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Prague, Czech Republic

I collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presentedI collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presented on my website (Read more)


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Ernst Steinwald & Co. - Osiris  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald & Co. - decor Flowerall - Art Glassin Art Glass
Arnošt Steinwald a spol. (Ernst Steinwald & Co.) Teplice-Šanov  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jean Beck München - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PG 829  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PG 829 (or "like" PG 829), PPN II-187 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Loetz production - "Schräg plastisch gerippt" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Formosa - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz PG 691 with silver overlay - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Again a perfect comparison of shapes and again I think it is the production of the glassworks Ernst Steinwald & Co.
  2. Again a perfect comparison of shapes. I think that many of these vases will eventually be assigned to the Ernst Steinwald & Co. glassworks.
  3. I do not know. Unfortunately, I do not imagine anything under the name Pastila.
  4. I think the glassworks in Ernstbrunn has no connection with Ernst Steinwald. The glassworks in Ernstbrunn (Czech - Arnoštov) was founded in 1807. During the First World War, the operation of the glass...
  5. Perfect shape comparison. Everything points to Ernst Steinwald & Co. I have already transferred the decor of the vase in photo 3 from W. Kralík to ES&C in my collection. see: https://www.bohemianglass...
  6. Yes Ernst Steinwald & Co.
  7. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  8. In the 4th photo (from PGM) the second vase at the top left could be the OSIRIS decor. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the vases that are on the shelf below. It seems that these could be other dec...
  9. Yes you are right Jericho, the sticker is the same - maybe the decor number, the shape ...
  10. I think the Flowerall decor was in several variants. In my opinion, this is one of the variants in combination with the Bambus decor.
  11. Perhaps we could move on based on this catalog of lampshades by Ernst Steinwald. Unfortunately, it is unavailable to me.
  12. 1 / Jahrbuch der österreichischen Industrie 1914 I. Bd., Page 248: Ernst Steinwald & Comp., Hohlglasfabrik, Dampfschleiferei (1876), owner Ernst Steinwald, Josef Karpeles, 140 workers, Dampfm. 35 HP, ...
  13. So far, I have information only quoted on the phone, as soon as I have in the details, I will inform.
  14. It is awesome. I think we have a lot of work to do when shifting from W. Kralik to E. Steinwald. It's like a chain reaction. As soon as we allow one decor, thanks to the shapes, it leads us to a diffe...
  15. I think it could be a product of the Ernst Steinwald glassworks. There is a document in the archive of the Teplice region, which states, among other things, that this glassworks offers glass with the ...
  16. I managed to get the names of other decors of the Ernst Steinwald glassworks: OSIRIS, KAKTEE, VESUVIO and CARINTHIA. I have a feeling that I have at least 1 vase with a paper mark OSIRIS in my collect...
  17. No, that's not it. These are flat glass with a sealed "wire mesh" (so that the flat glass retains its shape after breaking and does not break into small shards) and flat glass with a frosted finish.
  18. Phil: I think that both vases (like WMF) have the same shape and the edge design is original from the glassworks. On my vase is some damage - chips. Lisa: That PGM photo is bad. I'm not sure if the g...
  19. I do not judge the shape or color of the glass of the PGM bowl with the bowl on the right at this link. I consider only the same or very similar exterior decoration of the decor. http://nebula.wsimg....
  20. I thought the exterior decor was the same or similar.
  21. Interesting and nice pieces. I wonder which glassworks started using this glass finish first. For information, here is a vase from my collection made by the Josef Inwald glassworks in 1925, which has ...
  22. I added another photo from the Passau Glassmuseum - a display case with glass by Erns Steinwald - the bowl in the foreground has the same decor as the bowl on the link above from Lisa.
  23. Thank you all for your contributions and comments. Gradually, this creates the solution of a jigsaw puzzle called the Ernst Steinwald & Co. glassworks. I believe that we will eventually discover other...
  24. I wonder how many of these vase-cups were made. I don't think so much. It may be one of the DEKs listed in PPN 3900, i.e. 760 or 772, and the other is a vase in Loetz Band I Figure 318. It is also in...
  25. This is now my Flowerall vase marked at the bottom of Flowerall (I will take a photo of the bottom with "Flowerall" by the end of June).
  26. Congratulations again, Warren.
  27. It's also a problem for me. For this type of glass, which I have quite a lot represented in my collection, I still consider the inclusion of the W. Kralík glassworks to be definitely correct. Unfortun...
  28. As for the paper stickers Bambus and IRIS DEKOR BOHEMIA, in my opinion again they do not solve anything. Unfortunately, these labels do not indicate the glassworks. They can belong to both W. Kralik a...
  29. Yes, it is definitely a real possibility. But when I consider the comparison of the shapes from E. Steinwald's advertisement with the shapes attributed to W. Kralik, I think that the variant that "Cag...
  30. I think that this "semi-circle" mark Czechoslovakia could be used not only by the W. Kralik glassworks but also by Ernst Steinwald, and I do not rule out the possibility that more (perhaps significant...
  31. Another question is the use of the "semi-circle" mark Czechoslovakia, which is attributed to the glassworks W. Kralik.
  32. Yes, I agree. I think there will also be something that is attributed to the Josef Rindskopf glassworks.
  33. I think the advertisement is from 1930, when the book was published. There are several other glassworks ads that also link to the Leipzig Trade Fair.
  34. Yes, it looks like that. I try to put together as much information as possible. But it will take some time.
  35. Thank you very much. It's clear - Jean Beck.
  36. Wonderful and complete even with a stopper. I have this shape in the PG 6893 design, but without a stopper - so I considered it a vase. I have to change that.
  37. You're right. I agree.
  38. Nice pieces. Maybe it could be Rindskopf?
  39. Fantastic. Another newly identified PG. Congratulations. I think I have something similar on the way in transport (but I don't dare say it with complete certainty from the photos yet).
  40. Congratulations to identifying another new DEK.
  41. Well this is a wonderful unique pieces. Congratulations.
  42. Updated May 6: Ernest Hantich & Co. was restructured in 1931. 2 companies were established: W. Hantich & Co. and L. Hantich & Co. The successor company was W. Hantich & Co., whose decisive owner was W...
  43. Beautiful and interesting. The "applied snake" is very similar to the "applied claw" attributed to the Kralik glassworks ("Kralik Claw"). It seems that some "Kralik Claw" could be Rindskopf. ???
  44. Beautiful and very interesting. I would say Kralik. However, that shape is reminiscent of Loetz PPN II-221 (or I-7580).
  45. Very interesting. I am leaning towards the variant that both vases were made by Kralik. The blue one is probably for a glass refinery (perhaps from the area of Nový Bor - Kamenický Šenov).
  46. I think it's PPN I-2222.
  47. This is a beautiful example of Rindskopf red aventurine. Rindskopf had another version of the pink and green. However, more glassworks made similar designs. Harrach - Formosa in red version and orange...
  48. I agree - glass can also be from Harrach. But it reminds me more of color combinations from Kralik, Loetz or Riedel.
  49. Here is my vase with the same decor. I think it's not properly included in PGM. It's Harrach.
  50. I believe the decor was made by Carl Goldberg glass refinery. But who made the black glass? Riedel or Jílek Brothers or Harrach .... ??
  51. See more