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I collect mainly Art Nouveau glass such as the Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf or Pallme-König.


  1. Glass vase is from the Joska Bodenmais Germany Really nice decor.
  2. My opinion, it is no Heckert. I would say a variation of Aquagold of Kralik. Nice piece !
  3. Thanks for the love and nice comments !
  4. Thanks for the love and nice comments !
  5. Thanks for the love and nice comments !
  6. Thanks for the love and nice comments !
  7. Many thanks, racer4four and Sean nice to read Your comments !
  8. I try make the best, thank you very much Sean !
  9. I agree Mac and Ian, my first thought was as well Pallme Konig, but until now I could not find any info referring to this shape and decor.
  10. Bull's-eye !!!
  11. This vase is one of my best recent purchases, and I am glad that you like it too. Many thanks to Peggy and Michelle for your comment.
  12. Really nice, Kralik Aquagold in my opinion.
  13. This veined decor is different than Kralik, walking trail shapes it may be assumed that this is Rindskopf.
  14. As all of your vases, just beautiful !!!
  15. Many thanks, Michelle and Alan nice to read Your comments !
  16. Sean, Vetraio and Ivonne. Many thanks for nice comments.
  17. I do not think that it is Loetz, but still a beautiful example of Czech glass. Kralik Crackle is the most likely.
  18. Many thanks Sean, racer4four, Michelle, and Rick to really nice comments !
  19. Many thanks to all for Your loves !
  20. I know it's not easy with attribution, but the main thing is You like it. Many thanks Lisa.
  21. Many thanks to all for Your loves !
  22. The shape suggests that it is Králik.
  23. Great new additions!
  24. Thank You Rick for the nice comment !
  25. Sklo42 and Rick55, Thank You for the nice comment !
  26. Many thanks to all for Your loves !
  27. Many thanks to all for Your loves and lovely comments !
  28. Very, very thanks Sean and Rick !!!
  29. Many thanks to all for Your loves and lovely comments !
  30. Unusual shape, and very nice decor ..!
  31. sklo42, Rick55 and inky Many thanks for Yours lovely comments !
  32. Many Thanks SEAN ! Many Thanks to All !
  33. Thanks, yesterdaysglass !
  34. Thanks, surfdub66 and Rick55!
  35. Thank you very much Sean, sklo42 and ozmarty for the nice comments!!:)
  36. Thanks Kevin, nice of You .
  37. I had the same opinion, only the photo from PM makes me unsure, thank you for comment Lee.
  38. I would say Kralik glatt, on the last photo you can see the same shape in overshot finish from my collection.
  39. Gorgeous colors and exquisite form, realy lovely..
  40. Many thanks ! Jewels, Mac63, racer4four, sklo42, VioletOrange, walksoftly, vetraio50 and aghcollect
  41. Thanks for nice comment surfdub66...
  42. Thanks for the tip idcloisonne , I'm just on the research.
  43. Thanks Alfredo, nice to see You...
  44. Many Thanks to all !
  45. Many Thanks to all !
  46. Once again, thanks for the help Craig, it's definitely Rindskopf. I changed the attribution.
  47. Many thanks Craig, I have just found a photo with same decor with amethyst ground in typical Rindskopf shape.
  48. Thanks inky !
  49. Many Thanks to all !
  50. Many Thanks Sean !
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