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Sallis, MS

I enjoy shopping for vintage and antique items. It's like going on an adventure to see what hidden treasures I can find. dclee_@hotmail.com


  1. Thanks racer4four and SEAN68 :)
  2. Thanks inky :).
  3. I had no idea it was onyx until Loumanal posted the comment. I have a paper weight the same color and now I know their material. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge :).
  4. Thanks Virginia.vintage :).
  5. Thanks Sean68 :).
  6. Thanks Riply206 and Loumanal :)
  7. Thanks for the info icollectglass :). But, I couldn't find the same mark as my piece. I did find a Fitz and Floyd cup & saucer set (burgundy and gold) after I became a little familiar with their mark...
  8. I love them too
  9. I found a picture of these on the internet. The designs were the same and the markings on the bottom were the same. I hope they are the same and I listed them correctly :).
  10. appreciate the assistance :)
  11. Thanks :)
  12. I thought about honey. Any idea how old it might be or who designed it?
  13. Sorry about the pictures. They're turned the right way when I look at them but when I post they end up sideways.
  14. Thanks, I wasn't sure if they were.
  15. Thanks, I didn't know anything about it. I looked up some onyx pieces after I read your post and I think you're right.
  16. Thanks for the information.
  17. She's upset because he has to leave.
  18. Thanks :)
  19. Thanks, maybe I can search images of your suggestion to see what I find.
  20. Thanks :)
  21. I don't know what it is and the lady I bought it from was just as clueless as me. But, the G seems to have a crown over it. The other side doesn't have the same pattern, it has one large X. It make...
  22. I think it is but I'm not sure. The shape of the eyes and the hair makes me believe it is Japanese or Chinese. It has no markings.
  23. Thanks, I'm going to try that
  24. I'm only guessing about this item. I found it in a flea market for $3, but at some point in time an antique store had it. I think this bowl is beautiful and my picture doesn't truly show its beauty. ...
  25. Thank you for the information. I never imagined that it could be a dish because it's heavy. The marks over the G makes me think of a crown. The surfaces aren't' flat, the patterns can be felt.
  26. Thanks for the information.
  27. It's 6 x 6 in. and 1 in. thick
  28. Can anyone read the markings?
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