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Dennis Priddy's Powder Horn. No#42  more Pictures - Folk Artin Folk Art
Dennis Priddy's  Powder Horn. made for a good friend , No#42 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Personal powder Horn, Scrimshawed on a antique horn, No#24 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Personal Scrimshawed powder horn , N0#34 ,  - Folk Artin Folk Art
 1946 INDIAN CHIEF MOTORCYCLE, 1934 SPORT SCOUT, 1935 HARLEY-DAVIDSON VLD - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
WW 1 US  186th Aerial  Squadron Helmet ,FLYING RED DEVILS,  US KEYSTONE DIVISION M-2 Experimental, 2nd M-2 Unmarked  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
World War 1 , German Trench Armour, Grandson Eli posing with it on at Military show , Grand Rapids Michigan - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Double Edge Michigan Toothpicks with family Bowie Knifes  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Bowie Knifes and Arkansas toothpick W/ Carved handle - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Dope Horn and Pipes , St. George Slaying the Dragon  - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. dav2no1, thank you, Marlins are wonderful firearms. And will hold their value. I have had over 100 guns and have never lost on one. Like money in the bank but better, and if you like to plink at targ...
  2. Hotairfan, thank you, I always love to hunt with mine. Seems like it puts you in a whole new level on the playing field as you get but one shot to take. So I love the heightened sense of one own prese...
  3. fortapache, All but the Damascus Dagger blade's were made by me , and most were styled to fit the deer horn antlers. I still have my first Bowie I made in jr high 9th grade school in 1969. I bet you...
  4. blunderbuss2, I wish I had the maxim for display with these, that would be kick ass. Stay safe
  5. fortapache , Thank you, When I bought the helmet in the 1970's from my picker friend Danny, I had always hope to find the other pieces. I stumble across the breast plate from another picker friend Rus...
  6. blunderbuss2, Where are you located ? Do we know who the father's are ? ......Thanks my friend
  7. blunderbuss2, No, tapper fluted. I took a 1/2'' ball nose cutter and ran a .093'' deep tapered cut the length of the barrel , as too flute the octagon flats. The 1'' barrel , had 1/4'' of wall around...
  8. blunderbuss2 , The barrel cutting was not that hard, been making dope pipes for so long, that my mill and lathe work goes together well. As stated I took a old original barrel, as this will be short ...
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Brass barreled blunderbuss's Brandon's 1946 INDIAN CHIEF MOTORCYCLE, Santa's gift This .50 caliber flintlock rifle was a 37 year project. I dedicate it to my  late father,  Officer William Rowe GAME WARDEN