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Pukeberg Royal Fan Bi-Color Vaseline

These are examples of 1910 - 1930 Pukeberg Bi Color Vaseline. This Glassware is absolutely STUNNING!! The pattern Royal Fan, we now commonly call Turkey Tracks, or Royal Fan it was originally called Solfjader meaning Fan. Designed by Harald Notini, made by the Pukenberg Glasbruk Factory in Sweden between 1915 and 1930, There is a 1927 patent with this design owned by an Glass importer for NEW York. Jules Vennon. http://chataboutdg.com/gallery/img15258.search.htm These are my favorite pieces because it is rare to find examples of two different vaseline color. Green and Topaz,

1910 - 1930 Bi-Color Vaseline Pukeberg Turkey Tracks Uranium Glass - Glasswareby glowing…
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Pukeberg Vaseline Lion Head Goblets and Plates Patented by Jules Venon  - Glasswareby glowing…
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