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Prague, Czech Republic

I collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presentedI collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presented on my website (Read more)


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Loetz - unknown decor - maybe Capri ??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glasraffinerie Friedrich Pietsch  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz candia silberiris in silver plated copper mounting  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert - Changeant vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hantich & Co. "Johnolyth" Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Loetz production Sphinx - "Citrongelb grün verlaufend" (lemon yellow spreading to green)  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wilhelm Kralik vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - cut glass "annagelb a. weissemail, dunkelblau" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - Unknown PG - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I'm not entirely sure it's Kralik. I have it so classified according to the Passau Glasmuseum, where they have the same vase in Kralik exposition.
  2. I am sorry. I wanted to give this link:
  4. That's beautiful. For PN I-7881 the description appears another unknown decor - Terresta. So maybe Capri maybe Terresta and maybe something else.
  5. Warren has a vase with this decor in the PN-676, which is also listed decor Capri. So maybe ...
  6. Here is the same decor in creta color
  7. Beautiful example of combined decor. Congratulations.
  8. Nice piece. Made around 1936.
  9. Wonderful. Congratulations (and I honestly envy).
  10. Now I have found a photo from Passau Glasmuseum, where there is a vase of the same shape and decor in white color in Loetz 120 showcase.
  11. I think it's Loetz. According to color (but it may be somewhat inaccurate in the photo) and bottom, but mainly the stylized flowers. See:
  12. I think the vase was made by Kralik. A Daum glassworks production expert should comment on this. Maybe it was production of Kralik made to order of Daum Nancy glassworks? But this is only speculation....
  13. I am not expert in French glass, but I'm afraid that this marking may be false.
  14. It is possible to add a photo with marking. It reminds me of the production of Bohemian glassworks Wilhelm Kralik. see:
  15. Congratulations. Amazing piece.
  16. Thank you all very much.
  17. Beautiful. It could also be a production of Harrach (Toledo - Rainbow) ???
  18. The assignment of the vase right to Harrach was the first impression. I'm not sure at all. I can think of French production - Legras - Clichy ???
  19. It is very interesting. I'd say the vase on the right is Harrach. But I can be wrong.
  20. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  21. Scratches.
  22. Amazing unprecedented piece. Congratulations.
  23. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  24. Beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  25. Somehow I can't get any information about "Silvestri". Is it a manufacturer or trader? I found only the designation .. Silvestri Made in Taiwan, and also Silvestri Murano ???
  26. Interesting vase. Some time ago I bought a similar vase in Australia. Unfortunately, I also know nothing about it. I think it's the same manufacturer.
  27. Amazing piece. Congratulations.
  28. Beautiful piece. More and more I think it will be the production of Franz Tomschick. As well as the same labeled glass, which is sometimes attributed to Kralik or Pallme Koenig. (???)
  29. Both vases were made by Loetz glassworks to order Bakalowits Söhne Wien. Left vase: Vulkan, 1902, PN 85/3763, dimensions 7,3 x 8 cm. Silver overlay - design by Antonija Krasnik. Vase on the right: ...
  30. Thank you Michelle.
  31. see:
  32. Thank you Jill.
  33. I think it could be Riedel.
  34. Nice vase. Interesting unusual shape. I agree that it could be Riedel, but I would not rule out the possibility of Rindskopf. What color is the base glass? It is also possible that the painting was ma...
  35. Beautiful piece. Congratulations on the identification of Schreiber Neffen. Finding it among so many drawings is a success and it certainly takes a lot of time.
  36. Beautiful piece. Your research activities in the field of bohemian glass and especially Franz Welz glassworks are very important and beneficial.
  37. Very nice pieces. Congratulations.
  38. Beautiful piece and amazing collection. Congratulations.
  39. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  40. Beautiful piece. I wonder who will confirm that your idea that floriform shades are Bohemian (Kralik, Loetz ... ) on order from Clarke's.
  41. Thank you Penny.
  42. Holmegaard it made before Harrach. I had no idea.
  43. Harrach - about 1970 - yet. see:
  44. Another extraordinary and beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  45. I think it could also be Riedel. In Hartmann Lexikon is at Beckmann & Weis, inter alia, that cameo glass produced for them Riedel glassworks already marked Beckmann Weis sometimes supplemented Dresden...
  46. This is a beautiful piece. Those colored surfaces are glass, painting or stained? Is there any reference to JH? I recently bought a smaller iris vase of the same (or very similar) shape. I thought it ...
  47. Beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  48. The second vase (right on the last photo) is possible PN II-1966 - "braun, rot Silberiris".
  49. Deb this is great thank you very much. I have overlooked it - and most of the time I make it through Lnenickova's book at least twice.
  50. In any case the second red vase in the lower left corner was still in May 2012 in PGM among unknown manufacturers. In October 2014 (when I was taking pictures in PGM again) is already included in Pall...
  51. See more