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Started collecting Czech glass 25 years ago. After buying a house to renovate my collecting slowed down but now I am collecting again with a vengeance. My collectiStarted collecting Czech glass 25 years ago. After buying a house to renovate my collecting slowed down but now I am collecting again with a vengeance. My collection consists of around 100 pieces. I also collected French deco glass until it became cost prohibitive. I am always looking for new pieces to fill the holes in my Czech collection and if possible, love to trade my duplicates and pieces I've tired of. Becoming a member to CW is long overdue and I look forward to posting and engaging in the discussions. (Read more)


Czech glass lidded candy dish - Art Decoin Art Deco
Red Tango with applications - Art Glassin Art Glass
A few more Welz - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sweet little Welz vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian/Czech art glass collection - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Wow! Great color, great shape beautiful proportions. Congrats!
  2. Great pieces especially the fan vase!
  3. Love this simple elegant form. Also love this color! Great find!!
  4. I collect Schneider glass and they did a very similar piece but yours is 18 earlier and apparently the original. Nice!
  5. Wow! Who says less is more!?!? Great collection!
  6. I have a piece very similar in shape but different color. I believe mine to be Welz. Regardless a beautiful piece
  7. Love the vase and the story! I do know what you mean" Love at first sight " it's how I started collecting Czech glass.... saw an arrangement of four pieces and I was hooked. Great piece!
  8. That's really impressive!!! Amazing pieces!
  9. Missed this post but love this... great color, pattern and shape! A true trifecta!!
  10. Thanks all for your comments. Merry Christmas and the best of collecting this New Year, 2018, Imagine that!
  11. Love the texture and its blush. Great piece!
  12. There is something about a label that ads another dimension to any piece! Love it!
  13. Like Butterscotch, love the piece
  14. Like Butterscotch, love the piece
  15. Red, yellow orange. My favorite color combo.
  16. In agreement with all of the above..... and that shape!!!
  17. Never seen anything like this... stunning!
  18. I'm a bit concerned with how we spend our Friday nights... Great colossal piece! Love the color combo! Now, back to my Sonoma Brut!
  19. I've looked at zillions of pieces and don't ever recall having seen this shape. Nice!
  20. Now that's what I'm talking about... Nice
  21. Another fabulous pair.... Simple but classic Ovid shape!
  22. Wow! Love everything about this vase..... Great shape, color, pattern. Another amazing score!
  23. Thanks vetraio, racer and Rick. Love all your posts and insights
  24. So Futuristic! Done in the thirties but has a fifties vibe.
  25. Thanks vetraio and Rick... Always love to know your favorites
  26. Thanks Welzbub, Wow22, Ian, Mac, Inky and bohemianglass. I recognize all your names an enjoy all your posts! I cruise the CW every day and am envious of all the great pieces I see.
  27. Regardless of its origins, it would work well in a Czech collection. Really nice piece!
  28. A bit late to comment but love the vibrant red and the 4 lobes. Totally Deco! A great score!
  29. Love this classic urn shape.... Timeless! ....also great photos/backdrops
  30. Jericho, I'm building another one now
  31. Really nice! Amazing finish!!
  32. Thannks Scott & Loumanal. Interesting how everyone has their favorite.
  33. Agreed sklo... the applications are somewhere between orange, red and a hint of yellow
  34. No favorites here... I love them ALL!
  35. Thanks Welzebub. My favs too
  36. Thanks guys, glad to be part of this community
  37. Beautiful color, proportions, execution. Love these ball footed tango bowls. Great snag! Loetz?
  38. Great seeing the entire collection. Good luck with the move.
  39. Thanks you guys. 18 decors, I've got a ways to go.
  40. Thanks Rose... Appreciate your comment
  41. Noted Welzebub... I was collecting Welz years ago and it was relatively easy to find. The number of Welz pieces seems to have dried up. I will post some of my favorite pieces in a few days.
  42. Thanks to all for the comments on the display! It still needs a little tweaking but getting there. I appreciate the comment regarding the safety of the shelf. I think I'm covered. I put a 5 foot wi...
  43. Love the periwinkle and green. What a great color combo!
  44. Really? How can someone be so clueless!
  45. Wow! Nothing more to say.....
  46. So Deco. Never seen anything like it! Beautiful piece as usual.
  47. Great piece, Great score!
  48. Love this color pattern. One of my favorites
  49. Like no other. Great piece!
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