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Prague, Czech Republic

I collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presentedI collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presented on my website (Read more)


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Early Loetz - "Barock decoration" with strawberries - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - Delphi - DEK ??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - "Kristall optisch mit grün" with Domino mark - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald & Co. - Chicago 1933 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald & Co. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ersnst Steinwald & Co. - another decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald & Co. - "Millefiori" - maybe decor 2323 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Probably Ernst Steinwald & Co. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Loetz or Harrach - Art Glassin Art Glass
R.WILLIAMSON & CO. - TEPLITZ GLASS 1905 - Pallme Koenig or Ernst Steinwald - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I have never seen this decor in this shape. Again, I have to congratulate you on a great finding.
  2. Amazing pieces of Riedel. Congratulations.
  3. Thank you for the explanation. I also consulted this vase with Dr. Lenickova. I think that production by the W. Kralik glassworks is only one of the possibilities. Otherwise, I agree that the signatu...
  4. Yes according to WVM Monograph No. 59 should be a "Meteor" decor and according to the comments on this catalog, it should be made by the W. Kralik glassworks. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it is not t...
  5. This is another mystery. The shapes are very similar to the shapes of the shades from the Steinwald´s catalog (Blatt 9, shape 2991 and 2837 or 2838). See:
  6. I have already decided to convert most of the decors from the 1920s and 1930s years from Kralik to Steinwald, in particular on the basis of the following information: - the identified decors Flowera...
  7. An amazing piece. Congratulations.
  8. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  9. It is beyond discussion that the history of the glassworks in Lenora (Meyr, W.Kralik) is relatively well documented. However, this does not apply entirely to the documentation of the production of thi...
  10. Very interesting post and comparison. Thanks for this post. In my opinion, another argument in favor of Steinwald. I think all these vases are from ES&C. But it is only my opinion based on the used sh...
  11. I'm just saying I'm convinced Steinwald did it. At the same time, however, I say that the majority opinion is that it is attributed to the W. Kralik glassworks. Time will tell who is right. I would ju...
  12. You are certainly not alone in insisting on assignment to Kralik. It is also a big problem for me. Until recently, I considered the assignment to the W. Kralik glassworks to be unambiguous. However, b...
  13. I agree that more evidence would be needed to reclassify a number of decors from Kralik to Steinwald. But in this case - the decor referred to as "Wave" is, in my opinion, more circumstantial evidence...
  14. Nice. I think it is the production of some glassworks from the Teplice area - most likely Rindskopf.
  15. Beautiful vase. It is a product of the Ernst Steinwald & Co. glassworks. Mostly, however, it is still attributed to Wilhelm Kralik glassworks.
  16. Yes, it is really an extremely beautiful piece that would adorn the collection of each museum. Congratulations.
  17. Yes Phil, you're right it's definitely I / 358.
  18. This is a really beautiful piece. Congratulations. I wonder if the digit before / is really I.?
  19. I'll make it even more complicated. I don't think it's either Kralik or Tomschick, but Steinwald.
  20. A beautiful piece. Here is a link to the same decor in my collection:
  21. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  22. I'm still thinking Poschinger did it. Is there a reference to literature or a catalog?
  23. A beautiful piece. Definitely the same manufacturer. I haven't seen it in this color version with a cracklé finish. I guess the crackle is a bit rougher than the Loetz crackle from later period. I bel...
  24. And a reference to Ausf. 123 on (mainly photo from Museum Sumava):
  25. This item was probably part of the "Domino - Tafeldekoration" (table decoration) - see PPN II-5777 - II-5783.
  26. Literature: Lötz Band 2: page 585, fig.16
  28. First I thought that No. 1/450 could be PPN. PPN 1/450 was used in 1901, but this paper pattern is missing. Execution and design correspond to the production from 1907-1908. It may not be a sticker us...
  29. I'm trying to find some more documents for both Steinwald and Kralik, but it's almost hopeless. I hoped that there were some photos from the interior of the Czechoslovak exhibition at the Chicago Worl...
  30. A truly terrific piece. Congratulations.
  31. Thanks for the links. In my opinion, the shapes are not the same, but very similar. I think they come from the same glassworks. My vase measures 4 3/4 "(see on the paper label). Here is a link to anot...
  32. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  33. That is rarely seen. Congratulations.
  34. Penny - It could be Ernst Steinwald & Co. But there is a lack of evidence such as catalogs, shape designs, etc. The shape is identical to the shape with the "millefiori" decor, which appears in the ca...
  35. This is a wonderful piece. Congratulations.
  36. I think it was made in some glassworks in the Teplice area. Franz Tomschick or Pallme Koenig or ..?
  37. Congratulations on getting this great piece. I still think it's Rindskopf or Riedel.
  38. Amazing.
  39. I have the same vase in my collection. Humler and Nolan sold it a few years ago like probably Harrach. I have it listed at Loetz as an unidentified Titania with the possibility of production in the 20...
  40. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  41. Unfortunately, I have no information about the warehouses of the glassworks in Prague. But to the glassworks operated by Rückl it is necessary to add the Nove Mitrovice glassworks (1868 - 1931). Thi...
  42. I agree, it reminds Loetz Ausf. 220. I heard the opinion that this decor from Loetz was also made by Kralik (it allegedly differs in design - the version from Loetz should be smoother, not so plastic)...
  43. Yes, I have already moved part of the Kralik decors to Steinwald. Somewhere I mention either Steinwald or Kralik. But there is still little new information. See:
  44. Artist signature is possible A. Gammius Boecker.
  45. Only a purple bowl has a smooth and polished rim. The green vase has a rim cut - it looks like it has been shortened. But that's how it was made. But other vases with this decor and shape that I saw h...
  46. Perfect study. I am convinced that all 4 vases were made by one and the same glassworks. In my opinion, the Osiris decor is sufficiently documented as a product of the Ernst Steinwald glassworks.
  47. The first vase (from my collection) should be Hermannova Hut, the other three vases I think Suchenthal.
  48. Thank you for posting. This should also be produced by Stölzle.
  49. The "Augustinka" glassworks on Kamenný pahorek (Steinhügel) in Koš?any (Kosten) is another big unknown to me. I have preliminarily assigned a few pieces to the production of this glassworks, but it's ...
  50. It's a vicious circle. The Hosch catalog includes the products of the Kralik glassworks, as well as other glassworks (Loetz, Pallme Koenig and it also seems Steinwald).
  51. See more