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Felton, CA.

I make musical instruments, restore antique furniture, collect stuff. Welcome to Areliczone, where dirt comes together and leaves a lasting impression of time.


  1. Thanks for the information
  2. Ask and you shall receive. Thank you. I am multi colored
  3. That's me in the avatar.
  4. Yes. It would look great with a world globe mounted on it. I can't measure, its been picked up.
  6. one half of a blanket chest hinge
  7. Thanks !
  8. Hi Tom... the one I worked on I had no information, and was missing the seat and front wheels. I guessed what the seat looked like. Does it look like yours? The last picture is what it looked like ...
  9. I repaired it for an antique dealer, I understand it was sold. I will attempt to find out for how much.
  10. Hi Scott..I had to calculate the size of the missing back wheels by setting the frame level. I searched the webb for vintage spoke wheels of that size. Found some old buggy wheels that were close. ...
  11. Thanks Miguel.....I don't have any pictures of the steering system. The cart has been sold by the dealer.
  12. Those are pine boards in the background.
  13. Thanks
  14. The antique dealer has already picked it up. Sorry
  15. My work is done
  16. Thanks to all for your help !
  17. Hi JoanneTiques No I don't, I do not have much fishing stuff. I checked out your site, looking good.
  18. I found the instructions online and copied them.
  19. Hi Darrell thanks for the comment. Not for sale.
  20. Thank you!!! great information.
  21. I think its a tine "tina box", or svepask. what ever that means.
  22. Sorry Richard, I have no clue. I am still looking for info on my car.
  23. Enjoy your time, it goes fast.
  24. I have never seen a drop front desk like this. I can see it has an unusual system to hold up the drop front in the down position. Also the dead spaces on the sides of the pigon holes.
  25. If you put the Sears stereoview on your computer screen,and sit back about 3 feet and cross your eyes, you will see the 3D image in the center
  26. If you want to see more pictures and more information,
  27. Potrero, Its an F not an E. Thanks. I looked at it again,close. Thats a famous railway. Wasn't there a song about it in the 40ies? I remember the phrase "on the Atchison Topeka & the Santa Fe".
  28. The cap fits perfectly.
  29. I found these corn cob bottles, the husk is on the bottom not the top, and they have different caps.
  30. I have postcard envy.
  31. Hey thirdpig, I have a machine simular to this. Mine is for making metal lables. If I can get to it I will put it up. It is heavy also.
  32. DMK Thanks for the comment, Merry Christmas and happy new year. Howard
  33. Thanks, Merry Christmas to you and yours also.
  34. thanks for the info. thats $22.29
  35. You are right, framing is a chore. I don't want to do it any more. I have a lot of things I would like to frame, but wont. PS I like crap.
  36. This is his website
  37. I love your collection, Which one is Deanna Durbin? She married a distant cousin of mine, My parents went to the wedding.
  38. Hey JunkItToMe, You are right, those were the days. We lived in a celler converted into an apartment, $35.00 month. Across the street was a small store where we could buy jaw breakers and bubble gum...
  39. Beautyful drawings, I love the signature.
  40. looks like the green man. Don't know who made it.
  41. Stupid question, I just looked at the top line.
  42. How tall is it?
  43. I have not found the answer to my question, whats it worth? Any help?
  44. It looks like it might have hydaulic brakes also.
  45. Its difficult to see the details in the small photo.
  46. Thanks for the info. Do you know when the concept of hot rod began? Is this an early hot rod?
  47. Thanks, I wish I had the car.
  48. Also when you cold roll steel or other metal, a tool like this is used.
  49. The tool rollers are 10" wide and made of steel. As I remember those laundry presses were covered with cloth. It reminds me of the old ringer type washing machines, or a metal bending tool, except th...
  50. Its fun to show off.
  51. See more


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