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Hiawassee, Georgia

Vaseline glass collector


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Opaline Yellow Vaseline Portieux Vallerystahal Compote and Candle Sticks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pukeberg Vaseline Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
1930 Pukeberg Jules Venon Design plate and  - Art Decoin Art Deco
1920's Pukeberg Mermaid Medallion Royale Fan Border - Art Glassin Art Glass
1920's Pukeberg Mermaid Medallion Royale Fan Border - Glasswarein Glassware
Pukeberg Vasline Goblets and plates Patented by Jules Venon - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jules Venon Patented Vaseline Glass Pukeberg? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery Green Opaline Vase With Uranium Vaseline Beauty - Art Glassin Art Glass
Portieux Vallerysthal Yellow Opaline Vaseline Goblets Is this the Complete set? - Glasswarein Glassware
Mystery Piece Opaline Green Stem containing Uranium  Vaseline - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. not really just be at it awhile!
  2. I use 12v UV led 5050 Strips from China on ebay.
  3. I was not personally in Sweden. But repeated statements of nice lady in Sweden I purchased these from. I have been collecting Pukeberg Vaseline for over 30 years and only in the last year as the resul...
  4. The design matches exactly on the smaller goblets. Suprising an estate collection and the dinner plates are not found.
  5. Thank-you!
  6. Miss Venon I left my email address with brad on ebay. I have a very good friend in Florida who made trips to sweden like your grsndfather. and has quite collection with photos. I have bought several V...
  7. I've been thinking It's French Opaline Too! Thanks for sharing and keep us updated on any information you discover!
  8. I've known of the Ice Tea and have yet to see it until now! I know of the existence of a few pieces of the teas goblets in Vaseline out in California! I'm hoping to adopt a piece or two! Just awai...
  9. Just updated the pics for the newest additions. I recently aquired Five Pukeberg Lion Head Sherberts Clear bowl with Vaseline Stems. They were from the Personel collection of Madolyn Courter. She was...
  10. I ve seen that page but I once found a page on the purple square base Vaseline bowl by Pukeberg but lost that page and never found it again, I'm terrible about bookmarking.
  11. Thank-you for the compliments. Did you see the photo's of the square bottom goblets? I just posted. They are supposed to be Pukeberg of his era, but I haven't found proof positive. I haven't been able...
  12. I orginally passed on these when I bought the lion head goblets they were a part of that lot. Something told me to go back and obtain them. That they belonged together. Luckly they were still avaiable...
  13. Hello! It's seems there are a couple of ebay sellers are now claiming Jules holds the patents on their pukeberg items in their listings lately. One ebayer is claiming his shrimp cocktails with inser...
  14. updated photo's
  15. I was told they were bought many years ago at an antique auction on the west coast! And that was all the pieces they had except some Pukeberg cordials That were purple with a Vaseline square base that...
  16. Hi Natalie! Discovering your grandfather and the history behind these pieces of art glass is so cool! I discovered this thread yesterday and searched your grandfathers patents and I may have some more...
  17. Thank-you for all the information. I stumbled into a individual with these goblets and one small lion head plate and the small bowl in canary yellow vaseline! I fell in love with Vaseline glass about ...
  18. hi vetraio50! They look the same as the patent thanks for the info, I posted pics Any Idea of values?
  19. Anybody know anything about these goblets?
  20. I have recently acquired a set of I think Pukeberg Roaring Lion Goblets in Amber Vaseline! I have never found mention of the goblets matching the plates?
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Honey Amber and Green Vaseline Shrimp Cocktail Icers Pukeberg Harald Notini? Reijmyre Sweden artdeco vaseline lion head dish


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