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i collect anything and every thing.


  1. Look at my stuff on this sit Mike
  2. I have a kids penny half penny, no way to put a photo of it for you to see.
  3. Thanks to all the love this.
  4. I lost my ripper and pine hammer in the 1967 bush fires in Tasmania and could not replays them in Tasmania.
  5. Tile and glass cutter I still us them. cant afford a diamond one.
  6. I had 3 of them was going to make a set of cuff links and tie pin but they made them illegal if you put a gramophone needle in them it will go though a 1in board.
  7. The mystery is are they of any value and all mine are left handed ones.
  8. I am putting my collection of hand drills on to day with the big ones.
  9. I have 2 big ones about 18in long will take big drill bits.
  10. I have 6 with different size bits in them I still use them.
  11. They were used on the R M S QUEEN MARY.
  12. I have a hand one from the 1930s or 1940s.
  13. I have one very simular it is a kid's version.
  14. Thanks trgrubaugh.
  15. You cant put the motor on its side so you pull a lever and turn the bar and chain.
  16. Freon thanks
  17. thanks fuzzmugin that's good to know.
  18. The one I have came of my fathers kit bag.
  19. fuzzmugin no but I think it was made during the depression days all forge mad no nuts and bolts.
  20. blunderbuss2 that would be good for a pull start lawnmower.
  21. fuzzmugin If you look at my collection of junk you will see my Splitdorf plug.
  22. I have a new spark plug like that without the whistle I was told it was made for a very old motor bike I think it was called a green devil.
  23. Thanks Kyratango.
  24. Thanks Kyratango.
  25. My sister has got a pair of Lancaster clogs they where my grandmothers when she was young but never used them I'm 83 so they are well over 100 years old.
  26. Kit bag handle and lock
  27. I played the Jew's-harp and the washboard in a skiffle group on the Queen Mary in the 1950s.
  28. I have 2 of them one big and one small.
  29. Good for picking up snakes .
  30. I tell most people I'm a cross between a Tassie devil and Tassie tiger.
  31. I to have a few pocket watches and I live on the east cost.
  32. racer4four no east coast of Tasmania.
  33. I just put my open aggregate floor on this site with my Mosaic floor.
  34. I don't us sugar just keep washing it then varnish it that brings out the colour and the grain.
  35. I do floors and paths like that at my house open aggregate.
  36. thanks fortapache
  37. It could be a sea anchor for a small boat.
  38. I have 3 old trunks leather stitched on wood straps to go each side of the donkey or camel I think x military. Would you know anything about them.
  39. Is that a box camera ha ha sorry.
  40. thanks Virginia vintage
  41. I have one very simular but I think it is a kids.
  42. thanks caperkid.
  43. I have one are they of any value.
  44. thanks boby
  45. I have 3 of them I got them in the Philippines.
  46. thanks officialfuel and walksoftly.
  47. thanks to tom61375
  48. I have one like the green one and I would like know moor about it can anyone help.
  49. I have 3 of them us them a lot.
  50. are these of any value.
  51. See more


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My favotite pen caddy