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  1. Lbricker - thank you for this info. Looking forward to hear what your friend has to say. This piece is still one of my favourites.
  2. Nice to see you got this piece Rick...I tried. Great pics.
  3. Thanks Rick.
  4. Thanks sklo.
  5. Sweet.What else can a fella say?
  6. Your pictures are always great. Nice glass too.
  7. Alan and racer - I know - famous last words! Thanks for checking in.
  8. Thanks everyone for checking in.
  9. Sammyz - I really appreciate you sharing this information - many thanks. Hey Michelle thanks for checking in. I kinda - sorta have retired from collecting for a while or at least until I see someth...
  10. Great looking piece Rick, I have been looking closely at French glass lately. This one I definitely get why you have got it. Beautiful!!
  11. Great looking piece. I would be very careful exposing this piece to extreme temps re outside shots in the snow. It could have a very ad ending.
  12. Great pics too!
  13. Thanks Malkey and Michelle. Happy New year everyone.
  14. Great colour!
  15. Happy New Year - here's to a peaceful and happy 2017...and perhaps sonme great finds too!
  16. Thank you everyone. Thanks Alan - I hope 2017 turns out to be a great glass year for you!
  17. I believe these pieces are of German origin - I just recently saw another post with this style of glass and I cannot find it. I will keep trying.
  18. Alan I agree with Michelle - this is a Kralik piece - here is mine in Blue Swirl:
  19. Rick, I am happy to have that piece in my collection. Like you, I really like PK. In my opinion. PK knew how to push creative boundaries. At the risk of overstating my point, the beauty of PK glass s...
  20. I appreciate your efforts kind sir. Be in care.
  21. That is a beauty!
  22. Just so that you know, I said some pretty colourful language when I saw these pictures but being the gentleman that I am, I will restrain myself and not repeat it here. Nice one Rick!
  23. Thanks Michelle.
  24. These shapes are great pieces - quite dramatic because of their height. It is nice to find a piece you have wanted isn't?
  25. Great pics - loving the quality of your pictures and the glass, I the candy like quality. Well done.
  26. I wish I knew more about Tango style glass to make a comment one way or the other. However - great picture!
  27. Thank for looking in everyone. Thanks Malkey for complementing my attempts at photography.
  28. Alan - given the shape, colour and lid, I am wondering if your find is a tobacco jar or cigar humidor. Perhaps part of a smoking set? To me it has an English feel to it.
  29. I love these pieces!!
  30. I like the way you shot this one in particular. Well done you.
  31. I want one of these!
  32. Loetz decors like this never fail to surprise me - really quite beautiful. Nice addition.
  33. Thank you Rick. By the by, I have emailed O&F. Their retail rep did not know and I sent an email to their general inquires and have had no response. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat well and be in care.
  34. Thanks Rick - do you recognize the signature?
  35. Send it to me Dave and I will take some pics of it...:)
  36. Love this shape. Great decor too.
  37. Thank you kind sir.
  38. Thanks again everyone. Rick - the second one is a favorite too.
  39. Thanks everyone for checking in.
  40. Kralik indeed.
  41. Nice find. Very nice.
  42. Can I say wow...WOW!
  43. Thanks you yesterdaysglass - thank you. Thanks Michelle.
  44. Kinda has that Rindskopf look...very nice what ever it is.
  45. Wow and wow - you r da man!
  46. Thanks again everyone for checking this piece out.
  47. Thanks for checking in everyone. Michelle I am having a bit of a memory "thing right now" - the colour is either Markart or Metallrot. I should have written down when the we had the discussion. I ini...
  48. Great piece and great decor - I think one of my favs as well. I found mine when I was first collecting an didn't know what it was except that it was going home with me.
  49. Dramatic setting!
  50. Great piece - not considered a miniature in the technical sense. They come in at 2.5" Nice find.
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