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Prague, Czech Republic

I collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Steinwald, Riedel ....). My entire collection iI collect Bohemian glass, especially the period 1840 - 1940 (Loetz, Moser, Harrach, Kralik, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Steinwald, Riedel ....). My entire collection is presented on my website (Read more)


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Kralik "Eggshell" - silver foil mark - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald (or Wilhelm Kralik ?) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - more examples Ausführungen 1936  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Other examples of Ernst Steinwald production  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz - Delphi DEK 343 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vase with handles "Goldzypern" - Fritz Heckert  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vase "Eiszapfen" (Icicles) - Loetz (early production) or Harrach - Art Glassin Art Glass
W. Kralik or Ernst Steinwald - "Opal Spiral" - Art Glassin Art Glass
W. Kralik - "lava crackle iris" - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald - other examples of production  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Kevin - I'm editing.
  2. All three vases are marked TCHÉCO-SLOVAQUIE at the bottom. I'm adding a photo.
  3. Thanks Jericho. Don't you have a photo of that vase with Kralik's sticker?
  4. Thank you very much Michelle.
  5. Yes, there is a resemblance to one Lotz decor from the 1930s and also to Ausf. 142. (possibly also with an unidentified Ausf., which resembles Ausf. 142). But it's not Loetz.
  6. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  7. see:
  8. All right. I am convinced that this is the production of the Ernst Steinwald glassworks.
  9. A beautiful piece. Congratulations. I have a different opinion on the manufacturer, but it doesn't matter. Here is the same shape:
  10. Yes, according to shape studies, a number of decors were assigned to the Rindskopf glassworks. Unfortunately, these shape studies do not include shapes with one or two demonstrable decors of the Rinds...
  11. In the book Das Böhmisches Glass 1700-1950, Band IV. on page 184, this vase is available in other sizes: 31.7 cm, 26 cm and 18 cm.
  12. Wonderful. Congratulations. I have it in sizes 23 cm and 35 cm. I wonder if there is any evidence that this was actually made by Rindskopf. I also have it listed as Rindskopf, but I'm not sure. Howev...
  13. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  14. Wonderful. Congratulations.
  15. Yes, I couldn't resist. The last vase is still on its way to me.
  16. Perfect post - thank you.
  17. ad 7 - scottvez:
  18. ad 7 - scottwez:
  19. I am working intensively on the study of the production of the Ernst Steinwald glassworks, but I hope to obtain further information for its publication, e.g. from the Regional Museum in Teplice. In co...
  20. Arguments for classifying Flowerall decor (referred to by collectors as "Marquetry"): A: in favor of Ernst Steinwald: - the name of the decor is given in the statistical yearbooks Czechoslovakia fro...
  21. I agree with charcoal that this is most likely (close to certainty) the production of the Ernst Steinwald & Co. glassworks. The shapes of all the vases in the above 3 photos (except for the 3rd vase f...
  22. Until 2020, it never occurred to me that Marquetry and Bambus could be made by anyone other than Kralik. All this was changed by the advertisement of the Ernst Steinwald & Co. glassworks. The assignme...
  23. Yes. But the assignment of this and other decors from the 1920s and 1930s to the Kralik glassworks was determined at a time when information was not known that the Flowerall decor (referred to as "M...
  24. A beautiful piece. However, I think that this is not the production of the W. Kralik glassworks, but Ernst Steinwald & Co. This decor appears in the shapes used by ES&C (Bambus, "Webbed", "Wave" ...).
  25. Most likely neither Rindskopf nor Kralik, but Ernst Steinwald & Co. In the Teplice Regional Museum, they have a vase referred to by collectors as "Corrugated" with a label marked Steinwald.
  26. I think it is a product of Ernst Steinwald. see Decor 2144 (Blatt 16) or Decor 1079 (Blatt 19):
  27. The vase has no pontil. At the bottom is a number of small scratches from use.
  28. I'm not saying it's definitely Steinwald. I said I thought it might be Steinwald. The shapes are very similar and stylistically similar to other Steinwald shapes known in Bambus or Flowerall decors. B...
  29. I think that the shape is very similar, but mainly the technique of decor is, in my opinion, very similar, if not the same as the ground for a Bambus vase. This is how I see this from a photo and a co...
  30. I think it could be Ernst Steinwald. The type and technique of design is very similar, for example, to this vase:
  31. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  32. An amazing piece. Congratulations.
  33. An interesting piece. I think Rindskopf did it. I have 4 small bowls with this decor. see:
  34. see:
  35. An interesting piece. The shape seems similar to my vase, which I thought could have been made by Loetz (similar to the shape of PPN II-5775 or II-6405).
  36. Thanks for the report. I registered that the same vase with the decor label appeared on ebay.
  37. I think it's Harrach.
  38. A beautiful piece. Congratulations. Here is my similar vase - a slightly different color design. (This is the first time I've seen your version.)
  39. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  40. Or Ernst Steinwald & Co.
  41. A beautiful and extraordinary piece. Congratulations.
  42. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  43. No, this is my only osiris. I have two candlesticks on the way, which might also be osiris (?), but again vertical lines.
  44. Thank you for all the comments.
  45. Beautiful example Loetz carneol.
  46. This is a really sensational piece. Congratulations.
  47. Nice piece. Painting maybe by someone from the Pfohl family (Alexander Sr. or Jr. or Brigitte?) - Nový Bor (Haida).
  48. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.
  49. Birthday congratulations to you both and also to a wonderful gift.
  50. So I haven't seen it yet. This is unique. Thanks for posting.
  51. See more