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  1. Snap! I have it's twin -
  2. Lovely - I have a pair in the opposite colour way! I know exactly what you mean about the iridescence.
  3. Ah ha! I thought there had to be a connection. I'm not so hot on marriages into the Nevilles until Joan Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt, and mother of Cecily Neville, who was of course the mother ...
  4. Yes -sorry, I get my generations wrong off the cuff. Too many Hughs and Rogers! I remember Roger's story - as I recall, it wasn't just the step-mother, Henry himself had an antipathy to the Bigods, wh...
  5. Wow! Very cool. The Bigods are one of my favourite families of that time - along with the Marshalls, with whom they had a marriage connection. Interesting King Henry II connection - if I remember corr...
  6. That's quite a pedigree! I could manage the £80 - but not the royal connections ...
  7. Outrageous!!
  8. Fabulous! How did we let this cross the pond?
  9. Legras? Or similar French ...
  10. Truly beautiful. Incredibly appealing.
  11. Thanks too, to MiKKoChristmas11, guyfrmatl, and Czechfan.
  12. Thanks Jericho, and GSO. The enamelling and indeed the cameo work on this piece are very smooth and refined. Really superb work. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was a refined blank. The enamellin...
  13. Thank you, Sean - and Mac63 - for you lovely comments. Thank you, too, to LoetzBuddies and Woman34.
  14. Looking forward to the post of them both, when the new one arrives, GSO. Thanks, Mac63.
  15. Thank you, Leah!
  16. Thank you, Leah!
  17. Thank you again, epson233!
  18. Thanks, epson233.
  19. Interesting. I checked again with the small black light too, and definitely both layers glow.
  20. Very English theme! Think of all that Worcester porcelain with hand painted sheep and cattle ... And then there's the work of the Barlow sisters at Doulton's Lambeth factory. Hannah did lots of farm a...
  21. All the way through. There seems to be a thick nearly clear vaseline layer (you can see it at the base in the pics) then a very thin opaque vaseline layer as the final interior layer. Both the clear a...
  22. Thank you, Sean! Nice to have you drop in!
  23. Thank you, STG! Thank yous also to Bratjdd, Lisa-lighting, ks85, MacArt, Al & AmberRose.
  24. Thanks, Vet - I was aware of the Kralik nephew connection. Thank you too, SteveS. The inter-marriages between all these families -Riedel, Kralik, Meyr, Welz etc are quite something to track through -...
  25. Thank you Marty - so nice! I love your piece too. Thank yous also to bratjdd, Czechman, ks85, STG, MacArt, Al, Mike & Debbie! Wow! You're testing my typing!
  26. Thanks Marty. Of course, those Bohemian glass dynasties bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "keeping it in the family"!
  27. Thank you, Inky & Vetraio50.
  28. Thank you, Czechman & Ozmarty. I must do some more Meyer's Neffe research. Thank you, too, Inky.
  29. Thank you, Obscurities - gorgeous is the word. Sumptuous works, too! Thank you also, GSO, debbiet, Justanovice and dlfd911.
  30. Thank you, all - for the loves and the comments. Kralik it is. Nice to know my eye is improving! Famatta 127, the rim is thickly gilded, like the edge of the panels.
  31. Yes - the gilding made me think of Riedel too.
  32. Thank you Epson233, for your kind comments, and all the loves. Hopefully I will find time to post something new soon - just as soon as work calms down!
  33. Thank you, Agram.m. Thanks, too, scottvez.
  34. Thanks, slave-to-glass and musikchoo.
  35. Thanks Mac63 and Mustangtony.
  36. Thanks AmberRose, GSO, JayHow and Slave-to-Glass.
  37. Thanks, purpledog and scottvez.
  38. Thanks, Deanteaks and inky.
  39. Thank you, dlfd911 and Mustangtony.
  40. Thanks Al and inky.
  41. Thanks, Mustangtony and dlfd911.
  42. Thanks, epson233.
  43. Thanks, Mustangtony.
  44. Thanks, GSO, epson233 and MiKKoChristmas11.
  45. Thanks, Deanteaks and AmberRose.
  46. Thanks, Deanteaks and Petey.
  47. Thank you, MiKKoChristmas11.
  48. Thank you, brigitte, Mike and Debbie, Great Snowy one and miKKoChristmas11.
  49. Thank you, Obscurities, dlfd911 and Petey.
  50. Thanks Al - I've had it for months.
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