & HABEL - 'Goldspot Variant'  - Art Glassin Art Glass
F. v Poschinger, Buchenau, Bavaria, Threaded Vase c. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert Form TH94 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glasfabrik Schliersee, etching ink dekor no. 849, form no. 279. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert 'Changeant' Form TH 128 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-Koenig vase with original retailer's label - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lalique 'Saint-Francois' Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
FRITZ HECKERT Form TH 150 c. 1901 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
WMF Myra-Kristall 'Blau Perlmutter'  - Art Glassin Art Glass
FRITZ HECKERT vase form number TH61, c.1902-3 (Otto Thamm design) - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. You'll need to buy an Ultra Violet torch to really appreciate this vase.
  2. I have a similar vase with 3 handles. Almost certainly P-K, and highly UV reactive under black light.
  3. Thanks IronLace and scottvez.
  4. That's an amazing collection you've got, Marin!
  5. Great collection, Alain. I hope this display is only temporary as that top shelf looks very precarious propped up on two cardboard boxes! Bonne Année.
  6. Very eclectic collection, beautifully displayed.
  7. Good collection of Goldberg you've got there.
  8. The many tiny pieces of furnace 'soot' embedded in the glass may indicate Kralik production.
  9. It looks just as good upside-down.
  10. Makes an awesome cloche!
  11. You must surely have the best glass collection in NSW!
  12. Small but perfectly formed; this is such a 'modern' looking decor that works so well in a square shape. FAB-U-LOUS.
  13. Looks like Kralik 'Draped' to me. A plain silver collar might work?
  14. Do you know who made this?
  15. Great find, and excellent photography as usual.
  16. 'Gay evil-doers' - whatever next!
  17. Very nice display, and juxtaposition with Ruckl pieces.
  18. I like it, especially with those Daffs!
  19. You have good taste.
  20. Another great find, Ales.
  21. I think Kralik 'martele' also.
  22. Nice photos but I must disagree with the blanket attribution to Kralik. Surely the top left photo contains Welz pieces: 'maze' (green) and 'spiraloptisch' (red)? There is a profound difference between...
  23. Ales, I have several photos of lamp shades attributed to P-K at Passau. PM me if you need copies.
  24. Great purchase; FH bowls like this are quite rare.
  25. So 'Art Deco' it positively proclaims itself!
  26. Spectacular!
  27. Given that E. Steinwald was founded in 1870, one can only speculate as to what they produced pre-WW1 that is attributed to other glassworks!
  28. The Cullens bought it as Steinwald?
  29. Looks exactly like the edible crystallised fruit my mother used as decoration on a Christmas cake. Yummy!!!
  30. Alain - looking forward to seeing your new Heckert when it arrives. There's quite a nice TH61 for sale on eBay at the moment.
  31. It looks like a giant Belgian praline chocolate!
  32. "Weird scenes inside the gold mine".
  33. Super vase, Malkey, but wasn't the 'Likely Lads' set in the "Latin Quarter" of Doncaster?
  34. That crimp is to die for (metaphorically speaking of course)!
  35. 'The revolution will be no re-run, brothers. The revolution will be LIVE"!
  36. Great backdrop. Good to see Newcastle Falcons back in the Premiership next season.
  37. Thank you both for your input. I still err towards Kralik in attributing this piece but will keep an open mind.
  38. Thanks charcoal, I agree the shape does suggest Rückl as possible maker, although I'd like to see this decor on another shape. The veins do stand out from the surface rather than lie under a layer of ...
  39. Amazing - so lifelike!
  40. Does it mow lawns as well?
  41. Thanks Dr Robert Neville, aka Charlton Heston, aka Malkey. To save humanity the politicians MUST be sacrificed!
  42. Thr orange example in first piccy looks like some kind of weird and inedible fungi!
  43. I've got one similar to this dredged from the Escravos River in Nigeria; acquired on a business trip in 1987. It's Dutch, late 19th century.
  44. Sometimes these rocket-style pieces look even better upside down!
  45. FAB collection; luv the t-shirt.
  46. Lovely; looks like a weird lollipop!
  47. Wonderful.
  48. Ales, is that a fake signature on the base or just scratches ?
  49. I'm pretty sure the top right piece with an applied green rim is Kralik. The Harrach vases with reptiles and amphibians are mega-fantabulous. I saw two at the Karkonoskie Museum last October that wo...
  50. Congratulations; I think this dates from 1901-03. Hard to believe it's nearly 120 years old !
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