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I am an avid vaseline glass collector. My areas of preference are EAPG, Victorian art glass and Rubina Verde.


  1. This piece is very likely English in the Stourbridge region. 1890s to early 1900s
  2. This is made by Pairpoint 1920s. The color is called Canaria
  3. Interesting pair. Originally I thought they might be Boston and Sandwich. They could also be New England Glass Co or a British glass competitor of the same time period. I suspect 1850 to 1870s
  4. I agree. I have always thought hat it looked like Rade's work. It has a unique style to it. I have never found anyone that could confirm my belief but I have a good feeling about it.
  5. Thanks for the info Michelle. It seems to be like the Rindskopf shape is very similar. The glass seems to be quite a bit thicker. Does that matter when trying to attribute shapes or can that vary d...
  6. Yes. You must be looking at the same book that I was. Lots of known bohemian pieces.
  7. I didn't think Harrach but I thought I would toss the possibility out there
  8. Thanks for the link yesterdayglass. Looks like a match. I thought it was almost certainly Webb. What is interesting is that I recently picked up a bowl and underplate that matches the cranberry and go...
  9. Thanks for the link. I still think it is likely Heckert. I can't be certain since I have not found another similar example.
  10. It looks like it could be a variant of Walsh Walsh opaline brocade
  11. Do you have photos of the other examples posted somewhere?
  12. Thanks for the additional info on this piece. I have obtained a second example of this decoration
  13. Thank you for the info historismus. If these were by said decorator, what kind of time frame would they have been made?
  14. Perhaps Quezel
  15. Thanks antiquerose! I am not One of the shades did come from Dave Peterson who is the moderator of that site. It is the first lamp that I bought and was thrilled to own it. I never ...
  16. I have a few of these vases. All of mine have flowers on them. Pretty sure they are Bohemian
  17. Hobbs pieces will have a polished pontil mark on the bottom, occasionally you will find pieces that have this applied prunt. I have berry bowls and finger bowls with this special application, I think ...
  18. Unfortunately no. I based my attribution from other examples that I found online
  19. I tried emailing you but it came back as undeliverable. I found something for you. You can email me for more info. Hope all is well!
  20. I will post a photo of the side view for you Greatsnowyowl. Thanks for the lead! This is not my area of expertise although I do love this type of glass.
  21. Definitely not Fenton. It is probably English or Bohemian in origin.
  22. Thanks for the info. I only have a few pieces of this type of glass and I know very little about it.
  23. I have a version of this that has a dolphin stemmed foot. It is a tall standard compote. I also have am identical bowl in amber, just to substantiate Paul71's theory that in came in this color. Pm a s...
  24. I have a small collection of this type of glass. As far as I know it has been attributed to Stevens and Williams. However I think a competitor may have also made it. Some of my pieces have a vaseline ...
  25. This piece is unsigned. I would make note is my descriptions if there were any markings or sinature. The bottom is smooth and highly polished
  26. They are not. I based the info off another collectors attribution. If not Moser do you have thoughts on other potential makers?
  27. These are pukeberg. I have a similar set. I also had small salt dips and sherbert bowls.
  28. I don't have a blue one. I need this! LOL
  29. I have a lot more photos I can post. I have around 500 pieces.
  30. The vase on that link sure is an ugly little booger isn't it?! Interesting piece. I haven't seen an example like that one before. Certainly the same maker but it doesn't have to same sexy curves and e...
  31. Love the Kralik vase. I have a couple of vase that are similar. Yours is especially nice!
  32. Why don't they have one of these for sale at one of my local shops!?! Insanely jealous. I have always wanted one.
  33. It is only about 7" tall.
  34. Thanks for the info! I examined the lamps and found marking on the bottom. It reads Lapco 2506. I did an internet search and found some similar lamp bases that say they date around 1915ish.
  35. I would be smitten to add such a gorgeous piece to my collection!
  36. The bottom is flat. A of the gold gilt work is gone. Let me know if a photo would be helpful.
  37. Wow that is a very short time period. Thanks for the valuable information! I very much appreciate your knowledge and time!
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