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Queensbury, NY

Grandaughter of Jules H. Venon


  1. These are truly amazing. I can hardly see them through the tears in my eyes. I would love to meet you and see the entire collection in person. Did you actually go to Sweden to see them? Thank you fo...
  2. Thank you vetraio50! You are one of my favorite people in the world. I am in awe of your knowledge and intellect. Peace to you and your family as well. Natalie.
  3. Thank you for your comments. Jules and Gabrielle had one son, Claude H. Venon. Jules died when Claude was thirteen years old. Claude is now 88. Claude is an artist and enjoyed painting seascapes of th...
  4. Beautiful collection. I am envious indeed. Did you see the photo of Jules H. Venon I posted on the venon site?
  5. Hi Everyone, I posted a photo of Jules H. Venon and his wife, Gabrielle Clemence Venon, on my collections page (venon) for those of you who are interested. Natalie
  6. Hi Susan and All, I showed the photograph in the passport from the link in comment #56 to my father, Claude Venon, and he said that is not a photo of Jules. Possibly it is just a sample photo. I do h...
  7. Hi Susan, I was hoping it was you because you are so fond of the pieces and without you, I would never have discovered information about my grandfather. I hope you recover from your flu soon and cong...
  8. Susan, did you happen to buy that lion head glass on ebay from eriksonman? I was the other bidder and did not see it go. I was so excited to finally see something of my grandfather's designs. Maybe so...
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Pukeberg Vasline Goblets and plates Patented by Jules Venon 1920's Pukeberg Mermaid Medallion Royale Fan Border 1910 - 1930 Bi-Color Vaseline Pukeberg Turkey Tracks Uranium Glass


posted 11 years ago