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French waterscape.  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Loetz Rainbow Shape study - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bust of young girl, 40's or 50's pottery thick black/gunmetal glaze.  - Potteryin Pottery
Marked H.D.S or H.O.S '68 glass bowl MOD - Art Glassin Art Glass
Native American  or  Mexican silver and Abalone - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mystery pendant blue with crystalline properties unmarked - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Harrach vase with Roses "Dessine" prod#1225/6 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery Swan vase.  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. :( :( :( (they wanted a longer comment than one frowny so I added more for emphasis. I almost used the word impact but that would be wrong ; )
  2. yeah that's definitely the same house as mine. too bad it's not marked! lol
  3. have to see a picture of it you should start your own story about it. my gut is that if it says something else it's not the same. the word art is included on many things in conjunction with another wo...
  5. @dasullywon what source said this signature could be attributed to loetz?
  6. unless it says only art like shown here it's not the same thing.
  7. 3 years ago I didn't' see what I see now. LOL. I see where you were going with this one Warren. it has a loetz colorway doesn't it. the arsall and d'argental pieces had a very very similar look to loe...
  8. Here is mine mine is pretty clearly same design stream as yours and same shape. Mine is shown in the catalog pages that are shown in the back of t...
  9. Harrach definitely made those kind of feet as well. I've seen it in the design books.
  10. naw not strange. fake acid marks are a dime a dozen for both webb and Stevens and williams.
  11. I don't think its' non uniform in color. I think the lighting is non uniform.
  12. second vote for Heckert.
  13. what are the numbers?
  14. yup, I agree with all this.
  15. I don't remember who got one of these first, me or Warren but I do remember that it was in a few months of each other.. I haven't seen another since. Mine isn't meaningfully marked. it's just thru de...
  16. on derp de derp. he deleted it. does anyone have the photo? I'd love to see it.
  17. is it possible to link to Kyle's piece? I don't think I ever saw it?
  18. in order to have documented shapes from Loetz from the earliest periods we are going to have to wait for the new book.
  19. this stylistically would be from the late 1880's early 1890's.. not earlier.
  20. hmm i'm not sure that worked. if it didn't scroll about half way down the page. they are uranium with a persian styled top.
  22. that is a classic harrach shape.
  23. Standard format would be letter. number (in partial form) or xxxx/xxx (give or take a number or two) and in full form it would be number. (sometimes) xxxx/xxx prope...
  24. I keep saying Harrach but it might not be Harrach either. It's not a standard format for harrach. It's closer to Harrach in format than loetz and We know Harrach wrote all kinds combinations on the ba...
  25. here are a few more
  26. this is what they look like on loetz pieces. I can't recall another one having a big number off to the side like this one has, it's just the rom...
  27. If it's an I or a 1 the way in which it is written is just not the way Loetz wrote it on the bases of their pieces. They used roman numerals. that is not a roman numeral. Harrach used both letters an...
  28. Mac the answer is out there. It just will take time and research. I'd want another shape (identical) with a decor that is either definitely Loetz or Harrach or Riedel to get an absolute ID on somethin...
  29. Brian's right though, Riedel also signed in a similar manner to this now that I think about it. These are Harrach or Riedel and are signed in a similar manner to this but wiht a B instead of an i ...
  30. it's from the UPM in Prague. I am saying that the Harrach work is very similar to early loetz work.. and this piece has more in common with Harrach than Loetz from where I am standing. It *could* ...
  31. Here's an example Loetz: harrach: http://w...
  32. as a clarification, I do think all the pieces in their alpenrot section are indeed loetz.. I just don't think they're all alpenrot.
  33. I sure haven't been offended by anything you've said Mac... what is calling alpenrot Is not correct. the ones they are calling a heliotrope are the ones that have been classically called...
  34. This piece is also very similar to the octopus s...
  35. There are a few shapes in the Victorian era between Loetz and Harrach that are astonishingly similar.
  36. Brian, I've seen em in Red and black too (Enamel on the dek numbers and they're definitely Loetz) Mac, the Roman numeral is the Key dek pattern indicator and yours doesn't have that. it's a 1.
  37. yup totally agree with all that (but I don't think the coloring of enamel means much either way with the loetz pieces. I think it was probably whatever was on hand)
  38. Or some other similar manufacture or decorator to Harrach.. other than Loetz.
  39. that said, Off hand I don't recognize that decor for Harrach right off.. but on the other hand, much like Webb got a reputation for the butterfly.. Harrach often did the butterfly.. Loetz... honestly ...
  40. That's not a proper I... it could also be Harrach with that format. Harrach did do an M Crimp. It MIGHT be loetz but with the other number present and the 1 instead of proper I.. It's not out of the r...
  41. did you enlarge the pic of the base? if you do you can see the writing pretty well. I cropped it in picasa and Pretty sure you can make out an F.. not sure about the H.
  42. Brian, if you search ebay for heckert and tumbler there is at least one like this with a rough pontil and signed (And this one does look like it's probably signed by heckert I think I can see it.) We ...
  43. There is no Webb possibility. This is without a shadow of a doubt, harrach.
  44. Deb, that is my photo you've linked to. I took that picture. I took that picture on the sly as well. it is NOT allowed to be posted in public. I do not appreciate my photos being used without my perm...
  45. the example you posted looks much later than the others. it's a bright orange not a muted color and the stripes look different, wider and cruder than the others. I don't think it's that comparable. s...
  46. I always thought it was selenium that caused the red.
  47. I commented on this with more comparison pics on the FB Bohemian glass board. I think they're pretty solidly Harrach. Moonstone only has one side of the comparison posted here. I have two sets of comp...
  48. I just went thru my PMC photos and there was nothing even remotely like this in the Kralik Exhibit..
  49. clear glass with decoration is the hardest to photograph but aventurine is right up there..
  50. yup, totally love this. I saw aventurine pieces as late as 1909 as well
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