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Collecting and reselling some various Vaseline, Custard, and Fiesta style pottery.


  1. Functional elegance.
  2. Just don't sleep with it next to your pillow or you may soon find yourself to be a skull as well. (uranium oxide content). Ha Ha... Just kidding... mostly.
  3. Super elegant.
  4. WE HIT THE MOTHERLOAD! You may want to wear some protective lead shielding with that much uranium oxide pointing right at you. Hahah. Just kidding. Mostly. :)
  5. Super fancy and that's what I like to see - dedication!
  6. Yes waiter, I'll take rows number 1 through 4 on the menu please. It all looks so delicious. Thank you.
  7. That is magical.
  8. Cute and functional.
  9. Elegant and looks like edible candy!
  10. That is so bright you may need sunglasses to view it under black light!
  11. Didn't know these existed - now I know what I'll be looking for to remodel with.
  12. Like at the restraunt - "waiter, I'll take this whole row on the menu please"... :)
  13. Opalescent vaseline? Best of both worlds.
  14. It's magical.
  15. Super pretty.
  16. Lovely piece.
  17. I don't know the maker but I have some of that wheelground pattern as well.
  18. I really like how that glows.
  19. Super elegant and fancy.
  20. Lovely stuff.
  21. Super bright!
  22. It certainly is eye candy for collectors!
  23. Holy craziness that is wacky. I love it.
  24. Magical looking.
  25. Very pretty.
  26. Lovely - how big is that?
  27. Very elaborate and ornate!
  28. You got a score right there. I suspect it's worth about 20 times that price.
  29. Yes those are groovy!
  30. I love the crackle effect.
  31. Pretty stuff you got!
  32. I've got some rare scandenavian pieces in the form of Pukeberg. Check them out in my profile.
  33. Yep, those are tall ones! Nice!
  34. With all the uranium oxide in the glass, that is definitely one HOT DOG! He would set off my geiger counter like crazy.
  35. Looks yummy. Eye candy.
  36. Ornate and eleaborate!
  37. Very pretty. I want one!
  38. That's a hot one with glowing so brightly! Geiger counter would go crazy on it.
  39. I hope you eat smoked salmon off that at least once in your life.
  40. Very nice - looks like someone had an iron grip! :)
  41. That is very pretty.
  42. Nice I think it is truly "hot" glass....
  43. That is awesome. Looks like sort of cyberpunk.
  44. I have some Custard that I don't know much about but it does set off my geiger counter a little bit. Pretty low level about like vaseline glass in general.
  45. Just the right size for Ralph the mouse!
  46. Awesome... I have some of this pattern. I thought those were taller sherbert cups. Oops. Been selling them as taller sherbert cups on feebay.
  47. Very cool. Looks like it was chisled out of a solid block of ice! Check out my Pukeberg circa 1927 Vaseline Glass.
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