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Big Apple

Czech glass, Arts and Crafts, WMF glass, Art Nouveau posters, Maitres de L'Affiche


  1. I am told this is "Orange Opal"
  2. Malkey, Warren is different. He is eclectic; his thing is Loetz but he also buys the "discarded" [see NOT Loetz] and genuinely appreciates them. I like Czech, not ONLY Loetz!
  3. Malkey, I was out of FB fpr 3 days. The Censors.
  4. I let it go!
  5. Alas, and as usual, now I have the plate but not the bowl!
  6. Alas, the very type of decor makes it impossible! Imaging applying a knife to the silberiris surface . . . . .
  7. It did have a polished pontil!!!!!
  8. The seller wrote back: 4.5" . . . . .
  9. Senior moment: I meant Roger!
  10. I have the same in green!
  11. I have a set, but no coffee pot! But all of mine are marked with the Loetz oval mark. I'll post it so you can see it.
  12. Holy cow! You had this all this time? Villa Spaun is covered in them!
  13. What needs is TO SHOW the colors in the list!
  14. My first statement in this posting was incorrect. I did find two other three-handled vases in, under the general category of "Cameo". So far, 5 different shapes.
  15. Sorry, I meant "and makes".
  16. Gascan, your information goes directly contrary to what Has been written before. Please provide source and proof, for if is true it changes years of research [and make my finding much more interesti...
  17. Lerksel, a "mystery" for which there is evidence is not a mystery. But it does shake up preconceived notions!
  18. Gentlemen: I no longer understand or even trust Loetz decor names and/or PN's.
  19. No. Truth: I had not even tested them until you asked. Not the cameos, but I have plenty of others which do.
  20. Mike, since I discovered BOLDOOT I bought as many od its lttle cologne bottles only for the tops. And sure enough, they fit the miniatures!
  21. Amazing! It was A HAIR TONIC to prevent hair loss and ""the corrrosive effect of sweat" on the scalp"! And to boot, a crown top. I buy them and use the on my Loetz cameos and miniature bottles!
  22. Clarification: last picture, vase to the right. That's Corrugated gold.
  23. Warren Galle has documented these pieces as Loetz and informed me is working on adding them
  24. Have it green....
  25. I have been bombarded by pundits questioning my attbution. They sent me picturpictures with ugly owls holding dishes on their heads. By now I have four, with their respective PN's and descriptions. ...
  26. I had seen it for quite a while. It was a struggle, because I know what market pundits say about damaged pieces. But . .. . I also collect owls. This is the first time I find one of these. My pro...
  27. Just found and posted a Loetz cameo marked BR. Check it out.
  28. A matter of luck, already having the same shape!
  29. Warren I am sending you all of the pics I got. Thanks Larksel!
  30. Definitely Kralik. I have a matching vase and inkwell!
  31. At the time I visited Passau in 2006, i saw a piece in this decor classified as Kralik.I'll post for those interested.
  32. Larsel, the source is a an Argentor catalog in black and white, chuckful of Loetz mounted on their metal frames. Warren, I had come to exactly the same conclusion but did not dare say it!
  33. Could someone post side by side pics. of Pink Diaspora and Orbulin?
  34. I think all my Pink Diaspora is Orbulin! I'll post.
  35. Nope. It's close but if flares out, like the third from left to right III-4988
  36. Awesome!
  37. Holy cow! I did not even know about the Fisher mark! I kept trying to read "Richard".
  38. I've collected Myra for years. It is only recently that I stumbled into the necklaces. I already have 4. How do you distinguish between Myra and Ikora beads?
  39. How do I get in touch? Is that the West Virginia Museum publication??
  40. Check my article on Dugan and Czech glass
  41. Good grief. After so may years . . .
  42. I also have a full owl set[ including inkwell, paper clip, letter opener. book raack and letter holder] and the AN flowing hair lady [letter rack, book rack]. until noe I had no idea f the maker!
  43. Have it in pink and green.
  44. Please, come back. I did!
  45. It would be useful of the Loetz names for these colors were added.
  46. Thanks, Warren! I never look at bottoms of lamps, or I would have realized it was realized it was on the same page as other PN's I have.
  47. Red Myra? I have never found one!
  48. Oops. I have one more label . . .
  49. I have this decor as Kralik gold on blue Bacillus glass, but the Kralik is more "crowded"
  50. Correction: it says only "France."
  51. See more


RARE LATE LOETZ [C.1925]WITH FLOWER APPLICATION this is newcastle tyne the wesgate vault  the good bad and darn right ugly L,O,L lots love cw friends this is our time on CW Loetz Candy Bowl, Blaugrün Verlaufend Gerippt & Geschrenkt mit Silberfuß, PN II-7682, ca. 1910 Czechoslovakian three legged vase Czech Glass Art Vase Loetz two-handled Vase with Green Cabochons, ca. 1903 Poschinger, Buchenau Art Glass Vase designed by Karl Schmoll von Eisenwerth Carl Goldberg, Haida, ca. 1900