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Greenfield, WI


Engraved castor set - Glasswarein Glassware
Cranberry and Vaseline Salt in silver holder.  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Swirled Footed Pitcher  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unknown Enameled Punch Bowl and cups - Art Glassin Art Glass
Etched Stemware German Unknown label??? - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Hi, I'm not sure if this helps but I recently watched an old episode of Great British Baking show and they did gingerbread. They did do a small history piece on old gingerbread molds from at least 18t...
  2. Hi Ivan, Yes there is a mark on one of the covers. I apologize for not adding that information. Is there a way I can add more pictures as I can not figure out what the letters are. It looks like a L o...
  3. Hello, I don't see that I posted any of it at all. I'm not sure if I did and then it was removed or if I just didn't post. The one thing I want to post for sure is the engraved castor set. I'd l...
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if they are or not. It's been a long time since I've been on the Collectors Weekly Website. Mainly been posting on the EAPG Group on Facebook, between that and writing auctions, pack...
  5. Oh never mind, I see now where this was answered already and is in fact Bohemian Glass. Now I guess I know what the pieces I have are.
  6. Hello, I know this post is about 4 years old but thought I'd check in to see if there was ever any more information found out about these pieces. I am asking only because I had a couple pieces shaped...
  7. Hi. Thank you for posting the information and beautiful pictures. I acquired a pair of deckelpokals a few years ago and have been researching them ever since. I posted them on Collectors Weekly a whil...
  8. WOW! Very nice collection! Love all of it! LMAO at the 12GA. :)
  9. Ditto what inky said....Gorgeous!
  10. Perfumer, Thank you for the information, it is very much appreciated. I had no idea where it was from so you have given me a good point of reference. Thank you also for having it put into the correct ...
  11. Gorgeous! I too love the colors.
  12. AmberRose, Great minds think a like. LOL! deepher2000, It certainly looks like it may be cut glass, however, I don't know if it is American cut glass. There are so many different patterns and comp...
  13. Thank you for the love scottvez, Perfumer, debbiepike54 and mustangtony. Perfumer, I called it filagree. Shows you how much I know. Measurements of the glass is 5" in diameter and approximately 2...
  14. I will do that right now even though I haven't had a chance to clean up the silver yet. LOL!
  15. Hi. Very pretty. A press line would be to tell if the bowl is pattern glass or cut glass. Once you hold cut glass and then pattern glass you will be able to tell the difference. Need to see a pictur...
  16. Stunning! Can you get a closer picture of the pattern?
  17. You can also go on and look if you have the time.
  18. I love this too! I just purchased one at an auction. The one I purchased is a light cranberry threaded style pattern with vaseline color filigree. Are these considered salts or a master salt?
  19. It looks a lot like the "Adare" pattern to me but so many of the patterns look similar.
  20. I'm not certain it is Lismore but it may be a perfume bottle and stopper.
  21. Hi again! There are some good ones in Milwaukee but then there are some that are really bad. If you are ever planning to come this way check out Open House estate sales, they have the best and are ver...
  22. Hi Leah, There are trade catalogs from Bohemia, Haida and Carl Hosch. I'm sure there are others I just haven't had the time to search the whole site. The catalogs range in dates from the late 1800's t...
  23. Leah, Thank you very much for all of the information. I'm going to write the information down and start watching for the catalogs. Another place I download trade catalogs and glass books from is the C...
  24. eye4beauty, Thank you. As for the blue in the pictures, I have no idea how that happened. I'm thinking it's due to the color of the background. It happens to me quite a bit and I end up re-taking the ...
  25. Thank you Hedgewalker and everyone else for the loves.
  26. Gorgeous Cambridge Statuesque stemware. The color is beautiful!
  27. Good Night Bellin68 and yes, this weather does suck big time. Now we are getting snow. My hubby just had surgery so I'm doing everything. I can honestly say I have never, ever started or used a snow b...
  28. Bellin68, I have not heard of bumblepuppy estates at all. My favorite is OpenHouse estate sales, they have the best ones plus they are not over priced. You are in a totally different area of Wisconsin...
  29. LeahGoodwin, Thank you very much. I will take a look in some of the old catalogs I have saved in my documents. I've heard a lot about the Butler Brothers Catalogs, where do you find these? Thank y...
  30. Very pretty, I have never seen a piece in this color. Thank you for sharing it.
  31. Thank you for the love Mustangton and justanovice. :) I'm so happy I found this site.
  32. Thank you inky.
  33. I love the painting on them. Never seen anything like them before.
  34. Gorgeous! Your hubby sounds a lot like mine.
  35. Thank you Bellin68! Does anyone think these are Bohemian?
  36. Thank you for the love Blunderbuss, Bellin68 and Vetraio50!
  37. Hi Bellin68! Thank you for the nice welcome. Isn't the weather just lovely in Wisconsin today. ;) I agree, it's so nice to see other collectors from WI. Just so we never have to fight over somethin...
  38. vetraio50, Thank you. I managed to figure that out but I can't figure out any dates when that was used. I also can not find who made these glasses even with the label being on them. You'd think that w...
  39. Hi, That is absolutely gorgeous! I read under the history of Graf Harrach / Riedel Glassworks, in 1900- enamelled vases and glasses were painted with designs from Alfons Maria Mucha. Also cameo, engr...
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czech bohemian engraved glassware An Answer to Mac's Display Question Crystal Candle holder art glass salt Waterford bottle with stopper Very cool and interesting but unknown paperweight My Lovely RINDSKOPF Vase 6 Wine Glasses, Cambridge #3011 1930's Statuesque Nude-Royal Blue Cobalt Kralik syrup pitcher I have loved this base for years and have finally got the right shades for it. :O) SOMMERSO MYSTERY #1 White Opaline Footed Bowl with silhouette enameling Diefenbach Style Bowl, ca. 1915 - decorated "in the silhouette manner"


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