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Made in Taiwan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Seguso Vetri d'Arte leaping fish sculpture, model 14313 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Exbor Hamlet vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Made in Taiwan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Exbor ~ Birds of a Feather.... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whitefriars golden amber penguin - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early Exbor fish sculpture - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Amazing find!
  2. Loving the colours in this, very nice!
  3. I am not 100% sure, as I'm not familiar with every form made, but this to me looks Archimede Seguso's 'bianco nero' series. The matte surface finish is deffo pointing towards being Murano. Try asking...
  4. **nicest thing in the antique centre
  5. I saw one of these(could be the same one judging from what you've said about it), so gorgeous...actually, it was the nicest in the antique centre I saw one in(if you can call it an antique
  6. Chalkware covered in fabric and glazed over I think? I vaguely remember seeing something like that before.
  7. I love Schott's designs, very underrated!
  8. Amazing! Wish I could go and see this!!!!!!
  9. I believe this is a modern Chinese made vase. Please be EXTREMELY wary of the seller in the link above. Although it looks like their local TK Maxx has ran out of stock for them, but they did at on...
  10. Very nice. I think you would be better off asking on this Murano glass message board: Someone there might be able to help you identify it :-) Dan
  11. thanks for the love and comments everyone :-) I think my initial shock and horror was just down to having one or two "bad fish" in the past, you know, ones that had been badly "restored" and you th...
  12. Stunning. I saw one of these(not the same pattern) on a much longer stem, at an auction. I so wanted to bid on it, was perfect condition, but sending such a delicate thing in the post would have be...
  13. here you go, many thanks to mbmb on glassmessages: "These small ashtrays are Norwegian, designed by Richard Duborgh (1932-2007), and made by the arts and crafts commune PLUS in the 1960’s and 70â...
  14. **blush** no problem at all. I enjoyed doing the research and I learnt something new too :-) That really is a stunning piece and great colours! Dan
  15. Just done some googling around and seems that it might by Barbini, google 'barbini corroso' :-)
  16. I have a Flavio Poli for Seguso Vetri d'Arte vase with this 'corroso' finish BUT I am personally not familiar with the colour combination that you have. I have flicked through a few Murano glass book...
  17. Measurement across the top: The smallest is 13cm. Medium is 16cm. Largest is 18cm. I think these were only made during 1970 & 1971, I don't think I've seen any dated earlier than that and oddly,...
  18. oh my god! you lucky s0 & so!!! Great bargains!! These were made in three different sizes. I just managed to buy, without realising it, the largest of the three sizes. I'll post a pic once I receiv...
  19. I love these decanters. Great shape, very tactile!!
  20. I love these vases! They also did them in a dark blue(cobalt I suppose) colour too :-) I'm not sure if they did them in amethyst either...
  21. Be no good to me, haven't seen a single wasp this summer!!!
  22. Absolutely amazing!
  23. I'm in love!!! I've been to see to the exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum twice now and never get bored of standing there admiring it all!!! Stunning piece you have!!!
  24. Wow, superb quality!!!! No signs of it ever having feet is there?
  25. I believe your candle holders are by Orrefors :-)
  26. I LOVE the one in the second picture, great colours.
  27. Probably Bohemian, circa 1960s/1970s.
  28. I forgot to say, you can check out Baxter's textured vases etc on :-)
  29. While I can confirm that it is 100% not Whitefriars, I'm afraid that I don't know who made it or even if it's modern or vintage. I suspect that judging from the base, it's modern. Maybe from TK Maxx,...
  30. Bugger! I just found this: It's not the same though :-(
  31. wow, I love that!!!!
  32. and here's link for the Riihimaki one:
  33. Just to confirm, you are correct about the white vase :-) Not easy to find in white! The signature is usually "P. Strom 69" or some other date.
  34. hmm, I have no idea. Maybe Chlum U Trebone Glassworks? Just a total guess. I don't know if they did engraved glass but the style of the vase itself reminded me of them.
  35. Try asking on as there are a few people on there who should be able to tell you more about your vase :-)
  36. THAT IS STUNNING!!! Looks like Stevens & Williams 'Osiris'. "pull-up" technique patented by John Northwood in 1885. Source: "British Glass 1800-1914" book by Charles R. Hajdamach.
  37. So that's where all the gulvvases have gone!! haha, wonderful collection!
  38. Lovely paperweight by the way ;-)
  39. I had a Fratelli Toso paperweight which was VERY similar to this. I also have another FT paperweight with the same millefiori canes.
  40. That is stunning!
  41. See more


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