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Johnston, Iowa

My main collections are Mrazek and other Czech pottery, especially the birds with the red dime mark. I am a collector of glass when I find a piece reasonally pricedMy main collections are Mrazek and other Czech pottery, especially the birds with the red dime mark. I am a collector of glass when I find a piece reasonally priced and one that really appeals to me. (Read more)


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Loetz Three Handled Red Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tango Whiskey Glasses - Art Glassin Art Glass
Convention Offerings - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme Konig Red Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Some of my favorite buys  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Footed Vasse - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Wallpockets - Potteryin Pottery
Green Covered Candy Dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green Tango Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Thorn Vase Unknown maker - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Love it. Sure would look nice in my collection of orange tango vases. I have a similar piece in red with black (no bump out on the sides). It has a straight line acid etched "Czechoslovakia" if that...
  2. I finally heard back about the bowl. Unfortunately they sold it, but if you are interested in what else they might have, send me a note at and I will give you their email infor...
  3. The bowl belongs to another dealer. If you are interested I can pput you in touch with him. I'm pretty sure he still has it.
  4. So very sad. I will miss our conversations.
  5. Convention was in Cincinnati June 8-10. Next we're going back to Cincinnati and will be June 7-9
  6. This is Eichwald. Czech in origin. Probably 20s
  7. The pieces returned were by the retail outlets such as jewelry stores. Some pattern were not popular and sent back to Czechoslovakia where they were repainted. I have a couple pieces that have the old...
  8. Thanks so much for the info. Great help.
  9. It was made in Czechoslovakia probably in the mid 20s to early 30s. No one really knows the factory. You can find matching pieces for this.
  10. Very nice find. Rare to find at Goodwill.
  11. Thanks for the loves and comments everyone. I appreciate it.
  12. I can't help with the designer, and I'm not sure anyone knows on the Alien wares, but you're right on the name and company. This doesn't appeal to everyone and I can see why some folks might let it g...
  13. Apparently all the discussion was deleted, but not by me. Not sure why. I didn't get a chance to read everything carefully either.
  14. Thanks for the loves and wonderful comments. Its great to have a place to share and wonderful when others share their knowledge.
  15. Thanks for the loves everyone. I don't have a light so I don't know if it glows. I always proceed cautiously when it comes to antique store candy. Sometimes it is as old as the container. In this ...
  16. The larger bowl is 10 inches at its widest and the smaller is 7 inches. Hope this helps.
  17. Thanks for the loves everyone. So many! it is a really nice piece, again, the photos don't quite do it justice as you all know.
  18. Alan: You're not blind, it just impossible to photograph it since it so weak. I'm sure that's why it was so cheap: the seller couldn't see it either. If you're not looking for it, you probably won...
  19. Thanks for the loves and comments. Welzebub, did you forget to include the link?
  20. I saw this beautiful vase or its twin at Brimfield. Not being a glass expert, I just wasn't sure it was old or Bohemian glass even though it was very well made. It certainly is an eye catcher. It h...
  21. I've always loved this décor and had not seen it on a yellow background. Mine are the more typical black with canes that have green too. Only one of mine is signed, with an acid etched straight line...
  22. Thanks welzebub for the research and comments. I appreciate the information. I never know what folks might find interesting, especially this little piece. I'm hoping to find some more treasures up ...
  23. thanks for all the information everyone. I really appreciate it. Looks like just one layer. You can feel the spatters. They are slightly raised. couldn't find any marks.
  24. 5 1/4 inches tall, about the size of a tumbler, but not the right shape for one. An interesting shape.
  25. Great shape. Love the web pieces!
  26. I'll be putting show pictures on the club website at when I find time to size them. Bob and Jerry from Nashville have the piece. You should have their email in the directory. If...
  27. Heaven might be a little bit of a stretch, but if you like glass, Iowa was definitely the place to be this past weekend. Lots of glass, with pottery and perfumes thrown in for good measure. Great ta...
  28. Beautiful color and wonderful shape. Nice find!
  29. Thanks for the loves everyone. A particularly striking vase in person.
  30. Thanks for the loves and the attributions. My first piece of Poschinger (as far as I know). The pictures don't really do it justice.
  31. Thanks. Reminds me of tortoise shell. It thought this the most striking of the pieces he had. It fits in nicely with my other fans.
  32. Hi Anne: Good to hear from you. I'm pretty sure it is all original but maybe not as old as some of the other Urbach (if it is Urbach). I'm not a huge fan of design, but the shape had a certain appe...
  33. Thanks Sean. I was looking for pottery, but only found a couple things. Will post them on the pottery page.
  34. Thanks Lee. I knew someone would know. My first examples of these. A very understated beauty in my opinion.
  35. Beautiful. I've always liked biscuits, but these examples are really beautiful. I did pick one up here at the Brimfield flea market, which I will post when I get home. It is a threaded piece.
  36. Nice. I've seen a lot of these, but never one with handles like that. Pretty amazing it has survived all this time without one of them breaking. It s also more unusual with the green highlights rat...
  37. Thanks so much for the information larksel. Of course I my first question was whether it was even Bohemian, but opinion seems to be that it is, just don't know the attribution. Thanks again.
  38. Thanks everyone. Any ideas on maker?
  39. Thanks for the loves everyone. Not all flea markets turn out to be worthwhile. I've been to a many and come back empty handed as I'm sure many of you have. But, once in a while you find a few trea...
  40. Thanks for the comments, info and loves everyone. One thing I forgot to mention is that there is virtually no wear on the bottom which made me think it is newer. I knew if I posted it I could get po...
  41. Thanks for the loves and comments everyone. And thanks ozmarty for the link. Shape aside, it is identical to yours. The color on my picture doesn't show up like yours, but is the same. I thought...
  42. I agree. it is real interesting with the mix of treatments. There seems to be no end to the variations of Czech/Bohemian glass.
  43. Thanks welzebub, for the information. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks too for the direction to the similar shape. I've found the same with my pottery that shape is sometimes as good as a mar...
  44. it does have the look of stretch, but i didn't know that stretch was made in Cz. Any guesses on who made it or when?
  45. Beautiful and I love the wooden stand it is on.
  46. Hi welzebub: Feel free to use the photo. I hope these photos will do, but unfortunately I sold the piece and can't take another.
  47. Thanks for all the loves everyone and the comments. I promise to keep an open mind regarding attribution, especially in light of all the ongoing study into the various makers. Although I still claim...
  48. Thanks for the loves everyone. I think this will be my Thanksgiving centerpiece (once I get the table cleared off).
  49. Thank you so much for the information. I would have assumed Kralik not knowing better. The search continues for the next one....
  50. Thanks for the loves and information. As you all know, there is an abundance of "Loetz" glass out there, little if any is really Loetz. I wanted to check with you guys, and having an example of a si...
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