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  1. always had a plastic one in my tool box when playing machinist
  2. ya Dave's right they are cool,.. nice save..
  3. cute...
  4. nice old pic... I was told if you see a head in the sand in Texas ..don't dig it up he might be sitting on a horse...hmm...... for a second I thought you were going to turn in to bo winkle ... hey roc...
  5. nice Dave..
  6. was looking at that head really good you sure its not a geo pet thingie cool find ..did you try to water it ..? oopp's biting my lip...later
  7. coooooool...whats the art hanging on the wall behind the head,,,hmmmmmmm... can ya post it ...???
  8. very cool ....
  9. sweet...
  10. Very lovely ...
  11. Wow..
  12. should read " I like : dam software can even fix a
  13. lot of times a like Pallme Koenig over loetz ....biting my
  14. cool litho..I drop 5 125' tall pines 4 feet at the base 1200 board ft each tree,... two where two feet away from the house on one side and a two story garage the other side .my wife left for the day ...
  15. this thing will heat you out of your shop .. i have a glen same thing just a lot of nickle, depending on the grate you can burn coal too i'm going to try pellets this year ..good luck
  16. most people say they have a collection of this and that ... But not you ,.. you say I have tonnage of nice job..
  17. I have a couple of these ...reminds me of school I spent more time at the Pencil Sharpener be cause there was this cute girl right next to it the teacher would tell me to go sit down 3 or 4 t...
  18. nice collection ...
  19. wow that's some pretty ....U should send it to me so I can wash it might take a few years to dry so don't call the cops its all good I would be ripping out a wall to mount this so the...
  20. look at the tires on that boat they transport stiffs on the weekends the three window Buick who the hell are these hustlers, kin folk or you steel these from your friends house .....
  21. hmm fish are jumpimg ..what pond U @ ..?
  22. huh ...? oh my hero....
  23. its from Mexico,.. weno moucho granndy not so much denaros seeing this is 1o years old you most likely have past on ....
  24. used to love going to the old A&P just down the street ...when cashing out the bean smasher was right next to check out and that's all you could smell and walking on the really old hard wood floors ...
  25. I want to say a Windsor Chair , but cant match it up in my book ...hmmmmm
  26. nice detail on them...
  27. Very nice....
  28. Sorry for messing with your page LazyBoy ..thank you fr posting it .. P S
  29. p s......
  30. p.s
  31. What we share in this country Is a gift beyond measure, With those who protect it, Our truest treasure. Theirs no way to thank you for given your li...
  32. R I P ..........................
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Multiple Motoric Model Moving Matchbox Monday K-8 King Size Car Transporter 1968 Marmorierte red glass perfume bottle My Father 1943 possibly Fy Worth Tx Killed in action 1918 OREO and her ORIETTES, v. 2.8 (now v2.9)


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