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Marriotts Cove near Chester, Nova Scotia

Hi! We are a couple of collectors from Canada. We have a small seasonal shop in Marriotts Cove, Nova Scotia (home of the Bluenose!). See our webite at www.antiquaHi! We are a couple of collectors from Canada. We have a small seasonal shop in Marriotts Cove, Nova Scotia (home of the Bluenose!). See our webite at We collect alot of different things, including old clocks - one of us is a clockmaker and the other is into vintage hats and old photos. Then there is alot of other stuff we collect together. At Antiquarius, we believe that "Quality is Timeless". Come and see! PICTURES CANNOT BE COPIED OR REPRODUCED! (Read more)


  1. Incredible!
  2. Impressive beauty!
  3. Gorgeous - I thought it was a moonstone when I looked at the pictures. Don't give up on antique jewelry completely Moonstonelover!!! You have been lured to the 'dark side" by the glass lovers.....
  4. Exquisite micromosaic pieces. How about a pair of fabulous earrings for these two? I think that two on the same chain is not balanced - this will work if you can find a third!! Now the search is on!
  5. Great photos - are these in the museum or are they yours?
  6. What is the history of the photos?
  7. Both look like they have moriage details.
  8. Great photo and watch trivia!
  9. Lovely frame.
  10. Gorgeous piece!
  11. Not a ring for gloves!:0
  12. Thank you Moonstonelover, Phil, Manikin, walksoftly, and mustangtony for the loves and best of luck Moonstonelover in your search for Mr. Wonderful!
  13. Charming Agram!!
  14. Awesome opal - on fire!
  15. Beautiful blue colour!
  16. Gorgeous!
  17. Lovely - I love love love the colour!
  18. I am drooling over this box!
  19. OMG - I love old boxes too :0 I don't have that many.....yet. But I do have some good ones too.
  20. Love the flower/prong setting! And the diamonds are beautiful!
  21. I love the box you displayed them in (pic 1 and 2) - great match!
  22. Gorgeous! I remember my grandmother had slots rather than holes in her ears - probably from wearing earrings like this!!
  23. Great news! Thanks for the info Moonstonelover!
  24. A few years ago while working in Hobart I took a bus tour around the island of Tasmania. The scenery was magnificent and the stops interesting and included Stanley and the Nut. The food and accomoda...
  25. My mother told me that it was bad luck to buy opals for myself. So a few years ago when I went to AU I went to the opal mines and got a big fire opal ring for my mother. She passed away a few years ...
  26. Beautiful - I love anything filigree.
  27. Beautiful memento of your love for horses!
  28. Gorgeous filigree piece! Lovely turquoise!
  29. Charming!
  30. Beautiful!
  31. It's lovely!
  32. Thanks Moonstonelover and bratjdd for the comments and loves. Thanks also to vintagemad, maryh, vetraio, freiheit, and mustangtony for the appreciation!
  33. Thanks petey, bratjdd, walksoftly, musikchoo, Bellin and mustangtony for the appreciation.
  34. I cannot find this green on the Indiana site - lots of other colours and even a frosted apple green, but not the clear. Perhaps they did make it for someone else. Tiara?
  35. Thanks Phil, Bellin, Manikin and Agram for the loves!
  36. Thanks Moonstonelover and mustangtony for the appreciation.
  37. Thanks bratjdd for the WOWs - I think it's pretty wow too! It is a real treasure for me. Thanks also to Moonstonelover, freiheit, Phil, Manikin, and walksoftly for loving this too!
  38. Lovely earrings. The Lapis is so light that it almost looks like torquoise - I have not seen it this colour before!
  39. Love the scaly dragon handle and the delicate geisha painting!! Great mug!
  40. Thanks mustangtony for the fast loves!!
  41. Also thanks to Phil, officialfuel and Moonstonelover for the appreciation!
  42. Also thanks to officialfuel, Bellin, vetraio and petey for appreciation.
  43. Thanks Petey, Walksoftly, vetraio and mustangtony for the appreciation!
  44. Thanks for the appreciation Walksoftly, mustangtony, b'buss and pw-collector!
  45. Thanks for the comment Dave - I also thought it was cute enough to be a pocket watch fob, esp for a WWI era pocket watch, and I am pretty sure it is trench art but no marks of any kind on it. The woo...
  46. Gorgeous - I hope it brings you much luck with your move and "new life"
  47. Gorgeous - you are blessed to have so many things from your ancestors esp after moving so far away from your original home!!
  48. Great painting Lee - I have been fascinated with archways and have many photographs on this theme! ;))
  49. Thanks Musikchoo, vetraio, bellin, AmberRose, Moonstonelover and mustangtony for the appreciation!
  50. Yes Moonstonelover, it is interesting to look into the eyes of people that are now only dust and see what we can see. Thanks for the comment and appreciation, and also to Bellin, vetraio, officialfue...
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