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East Boston

Whats not to like ..?


  1. I love the brooch and the effects you sprinkled on it ...smiling ,enjoy the day
  2. cute...
  3. lmao .fhrjr2, don't hold back ....smiling
  4. I should of read what you wrote up here in the northeast we used them to put a swill in ..local farms had a contract with the city ..they inturn put it in a vat and boiled it and gave it to the pigs ...
  5. yup we had one we used to follow the swill truck is the summer and wait for them to screw up the loader and spill swill all over the street kind of like spanky and the gang
  6. poor George...smiling
  7. love this one ....really cute..nice to see the makers find..later
  8. hows your water doing where your at, wife was tell me lake Mead is down 140 feet and the cattle people out your way are trying to dump the cattle cause they have to truck in the grain and water.....
  9. i'm a big fan of them ...
  10. fhrjr2...what don't tell me you had one of toilet seat cover ..that would be gross...
  11. have a good day,,..
  12. this makes me think of the movie Steve McQueen was in as a sharp find .
  13. for combo in wall clock and door bell....
  14. cool old picture what kind of camera did you use to take the picture ... I used to play in VT a lot a friend bought a farm in Charles town . found a old Indian bike under a tarp in one of the barns. ...
  15. nice bot.. nicer sister ... love the twins... later
  16. very cool ...
  17. cute,,,,....HNCD... The last 2 cats I had lived to be 21 years old ...smiling
  18. Watchsearcher, .. puppy dogs are so cute ,, and fun to watch...later '-))
  19. all I can say is .....
  20. nice show and tell...smiling....ya the dime's had a life of their own ,as a kid I always had a dime in my wallet to call home if I got in to trouble ..smiling,... then we save them to put in our march...
  21. nice vase on the "flush you out " comment ...later
  22. do you carry a gun when wearing those paints ... I know women that would kill for them including my wife lol........hope ya had fun ...
  23. nice find label and all and it don't hurt none being cute..'-))..later
  24. i see on the news the prices on boy scout things have really shot up , looks like you been ahead of the curve..good for you .. '-))..
  25. this is some pretty ...jenni ... have a great day.... '-))
  26. wonderful collection you have going on ,..Michael
  27. what year is all the Thomas...
  28. nice one always wanted a 4x4 one ...which wouldn't take much to do on this have fun.
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