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Prague, Czech Republic

I collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Steinwald, Riedel ....). My entire collection iI collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Steinwald, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presented on my website (Read more)


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Loetz (or maybe Schliersee) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Painting - still life with Pallme Koenig & Habel vase  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Loetz PPN III-2822 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf  (or Kralik or Pallme Koenig) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf - Art Glassin Art Glass
Still other examples of the production of the Ernst Steinwald glassworks  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald & Co. - (called Kralik "Lines & Canes") - Art Glassin Art Glass
"Diamond texture" - Ernst Steinwald & Co. (most likely) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik "Eggshell" - silver foil mark - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Beautiful pieces. Congratulations. You really don't see this decor very often. I saw it in a different form a few years ago only in the collection of Mr. Gabor - a glassmaker from Sušice.
  2. I found this shape (photo 1 and 2) in Tomschick's books only in a book from the end of 1938, which lists a total of 333 shapes that the glassworks of Franz Tomschick took over from the glassworks of E...
  3. This is an amazing collection.
  4. Beautiful. Congratulations. I think this vase of mine would fit them (probably Harrach).
  5. A beautiful piece. Congratulations. I tried to find some information that would relate to R. Tischer Karslbad, but unfortunately I failed. So far, I have managed to identify 9 decors from my collectio...
  6. Amazing. Congratulations.
  7. A beautiful piece. I think these are Harrach glassworks.
  8. Very interesting. Beautiful collection. Thanks for the post.
  9. An amazing piece. Congratulations.
  10. It is a product of the Franz Tomschick glassworks around 1935. see my same pieces:
  11. Amazing. Congratulations.
  12. It is very interesting. I have the same or very similar vase in a larger design - 23.5 cm. I bought it as Harrach. So far, I haven't been able to verify it, but I haven't refuted it either. https://...
  13. This is most likely a product of the Franz Tomschick glassworks (Kostany - Kamenny Pahorek). The so-called "Spritzdekor" was popular in the 1930s. Several drawing books with these decors are in the de...
  14. This is an interesting piece. I have something very similar in my collection. In addition to the possible attribution to the Loetz glassworks, I am also considering the possibility of Moser (possibly...
  15. An amazing rarity piece. Congratulations.
  16. There is already a place ready. I waited for this painting for about half a year.
  17. Perfect. Congratulations on getting this piece into your collection. You can add an indication of the width of the vase at the bottom.
  18. This is a product of Franz Pallme Koenig Steinschönau glass refinery. see:
  19. This is most likely a product of the Franz Tomschick glassworks (based on shape matches).
  20. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  21. Great post. Thanks.
  22. It is a product of the Franz Tomschick glassworks - circa 1935.
  23. Amazing. Congratulations.
  24. A beautiful piece. Congratulations. Apart from Kralik, it could be some glassworks from Teplice - especially Rindskopf.
  25. Great post. Thank you.
  26. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  27. Carolus Hartmann states in his book "Das Glas im Raum Haida und Steinschönau" that Sommer & Zinke was founded in 1922. The company manufactures luxury services, whiskey and water glasses, lamps, smoki...
  28. Could you put those two Welz pages on your website or on CW?
  29. By no means do I question your merits in identifying the glass of the Welz glassworks. It just struck me as strange that you questioned my (and not only my) view that the books I had the opportunity t...
  30. You're probably right. Until we work it out and publish a book about it, there's no point in mentioning it. Next, think that everything is Kralik. By the way, have Welz documents already been publishe...
  31. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  32. Please delete my comments at this post. Thank you.
  33. Beautiful early Loetz. Congratulations.
  34. From this source it is indeed possible to derive research into the production of the W. Kralik glassworks from the period around 1900. The problem is that the shapes published here often appear with m...
  35. no. 46 is Riedel
  36. So probably Tomschick after all.
  37. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  38. Amazing collection. Congratulations. However, I am convinced that this is not the production of the W. Kralik glassworks, but that it is glass produced by the Ernst Steinwald & Co. glassworks. The sha...
  39. This is something else, but there is a certain resemblance. I have it listet as Kralik, but ...?
  40. Thanks. The decor is certainly very similar, but the only example of one layer of glass. Does it lead me to Rindskopf's carnival glass ?? But I don't insist on Rindskopf. I'm just looking for clues to...
  41. Craig, could you please send me pictures of that vase marked Germany.
  42. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  43. That's really fantastic. Congratulations.
  44. Wonderful.
  45. I know, but I'd still bet on Rindskopf after 1910. But who knows, I might lose.
  46. I would almost bet on Rindskopf. Now it's something similar on ebay, but unfortunately it doesn't send outside the US.
  47. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  48. A really beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  49. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  50. I agree. It would like to have both vases next to each other.
  51. See more